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Foreign Vehicles Roll to a Majority of Annual Miles 


Courtesy Lang Aftermarket


Foreign nameplates in operation average greater fuel efficiency than their domestic counterparts. In addition, foreign nameplates comprise a majority within vehicle age groups averaging the highest annual driving (6 years and younger) by U.S. consumers. These two factors are pushing foreign nameplates toward a majority of annual light vehicle mileage on U.S. roads.

Lang Marketing projects foreign nameplate cars and light trucks will be driven more miles by Americans in 2016 than all domestic light vehicles. With foreign nameplates likely to expand their new vehicle sales share over the next five years, this mileage trend seems irreversible.


Vehicles with Highest Annual Miles


Annual per-vehicle mileage differs with vehicle age groups. Cars and light trucks 6 years and newer are generally driven "harder" by Americans than older vehicles, averaging substantially more annual miles than the typical light vehicle.


Majority Of High-Mileage Vehicles

Foreign nameplates have steadily increased their share of new vehicle sales in the U.S., averaging over half of new car and light truck sales during the past 6 years and providing foreign nameplates a majority of the "most-driven" vehicles on U.S. roads.


Foreign Versus Domestic Nameplates

Foreign nameplate cars and light trucks generally have a higher MPG efficiency than their domestic counterparts. In addition, cars, on average, are more fuel efficient than light trucks.

With foreign nameplates generating over 60% of new car sales during the past 10 years (and nearly two-thirds of car sales since 2007), this means that when Americans choose to drive a car (rather than a light truck) this generally shifts mileage toward foreign nameplates.


Mileage Shift To Higher MPG

With high gas prices, multi-vehicle households are shifting miles to higher MPG cars and light trucks which they own.


Mileage Majority By 2016

Lang Marking projects foreign nameplates will generate at least 51% of annual light vehicle miles by 2016.

Foreign nameplate mileage share will continue to climb, with Lang Marketing projecting foreign cars and light trucks will account for approximately 55% of total light vehicle miles on U.S. roads by 2019.


Aftermarket Impact

The growing share of miles generated by foreign nameplates along with their majority of vehicles in the repair-age sweet-spot by 2015 will combine to supercharge foreign car and light truck nameplate aftermarket product grow over the next 5 years.


BAR Wallet Flushes & Unnecessary Flush Services Update


The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) recently advised the automotive industry that it is going to take disciplinary action against repair shops that sell unnecessary flush/fluid maintenance services or, as they have been referred to, "Wallet Flushes."   BAR has been collaborating with industry to change misleading practices and to promote a fair and competitive marketplace.  The Bureau is also going to do a public campaign to educate consumers on "wallet flushes."


In response, ASCCA's GovComm Committee created a Subcommittee chaired by Craig Johnson which consists of members who are ASE master techs so they can work with BAR and provide expertise and education on this issue.  Over the last several months, ASCCA has been meeting and working with the BAR on this important issue in an attempt to get clarification and certainty on what constitutes acceptable flush/fluid maintenance type services.


BAR has taken the position that acceptable flush practices include following the manufacturer's procedures and policies to help consumers maintain their vehicles.   According to BAR, unacceptable fluid/flush practices include cursory or no visual inspection before making recommended service; no vehicle maintenance history, driving conditions or driving habits known to compare to visual system inspection and sales recommendations; condemning fluid based solely on color, or mileage without knowledge of  maintenance history; and falsely claiming that flush is "required" by the manufacturer.  BAR has indicated during the discussions with ASCCA that they are primarily focused on "how services are sold" and in particular the communications with the consumer and honesty issues.  


ASCCA will continue working with BAR to get further and more precise clarification from BAR senior staff as to acceptable Fluid/Flush maintenance type services and will keep the membership advised as developments occur.






Foreign Vehicles Roll to Majority of Annual Miles
BAR Wallet Flushes & Unnessesary Flush Services Update
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December Member of the Month Bob Toepp

Bob Toepp, Bill's Auto Electric & Repair, Santa Clara, CA

In his own words:

"I was raised in the shop where my dad was part owner and I started working with him when I was 15years old. I wanted to learn what made the car tick. I always loved to take things apart, fix it and put them back together!


It was June 1976 when I started working at Bill's Auto Electric & Repair. It was the business that my dad (Bob Toepp ) started working at in 1958 and in 1971 he and a partner, Don Bordessa bought from the owner, Bill Siemsen. I worked my way up the ladder from mopping floors, cleaning parts to working on cars. I went through the automotive apprenticeship program, went to Santa Rosa Junior College and graduated with an AA degree in automotive in June 1981. I knew that the automotive business was in my blood. I worked along side my dad until November, 1986 when he passed away. I stayed at Bills working for Don and in June 2007 I bought the business. Now I have 3 full-time employees and hoping to add another in 2013.


The ASCCA has been a big part of my business. I never would have otherwise found all of the available resources I have found in ASCCA for my business and for being the Chapter President & Chapter Representative for our local ASCCA Chapter 28 in Santa Rosa. It's all about having so many people in an organization to help you in business. Help is just a phone call away and that is PRICELESS.


My first set of advice that I would offer a shop owner in California is to get involved! By joining ASCCA you now belong to the biggest independent organization in the state of California. Together we make our voice louder, from the state capitol, fighting legislation against our business to CARB & BAR asking us for our help changing rules and regulations that pertain to our industry. Also, meeting with other shop owners at your local chapter meetings to statewide shop owners at Team Weekends and summer conferences, talking about new business ideas and going to training classes that will help improve your business. This also is PRICELESS.


Be the cream of the crop and join ASCCA now!"


ASCCA members like Bob are shining examples of how One Member CAN Make a Difference!




Calendar of Events


2013 Industry Summit

Saturday, February 9, 2013

8:00 am - 11:00 am

Fairmont Newport Beach

Agenda and meeting registration information will be available soon. 


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Nominate an ASCCA Member for Member of the Month!


The ASCCA Member of the Month is a new program developed by ASCCA leadership to recognize our members who go above and beyond to support our core purpose: To Elevate and Unite Automotive Professionals and Give Them Voice.


Each Member of the Month will receive a certificate and a $50 Visa gift card. Additionally, the member will be recognized on the ASCCA website homepage for one month, announced on Team Talk, featured in the WYNTK and in the California Independent.


YOU can nominate a Member of the Month by sending your recommendation to Heather Vigil at hvigil@amgroup.us. All nominations should include a summary of why your nominee should be considered for ASCCA's Member of the Month.


When making a recommendation, please use the following criteria:

  • Faithfully adheres to ASCCA code of ethics
  • Active proponent of ASCCA (both State and Chapter); talks up ASCCA to non-members
  • Actively helps oter shops succeed (both member and non-member shops)
  • Utilizes member benefits (ASCCA Advantage) and mentors new members utilizing benefits
  • Active in local Chapter (where applicable) and state events
  • Adds his/her voice to legislative issues; contacting representatives on key issues
  • Pays dues on time
  • Participates in/monitors Team Talk


Each nomination will be carefully reviewed and considered by the ASCCA Membership Committee. The pool of Members of the Month winners will be voted on by the Chapter Representatives Committee for Member of the Year to be honored at ASCCA's Summer Conference, June 21-23, 2013 at the Hilton Irvine Orange County.


For more information on the Member of the Month program, please contact Heather Vigil at hvigil@amgroup.us.




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