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Calendar of Events


Team Weekend

September 27-29

Embassy Suites Sacramento

Sacramento, CA   




All attendees must make their own room  

reservations. Our room rate is $159/night.  Mention "ASCCA - Auto Service Councils of Ca" in order to get your special room rate.

There are three ways to make your room reservations:

  1. Go to www.sacramento.embassysuites.com and make a reservation using the group/convention code: AUT
  2. Call 1-800-498-5237 and ask for the ASCCA discount rate.
  3. CLICK HERE to be direct to our rates automatically. 




BAR Reverses its Position On Fluid and Flush Services

The Bureau of Automotive Repair has recently decided no to move forward with is proposed public campaign regarding marketing and disclosure of practices for fluid and flush services in the automotive repair industry.

Click here for ASCCA's Press Release on this issue.

Click here for the letter issued by BAR relaying their position on this issue.



ASCCA Director Election Deadline - Tomorrow
 September 13, 2013

The ASCCA Board of Directors election ballots are open! There are seven (7) open seats, and eight (8) candidates. Election winners will serve a two-year term beginning January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015.

A voting member must maintain an active ARD and be an ASCCA member in good standing for your vote to count.

The deadline is tomorrow, September 13 at 5:00 p.m.

Click here for candidate bios.

Click here to cast your vote.




I Read it on TeamTalk 


Workers comp rates are on the rise this year and WCIRB has just released a statement that rates will increase another 7% at the beginning  of the year.  Now every insurance carrier is able to set their own rates per individual class codes and it's up to them to determine what there rates will be and how much they will credit and debit  accounts based on claims, location, payroll and industry averages.  So that being said you will see different rates from Northern CA to Southern CA and some insurance companies such as Midwest have been having financial issues and will send out letters stating that they are going to increase your premium by 25% or they will send you a non renewal letter.  If you have any questions or would like to find out more about your current situation, please give me a call or email and we can talk about it.  Remember working with Armstrong & Associates helps the Association.

Glen Dailey  

(800) 632-2777 



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BAR Reverses Fluid & Flush Services Position
ASCCA Voting Deadline
I Read it on TeamTalk
September Members of the Month

Larry and Laurie Moore, Larry's AutoWorks, Mountain View, CA

In their own words:

I got into auto repair because I was really hard on cars and they would break and since I was a student, I could not afford to pay to have them fixed.  I worked my way through college building VW engines in my garage and eventually for a local engine building company. 


While finishing up my college education, the shop owner I worked for decided to get out of the business.  He offered me the business at a great price.  I begged and borrowed enough money to buy the business.  I immediately discovered that what I learned in college about business had almost no application in my small shop.  Luckily the previous owner had done a very good job of setting up the production processes which helped me survive long enough to figure it out the business side. 


Laurie joined me in the business after we both worked briefly for another company in a different industry to get some perspective on our business.


We learned about our local chapter when an insurance agent told us how much money we could save using the ASCCA insurance program.  I attended a couple of meetings and found out that the shop owners who attended were a wealth of information for things I thought I had to figure out on my own, or thought I had figured out but found out they had much better answers! 


Becoming a member of ASCCA took our business to a whole new level - it gave us people we could call who knew exactly what we were going through, and who usually had the answers we needed.  Never having worked in the industry other than at the shop we ended up owning, we had no friends in the business, so ASCCA really helped us propel the business forward.  We ended up joining the local Chapter Board and then I was elected to the ASCCA state Board. This introduced us to some of the top shop owners in the state, who then became additional resources for us.  I can safely say that without joining ASCCA our business would not be what it is today.


The best advice I can give a new member is GET INVOLVED!  I believe that is the true value of membership, having the resources of all the other ASCCA members, especially through the medium of team talk and the local meetings.  There is nothing like having dinner with other shop owners to get ideas and solutions for the improved and successful day-to-day operation of the business.  Not to mention you will probably make some great new friends!


ASCCA members like Jack are shining examples of how
One Member CAN Make a Difference!


Special Thank You to ASCCA's Diamond Sponsors!




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