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ASCCA Member, Van Trieu Featured in ATI Shoptalk


ASCCA member, Van Trieu of Aiwa Auto Repair in San Diego was featured in an ATI article outlining the benefits of ATI training and how joining ASCCA has been a benefit to his business.


Please click here to see the full article

 BAR Investigation of Unnecessary and Overselling of Fluid/Flush Service Recommendations Continues

It's been a couple of weeks since ASCCA's Government Affairs Committee announced that BAR is in the process of seriously investigating unnecessary and overselling of fluid/flush service recommendations. Committee Chair, Craig Johnson reported on this same issue several months ago after attending a BAG meeting. BAR has also posted an article in the recent Repair Reporter about this issue. Craig has convened a sub-committee to analyze data being sent to ASCCA by the distributors of flush machines and their products, additive manufacturers, brake strip manufacturers and more. According to BAR there are three major issues: Fluid Replacement Intervals, whether flush machines harm the consumer's vehicle or don't work, and the validity of the additives that are available, not limited to the products associated with those machines. ASCCA is not targeting any product or manufacturer, rather is trying to get out information regarding where BAR is focusing their attention right now.


The ASCCA Government Affairs sub-committee realizes that there are examples of fluid replacements happening earlier than the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation, and examples of flushing systems that fixed a vehicle and saved the consumer money. It is the goal of ASCCA to work with and educate BAR and help them to understand that certain procedures and services performed by our members are necessary for proper repair and/or to extend the life of the vehicle and to prevent BAR from labeling legitimate and necessary repairs and fluid flushes as unnecessary and overselling.


By having our legislative advocate, Jack Molodanof watching out for the interests of ASCCA members, we were able to get in front of this issue early. ASCCA President Tracy Renee, Jack and Craig have all been in regular contact with BAR on this latest topic. Stay tuned to Team Talk for updates. The Government Affairs Committee is working hard to protect our members, and knows of no other organization that has been proactive with BAR on this issue. The Committee also welcomes working with others on this and other issues. 


California Retail and Trade Business Conference - November 1, 2012

ASCCA, among other organizations has partnered with the California State Board of Equalization to provide a unique educational experience and an opportunity for an interactive dialogue between California's state and local retail and trade association members durng the 2012 California Retail and Trade Business Conference hosted by Chairman Jerome E. Horton.


The emphasis this year is on current developments affecting municipal and state tax requirements and other key issues facing our business owners. This conference is designed to help businesses succeed with industry-specific information sessions that address regulations, tax laws, tax credits, audits, international trade, and surviving in a depressed economy.


Thursday, November 1, 2012
9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
California State University, Los Angeles
Golden Eagle Ballroom
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032


This FREE and dynamic conference features information for all retailers and trade Industries: Capitalizing on Tax Credits, Venture Capital and Alternative Funding Sources, International Trade, Avoiding and/or Surviving Audits, Making Money in a Down Economy, as well as Appeals and Settlements. Special afternoon trade industry workshops are geared toward Automotive, Retailers, Restaurants and Grocers industries.


Ms. Elizabeth Echols, Regional Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration will be speaking at the Conference.


The first 450 attendees to sign-in at the event will be eligible for a free lunch.


Please click here for more information on the 2012 California Retail and Trade Business Conference.


Please click here for the full Conference brochure.  


Please click here to REGISTER for the Conference. 




ASCCA Member Featured in ATI Shoptalk
BAR Investigation Continues
California Retail and Trade Business Conference
New California Law Expands Religious Protection in the Workplace
Get Your ASCCA "The Sign You Can Trust" Sign Now and Win!

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October Member of the Month Art Ratner
Art Ratner, Art's Automotive, Berkeley, CA

In his own words:

I grew up at a time when the automotive culture was in full bloom. While I was an amateur mechanic I had several experiences with major repairs on vehicles that left me with such a feeling of accomplishment that I naturally was drawn to attending a college level automotive school and making a career in the field of automotive repair. I started the business 32 and 1/2 years ago by myself out of a rented apartment with four small garages in back. I impressed people (with money) with my hard work who backed me getting into a proper commercial location at year four. I got to buy one, then two and then three properties, side by side and expanded and hired until I reached 20,000 square feet of space and fourteen employees including nine technicians. ASCCA opened doors to educational opportunities and networking with other shop owners in a supportive community. I have studied human nature while observing the behavior of other shops in a group format. New ASCCA members should get involved in their board of directors and volunteer to boost the value of their Chapters. Make sure you attend as many meetings as possible and reach out to other shop owners.


ASCCA members like Art are shining examples of how One Member CAN Make a Difference!



Calendar of Events


Team Weekend 
December 8-9, 2012
Embassy Suites, Sacramento
Hotel Reservation
Room Rate: $149
Reservation deadline: Nov 16  


2013 Industry Summit

Saturday, February 9, 2013

8:00 am - 11:00 am

Fairmont Newport Beach

Agenda and meeting registration information will be available soon. 


New California Law Expands Protection in the Workplace to Religious Dress and Grooming

Governor Jerry Brown has signed "The Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2012" (WRFA) into law. The new law amends the religious discrimination portions of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (CFEHA) to include more stingent religious accommodation requirements for employers with workers in California. The law, signed on September 8, 2012, will take effect on November 1, 2013.


WRFA affects California employers in two key aspects. First, the law expands CFEHA's definitions of "religion", "religious observance," and "religious beliefs" to include religious dress and grooming practices. WRFA expands protected activity to encompass the wearing of religious clothing, head or face coverings, jewelry, and artifacts. It specifically forbids segregating an employee from the public (or other employees) as a reasonable accommodation to his or her religious dress or grooming.


Second, the law creates a higher bar for employers to demonstrate "undue hardship". Prior to WRFA, the standard under California law was similar to that under Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act. It permitted employers to demonstrate an undue hardship if the accommodation caused "de minimis" harm to the company. Under the new law, an employer in California must demonstrate "significant difficulty or expense" for an undue burden to exist - a standard identical to the undue burden requirements in disability accommodation disputes.


What should employers do? Before WRFA takes effect in 2013, employers should consider reviewing their current religious discrimination and accommodation policies. In some instances, revisions to policies and additional training may be advisable. With planning, employers can implement practices that not only welcome religious diversity and inclusion, but also protect the company's legitimate interests.


You should seek legal counsel if you have concerns or questions.


ASCCA legal cousel, Jack Molodanof will also provide an update before the law goes into effect in 2013.


Information courtesy of Jackson Lewis, LLP





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The ASCCA Public Relations slogan is designed with the purpose of ensuring that the ASCCA sign is synonymous with quality automotive shops. The slogan, The Sign You Can Trust! is directed at your potential and existing customers.


This exciting new campaign started by incorporating our new slogan The Sign You Can Trust! with our existing logo, creating public awareness that will translate into consumers looking for shops displaying the ASCCA sign. The goal of our campaign is to increase your business with new customers and help you retain existing clients.


Participation in The Sign You Can Trust! campaign will strengthen the public's awareness that ASCCA shops are the shops they can trust to meet their automotive needs.


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  • Beautiful limited addition print by wildlife artist Sandra Jordan
  • Three cases of synthetic motor oil from Kendall Oil
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In addition, the Chapter with the highest percentage of photos sent in from individuals will win (1) free admission to the 2013 ASCCA Summer Education Conference and 2 nights hotel accommodations! 


To submit photos for entry into the lottery, please send your photo to ASCCA staff at calvidrez@amgroup.us - please include your name, shop name, city, and Chapter number.  

For more information on getting the ASCCA logo with the new slogan and for purchasing an adjunct sign, contact ASCCA staff at (800) 810-4272 or email Heather Vigil at hvigil@amgroup.us.










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