ASCCA What You Need To KnowNov. 2, 2015
Just in time for Halloween, State Senator Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) announced last week that his legislation to impose a new 5 percent tax on services, including automotive repairs, has been raised from the dead. 
Hertzberg announced the news during an Orange County Taxpayers Association in Newport Beach. A tax on services is not a new idea, yet similar efforts in the past have always failed, including Hertzberg's 2014 version, Senate Bill 8, which was killed in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee. 
ASCCA remains strongly opposed to this legislation, because it would be disastrous not only for our auto repair shops, but also for our customers. SB 8 would increase the cost of labor, making auto repair more costly, and will have an even greater impact on low-income individuals who have to repair their older cars more frequently. Additionally, at a time when the state is imposing stricter clean air standards, now is not the time to create a disincentive for consumers to have their cars regularly inspected and repaired. 

Bar Engineering ET Blast
BAR-OIS software version 6.3 has been released to all stations. (NOTE: This update was released to stations performing BAR-OIS software Beta testing on October 2, 2015.)

The new release includes the following updates:

1. When reaching the end of an inspection and an automatic Smog Check certificate order is placed, the receipt will now display and require printing to finish the inspection.

2. The VIR for failed Smog Check inspections has been updated to include PZEV warranty information.

3. The VIR has been updated to include and/or when a vehicle has EGR and/or VVT OBDII monitors not ready.

4. A fix for a condition in which the BAR-OIS software timed-out when modifying the 
BAR-OIS analyzer, moving a DAD or computer from one analyzer to another.

5. A fix for a condition in which the inspectors were not always shown in the Manage Staff
Winter Tech Week provides ETI Members with the opportunity for dialogue with the OEM's and to receive the necessary information to provide the needed tools and equipment.  ETI Members gain knowledge of new technologies that affect the aftermarket tool and equipment industry, receive instruction on the servicing and repair of new model vehicles, and learn of repair and service tools that may be needed for the new models.  

Click here for more information.

Also upcoming from ETI: 
ETI ToolTech 2016
April 25-28 in Monterey, CA
Office Depot Offers Available Exclusively to ASCCA Members
Office Depot has released their 2015 Holiday Catalog of their copy and printer materials.  View it here.

Office Depot is offering ASCCA members three different deals:
  • HP Office Ultra White Paper $26.99 per carton - Click here
  • HP EcoFFICIENT Paper $26.99 per carton - Click here
  • Keurig coffee machines including K-cups - Click here
  • Bar Engineering ET Blast # 49844
    As a reminder, diesel vehicles model-year 1998 and newer must be tested on the BAR-OIS. In addition, gasoline and hybrid vehicles model-year 2000 and newer must be tested on the BAR-OIS, except for those that do not have OBDII or are over 14,000 GVWR. This information is available on page two of the Smog Check Manual.

    When testing vehicles within the model-year ranges above, the BAR-OIS will sometimes display the following message:

    "Unable to confirm this vehicle's OBD II requirements. Does this vehicle have OBD II?"

    When you see this message, check the underhood emissions label to determine if the vehicle is equipped with OBD II. This label will be located under the hood and/or on the engine. Enter the correct answer into the BAR-OIS. The BAR-OIS will then tell you how to proceed.

    Failure to test vehicles on the proper equipment and/or failure to enter correct information while conducting an inspection may result in enforcement action.
    ASCCA Ch. 24 Special Event - November 10 (Revised Date)
    Maylan Newton
    Maylan Newton - Special Event Seminar
    November 10, 2015. (yes, one week earlier than normal) 5:30 social/sign in, 6:00 dinner and seminar (three hours).
    This class is recommended for owner and advisor. 

    Hunter Steak House
    2445 Hotel Circle Place
    San Diego, CA 92108

    Members $65.00 - Non Members $110.00

    Upcoming ASCCA Chapter Events
    Nov 11th: Chapter 48 Dinner Meeting - click for more information
    Dec 5th: Chapter 5 Christmas Party and Casino Night Fundraiser - click for more information

    Meeting is scheduled to take place:
    AAPEX Show
    Wednesday, Nov. 4
    1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Sands Expo Center
    Room: Casanova 504-505
    201 Sands Ave
    Las Vegas, NV 89169

    The meeting will provide an opportunity for OEM policy-makers and independent service professionals to share insights into each other's world. Agenda items include vehicle cybersecurity designs that won't impede the repair process and the problems and benefits of getting the industry to adopt the soon to be published new version of the SAE J2534 standard. Each of NASTF's six committees also will make significant announcements about their 2015 projects during the meeting. Advance registration is not required for AAPEX attendees, however, seating is very limited for the free NASTF meeting. "Join the conversation," says Skip Potter, executive director of NASTF. "NASTF is where OEMs and techs connect and we need everyone's ideas to ensure access by independent technicians to OEM service information."
    ASCCA's TeamTalk Update Beginning January 1st
    On January 1st, all ASCCA members will start receiving the ASCCA TeamTalk emails.  This is one of the ASCCA membership's greatest benefits. Use it for questions, networking, and to share any other information with the entire ASCCA membership.
    The emails will include an option to unsubscribe, for any members who do not wish to receive the emails.
    iATN Discounts Available to ASCCA Members

    The International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN) is the world's first and largest online network of automotive service industry professionals. Since 1995, iATN has been providing outstanding service industry resources to members worldwide. ASCCA members can enjoy a $9-per-month discount off of the regular price of iATN Business+ premium membership, at $45-per-month.  This membership provides your shop with up to 5 premium access accounts.

    Link to iATN's website


    Help ASCCA Grow with the Special Membership Drive Tied to ASCCA's 75th Anniversary

    To commemorate ASCCA's 75th Anniversary and help grow our members, our Board of Directors approved a limited offer to new members: $75 membership, starting now! Help us grow the association by recruiting new members! Chapters can sweeten the pot by adding their own incentive. Fine print: $55 application fee applies; Canceled members in the last 12 months are not eligible; No point/spiff for One Member Can! campaign; Regular (ARD) members only.


    Member Discount Alert! ASCCA Partners with Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) for Discounted Courses

    Seminar courses are normally $149.95. ASCCA members pay only $95 per attendee -- a savings of almost $55 per class! Service writer courses are normally $1,500. ASCCA members pay only $950 per attendee!


    Click here to take advantage of this offer


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