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Team Weekend

September 27-29

Embassy Suites Sacramento

Sacramento, CA   




All attendees must make their own room  

reservations. Our room rate is $159/night.  Mention "ASCCA - Auto Service Councils of Ca" in order to get your special room rate.

There are three ways to make your room reservations:

  1. Go to www.sacramento.embassysuites.com and make a reservation using the group/convention code: AUT
  2. Call 1-800-498-5237 and ask for the ASCCA discount rate.
  3. CLICK HERE to be direct to our rates automatically. 




Dan Povey Appointed to BAR Enforcement Position      


The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) has announced the appointment of Dan Povey as Deputy Chief, Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), Field Operations and Enforcement Division. Over the past 25 years, Dan has held multiple positions within the Bureau.Most recently, he served as Program Manager II over BAR's Northern California Field Operations and Enforcement Branch. His appointment was effective July 31, 2013.


Nominate a Member of the Month 



The ASCCA Member of the Month is a new recognition & appreciation program developed by your ASCCA Leadership to recognize our members who go above and beyond to support our core purpose: ToElevate and Unite Automotive Professionals and Give them Voice.


Each Member of the Month will receive a certificate and a $50 visa gift card. Additionally, the member will be recognized on the ASCCA website homepage for one month, announced on Team Talk, featured in the WYNTK and in the California Independent.


Send your recommendations for ASCCA Member of the Month to Heather Vigil via email at hvigil@amgroup.us with "Member of the Month Nomination" in the subject line.  Include a description of why your nominee should be recognized as ASCCA Member of the Month!

Click here for more information and how to send in your Member of the Month nomination.




Supreme Court Sets Limits on Harassment Claims       
Provided by Armstrong & Associates


THE U.S. Supreme Court has put new limits on employer liability when facing on-the-job harassment claims. In its ruling, the court found that an employer can only be held liable for the actions of a supervisor or manager who has the power to hire, fire, promote or reassign a worker to a post with different responsibilities.


The Supreme Court justices found that such a "workable" definition of a supervisor would provide employers and employees with guidance prior to a lawsuit being filed.

Also, harassment claims are bad for business. They hurt productivity and morale, can make it harder to retain qualified employees, and can damage your company's reputation through negative media coverage. A harassment claim can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees, and even more in settlements, judgments and punitive damage awards.

In the case at hand, Vance vs. Ball State University, an
African-American worker who worked in the school's catering department complained that she had been threatened by a fellow worker and that another one had directed racial epithets at her.

In the ensuing two years, the worker continued to complain about the other two employees' treatment of her and she finally filed suit against Ball State, the two employees and the general manager of the Banquet and Catering Department.

Among her claims was that Ball State should be held liable for the hostile environment created by the behavior of one of the employees, who she claimed was a supervisor.

The Supreme Court in the Ball State decision added: An employer will be vicariously liable "when the employer has empowered that employee to take tangible employment actions against the victim, i.e., to effect a significant change in employment status, such as hiring, firing, failing to promote, reassignment with significantly different responsibilities, a decision causing a significant change in benefits."

The best way to reduce the possibility of harassment in the workplace and avoid litigating a harassment case is to train your employees, supervisors and managers.



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Dan Povey Appointed to BAR
Nominate a Member of the Month
Supreme Court Sets Limits on Harassment Claims
Call for Board of Directors Nominations
August Member of the Month

Jack Scrafield, North Hollywood Auto Repair, North Hollywood, CA

In his own words:
"I originally joined ASCCA Chapter 5 Foothill in 1985 as an associate member as I was managing the Los Angeles operations for Mission Uniform Service.  Through ASCCA Chapter 5 Foothill I developed many business relationships and numerous friends in the industry.  In 1990 I left Mission to pursue another career. 
In 1998 I was approached by a good friend that owned No. Hollywood Auto Parts and No. Hollywood Auto Repair.  My buddy wanted to focus his efforts on the parts business and asked if I would consider buying his repair business.  Since I was the one that enrolled him in membership at Chapter 5 years before, we both knew that I would have a support team in our friends at Chapter 5 with this endeavor. 


That is exactly what happened!  I immediately became involved with Chapter 5 again to learn from the other successful shop owners.  My background was in business, not automotive, so at first it was difficult, costly, frustrating and the process was slow.  However, I received only encouragement and direction from my ASCCA mentors.  It is important to point out here that involvement and participation are the keys to learning.  The more I gave of myself, the more I learned and the more my business grew.  There is no "Silver Bullet" in this process for a shop owner.  Through ASCCA involvement I was able to pick up  bits and pieces of information and ideas via general meetings, board meetings, conferences, and other ASCCA activities that when put together and correctly implemented these components made my automotive business grow.  Whether it was choosing a shop management software system, management training company, purchasing a scan tool, developing a work flow system, deciding on a customer retention marketing program, etc., ASCCA members have helped me with these and many more decisions from their invaluable experience.  The best part is that now I am in a position to help other new members"


ASCCA members like Jack are shining examples of how
One Member CAN Make a Difference!



Special Thank You to ASCCA's Diamond Sponsors!




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Sacramento, CA 95814
(800) 810-4272
Call for Board of Director Nominations       

ASCCA is asking members desirous of running for a position on the ASCCA Board of Directors to fill out the application below. This is a two-year term commencing January 1, 2014. Please complete the application and profile and return to ASCCA Executive Director, Jackie Miller at jmiller@amgroup.us  or via fax at (916) 444-7462 no later than AUGUST 19, 2013. You may contact ASCCA staff at gpeterson@amgroup.us if you have questions.  


Click here for Board of Directors Application