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Automotive Aftermarket Industry Legislative Day: Success!
The Automotive Aftermarket Industry (comprising of ASCCA, CAA & Cal-ABC) held its annual Legislative Day on Tuesday April 12, 2016 in Sacramento. The morning started with welcoming statements from all the associations and ASCCA President Dennis Montalbano was the event MCEE.
ASCCA and CAA Legislative Advocate, Jack Molodanof reviewed all the key bills in preparation for meetings with legislators and staff. They included:
  • AB 1174 (Bonilla)-BAR complaints; Oppose. This will require BAR to publicly post on its website any complaint without the shop having an opportunity to challenge (no due process) and would establish authority for BAR to cite and fine when paperwork violations occur.
  • AB 2167 (Achadjian)-Accepting Towed vehicles; Support.  This bill is intended to clarify and clean up last year's law relating to accepting towed vehicles and obtaining driver's license number of tow truck driver, while preserving its intent to identify "bandit" tow truck drivers.
  • SB 778 (Allen)-Oil Changes; Oppose, unless amended. The bill requires shops prior to performing any work to notify customers purchasing oil changes of manufacturer recommended oil drain intervals.
  • AB 873 (Jones)-Automotive Minor Services; Support. This bill provides the BAR authority to create regulations and determine what constitutes minor services.
Senator Ben Allen who is authoring SB 778 was our special guest speaker. He explained that the intent of his bill stop is the unnecessary selling of 3000 mile oil changes and expressed his desire to work with the automotive industry on language that will satisfy the stakeholders.  He was asked good questions and it was an opportunity for the industry to explain concerns with SB 778...It was also good for the Senator to see for himself how professional and thoughtful the industry is and open to working with him on the bill.
The BAR also presented and was represented by Doug Balatti, Assistant BAR Chief, Tim Bowden, (oversees enforcement for 3 field offices) and Mark Fernandez (oversees complaint intake) all attended and answered questions about legislation and BAR enforcement activities.
Following the morning activities, members were off to attend appoints with their Legislators. We thank those of you who were able to attend. It's your voice that needs to be heard and truly makes a difference!
Automotive Aftermarket Summit - June 24, 2016
Join the ASCCA at this year's Automotive Aftermarket Summit in lovely Long Beach. The event will take place the day before the June Team Weekend, and will be held at the Hotel Maya.
June 2016 ASCCA Team Weekend in Torrance
Come and join ASCCA at our June Team Weekend in Torrance. The event will follow the Automotive Aftermarket Summit in Long Beach.
California Small Business Priority Legislation
ASCCA is supportive and active in the California Small Business Association (CSBA), which has released it priority legislation for 2016.   Annually the CSBA Legislative Council polls the full membership as to their needs and concerns. The Council then meets to prioritize the issues, establish strategies and allocate resources to carry out the objectives of the members. 
ASCCA often participates in CSBA setup meetings with legislators in their local offices.  If you ever have an interest in helping to represent ASCCA during these CSBA run meetings, feel free to contact ASCCA Executive Director, Gloria Peterson at 800-810-4272 x104 or by e-mail at [email protected].
Tow Bill Amended
AB 2167 (Achadjian): Towed Vehicles Acceptance is one bill that was a focus of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Legislative Day.  The bill is intended to clarify and clean up last year's AB 1222 (Bloom) relating to towed vehicles.  Due to privacy and identify theft issues tow truck drivers are refusing to provide their driver's license number to businesses that accept towed vehicles. The intent of AB 2167 is to clarify that tow truck drivers can provide alternative forms of identification other than a driver's licenses but limits those forms to government sanctioned or authorized.
AB 2167 was amended late Tuesday, April 12 to clarify that a tow truck driver can provide alternative forms of identification other than a driver's license number.  See link below for amended bill.  ASCCA will continue working with the author and all stakeholders on language to address issue where a business cannot obtain information from tow truck driver because of "after hours" drop off situations.
BAR Advisory Group (BAG) Meeting Thursday
The Bureau of Automotive Repair Advisory Group (BAG) will meet this Thursday, April 21. Following are the meeting specifics. If you are not able to attend in person, you can still view the meeting via the web cast link provided below. Additionally, questions can be submitted to the BAG in real time and remote participants will be notified how to do so during the meeting.
Department of Consumer Affairs HQ 2
Hearing Room 186
1747 North Market Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95834
Brake Pad Packaging ASCCA Request for Clear Markings
ASCCA has previously reported on its meetings with the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and comments submitted related to draft informal regulations on brake friction material law. California law that requires environmentally friendly brake pads is being phased in through the year 2025, but many brake companies are already complying voluntarily. 
ASCCA worked with DTSC staff to obtain clarification regarding the implementation and enforcement of the new brake pad law and successfully developed FAQs to educate and assist the automotive industry to achieve compliance. We also provided comments and testimony at a public hearing requesting amendments to the draft regulations that sought changes to manufacturer packaging to provide markings that brake pads are California compliant.
Last Tuesday the DTSC released its revised draft regulations which incorporated ASCCA's request to require manufacturer packaging to provide markings that brake pads are California compliant.
The DTSC is accepting written comments on the draft brake pad regulations through Monday, May 23, 2016.  Written comments can be submitted via email to [email protected] or via regular mail to:
Ms. Jackie Buttle, Regulations Coordinator
Office of Planning & Environmental Analysis
Department of Toxic Substances Control
P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, CA 95812-0806
Fax Number:  (916) 255-3757
DTSC will hold a public hearing on Friday, May 27, 2016 from 8:00 am PDT to 12:00 pm PDT.  Both oral and written comments will be accepted, please refer to the public notice for additional details. A copy of the draft regulations and supporting documents are available on the DTSC Website at
Larry Moore Interview Regarding Brake Standards
On Monday, April 11, ASCCA member Larry Moore of Larry's AutoWorks in Mountain View, was interviewed by ABC 7 News about the issue of copper in breaks and the impact to the environment.  Great interview Larry!
Click here to access the interview
ASCCA Code of Ethics - Display it Proudly!
Each member of the ASCCA has agreed to uphold the association's Code of Ethics. The association is encouraging all members to proudly display the Code of Ethics as they demonstrates to the motoring public that your shop holds itself to a high standard. You should be proud of that and display it proudly!
In order to assist you with creating a display, we've made two versions of the ASCCA Code of Ethics available.  The first version (codeofethics_sign_2016.pdf) provides a fillable field in which you can add your shop name at the top. The second version (ASCCA code of ethics.pdf) is the code of ethics with the ASCCA logo at the top of the page. We encourage you to print whichever version you prefer and hang it in your shop.
Fillable form (codeofethics_sign_2016.pdf)
Non-fillable form (ASCCA code of ethics.pdf)
August 2016 ASCCA Team Weekend in Anaheim
In the link below, please find detailed information on the upcoming AUGUST Team Weekend in Anaheim. We are hosting a reception and Team Weekend in conjunction with the NACE | CARS 2016 Expo and Conference.
CAT Spring 2016 Conference - April 30
The CAT Spring 2016 Conference will be held on April 30, 2016.
Modesto Junior College
2201 Blue Gum Avenue
Modesto, California 95358
Click here to read more.
Office Depot Deals Available Exclusively to ASCCA Members
ASCCA has worked with Office Depot to secure pricing so good that it rivals Fortune 500 pricing on each and every item that you purchase. If you haven't already, contact Bill Lewis, the ASCCA's Business Account Manager:
855.337.6811 x 16116
Member Discount Alert! ASCCA Partners with Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) Again in 2016 for Discounted Courses

Seminar courses are normally $149.95. ASCCA members pay only $95 per attendee -- a savings of almost $55 per class! Service writer courses are normally $1,500. ASCCA members pay only $950 per attendee!


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ETI Tool Tech - April 25-28 in Monterey
The vehicle of today is quickly becoming the vehicle of tomorrow. The Autonomous Vehicle, Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking, Biometric Vehicle Access and Smart/Personalized In-Car Marketing are only a few of the advancements that are right around the corner for future vehicles.
A successful business strategy depends on a clear vision of the future.  Improve your vision at ToolTech 2016 as you network with other thought leaders about the challenges and opportunities involved with providing the right tools and equipment and maintaining the level of service our customers expect while the vehicles we support continue to grow in complexity.  
Click here for more information.
Upcoming ASCCA Chapter Events
Apr 19th: Chapter 16 Meeting
Apr 19th: Chapter 24 Legal, New Laws, Member Specialties
Apr 20th: Chapter 48 Meeting
Apr 26th: Chapter 23 Meeting
Apr 27th: Chapter 99 Meeting
Apr 28th: Chapter 26 Meeting
Apr 28th: Chapter 58 Meeting
iATN Discounts Available to ASCCA Members

The International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN) is the world's first and largest online network of automotive service industry professionals. Since 1995, iATN has been providing outstanding service industry resources to members worldwide. ASCCA members can enjoy a $9-per-month discount off of the regular price of iATN Business+ premium membership, at $45-per-month.  This membership provides your shop with up to 5 premium access accounts.

Link to iATN's website


ASCCA Member Resources
Are you taking full advantage of your membership in the ASCCA? Check out our Member Resources page to see many of benefits of being a member.
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