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NASTF Launches Technician Outreach

In a press conference at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans during the Automotive Service Repair Week (ASRW) expo and training conference, NASTF announced a technician outreach initiative with two important components:


First, NASTF explained it's intent to attend more events that attract technicians. Towards that end, NASTF announced that it will participate at the VISION Hi-Tech Training Expo in Kansas City next March. NASTF events will include the Spring 2013 NASTF General Meeting and a NASTF Board Meeting.


Second, NASTF explained it's hope to connect directly with many more of the estimated 775,000 professional technicians in the USA in a promotion to drive techs to register their interests at www.nastf.org.


Five press releases and two pictures that make up NASTF's press kit are available for download at www.nastf.org/media.




Automotive/Tech Companies Trying to Bring the Web to the Car
Courtesy Forbers Magazine
As the consumer Internet gets into its second decade, one trend is to bring the Internet to devices that have been largely untouched so far. One currently coming into fashion is the automobile. Until recently, bringing the Internet to the car has been an issue due primarily to the fact that few manufacturers wanted to go to the expense of adding a wireless communications module to the vehicle, particularly one likely to be obsolete in the lifetime of the car. However, with Ford and other manufacturers adopting platforms that rely on the consumers' mobile phone for connectivity along with electric vehicles which rely on data communications to help their owners manage the vehicle's range, among other things, this trend is now changing and large companies and standards bodies are now actively working on the automobile web.
While automotive electronics have come a long way from the days of push button radios, unlike other mobile devices the car remains a largely app free environment. This is likely to change very quickly. At a panel discussion around the connected car at the SF MusicTech Summit event held in October, 2012, General Motors's Chief Information Office, Philip Abram noted that it wasn't that long ago when vehicle speed was something communicated through a needle on a dashboard. Now, this information is gathered at sensors located in the wheels and can be displayed on several screens. With the continuing expansion of cheap processing power and the app environment, Mr. Abram predicts that in 5 years, "software will define the experience in the car."  


Please click here for the full article.




Electronic Reporting for Hazardous Waste and Materials Starts January 1, 2013


The Electronic Reporting Law for hazardous waste and materials, took effect in 2009 due to passage of AB 2286, requires all regulated businesses and all regulated local government agencies, called Unified Program Agencies (UPA), to use the Internet to file required Unifed Program information now filed by paper forms. This includes auto repair facility data regarding hazardous material regulatory activities, chemical inventories, underground and above ground storage tanks, and hazardous waste generation. It also includes UPA data such as inspections and enforcement actions.


All regulated businesses and local governments are required to submit their regulatory reports electronically in 2013.


Regulated businesses can report using Cal.EPA's California Environmental Reporting Systems (CERS) or directly to their local regulatory agency.   


For more information go to: www.calepa.ca.gov/CUPA/.




NASTF Launches Technician Outreach
Bring the Web to the Car
Electronic Reporting for Hazardous Waste
ARB "Gear Up for Clean Truck Month"
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October Member of the Month Art Ratner
Art Ratner, Art's Automotive, Berkeley, CA

In his own words:

I grew up at a time when the automotive culture was in full bloom. While I was an amateur mechanic I had several experiences with major repairs on vehicles that left me with such a feeling of accomplishment that I naturally was drawn to attending a college level automotive school and making a career in the field of automotive repair. I started the business 32 and 1/2 years ago by myself out of a rented apartment with four small garages in back. I impressed people (with money) with my hard work who backed me getting into a proper commercial location at year four. I got to buy one, then two and then three properties, side by side and expanded and hired until I reached 20,000 square feet of space and fourteen employees including nine technicians. ASCCA opened doors to educational opportunities and networking with other shop owners in a supportive community. I have studied human nature while observing the behavior of other shops in a group format. New ASCCA members should get involved in their board of directors and volunteer to boost the value of their Chapters. Make sure you attend as many meetings as possible and reach out to other shop owners.


ASCCA members like Art are shining examples of how One Member CAN Make a Difference!



Calendar of Events


Team Weekend 
December 8-9, 2012
Embassy Suites, Sacramento
Hotel Reservation
Room Rate: $149
Reservation deadline: Nov 16  


2013 Industry Summit

Saturday, February 9, 2013

8:00 am - 11:00 am

Fairmont Newport Beach

Agenda and meeting registration information will be available soon. 


ARB "Gear Up for Clean Truck Month" a Success!


4,000 trucks inspected at 40 locations statewide help clean the air and send a clear message to trucker.


The Air Resources Board announced today that its month-long multi-agency campaign to ensure tht trucks traveling on California's roadways are obeying state air pollution laws was a huge success.


With assistance from the California Highway Patrol, Caltrans and the California Department of Food and Agricultre, ARB staff inspected 4,053 trucks at roughly 40 locations throughout the state during August, noting an overall compliance rate of more than 80 percent. Trucks were inspected for compliance with many air pollution laws including those requiring owners of certain model year vehicles to install diesel soot filters to reduce harmful diesel emissions.


In particular, for 1996-1999 model year trucks - the first model years required to currently be in compliance under the comprehensive Truck and Bus regulation passed in 2008 - the compliance rate was 90 percent. This includes those truck owners who met the regulatory requirements by either registering their vehicles with ARB to take advantage of flexibility in the regulation, or who had already installed diesel soot filters.


"We're pleased to see such a high level of compliance," said ARB Executive Officer James Goldstene. "While ARB will continue to dedicate significant resources to assist fleets in complying with California's clean truck requirements, owners and operators should understand that our enforcement efforts will continue throughout the year, and that our goal is to make every month a 'clean air month.' the word is getting out that ARB is fairly enforcing these critically important regulations and working to ensure a level playing field for everyone in the trucking industry."


Overall, a total of 817 citations were given during the four-week effort. Of that total, 212 were for violations of the Transport Refrigeration Unit rule, 191 for non-compliance with the Bus and Truck rule, 187 for idling infractions, and 174 for Emissions Certification Labels violations.


To help educate drivers and reinforece the importance of obeying air pollution laws and proper vehicle maintenance, ARB staff distributed more than 4,600 information packets in English and Spanish.


The month long effort received extensive media coverage, with a focus on the enforcement efforts in Fresno, Otay Mesa (at the Mexican Border) and the Port of Oakland. ARB experts were interviewed on mainstream radio and television newscasts, on a variety of satellite radio programs gered towards truckers, in local newspapers and in trade press publications popular in the trucking industry. In all, news medial and online sources produced 37 stories about the effort.


Environmental groups, community organizations and industry all expressed support for "Gear Up for Clean Truck Month", lauding its goals to enforce a wide range of mobile source regulations all focused on cleaning up diesel emissions, improving air quality and protecting public health in the most feasible cost-efficient manner.


Vehicle owners may want to take note of impending deadlines in order to place equipment orders and prepare for compliance with a variety of regulations. Deadlines coming up quickly for diesel vehicles include:


December 31, 2012:

  • Transport Refrigeration Units with 2005 model year engines must be replaced with Ultra-Low-Emission TRUs.

Jauary 1, 2013:

  • Under the Truck and Bus regulation, diesel truck fleets must either install diesel soot filters (or upgrade ewuipment) on trucks with 2000 to 2004 model year engines or meet phase-in option requirements.
  • For vehicles covered under the Drayage Truck Regulation: 2005 - 2006 engine model year trucks greater than 33,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight rating must have diesel soot filters.
  • Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas regulation:
    • Fleets with 20 or fewer affected trailers must register if they want to use a comliance optionthat will allow them up to four additional years to participate in the Small Fleet Compliance Plan.
    • Low-rolling resistance tires are required for 2010 model year and older tractors that pull 53 foot-long box-type trailers.
    • SmartWay aerodynamic requirements must be met by all 53-foot or longer box-type trailers not using a phase-in option.

For specific information on ARB's rules and deadlines, visit the ARB Truck Stop or call the Diesel Hotline at 1-866-6DIESEL.

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To submit photos for entry into the lottery, please send your photo to ASCCA staff at calvidrez@amgroup.us - please include your name, shop name, city, and Chapter number.  

For more information on getting the ASCCA logo with the new slogan and for purchasing an adjunct sign, contact ASCCA staff at (800) 810-4272 or email Heather Vigil at hvigil@amgroup.us.










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