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April was a very exciting month and one of great progress for the Hawaii Scenic Byways Program


We are pleased to announce the receipt of four nomination applications for new byways--three on Oahu and one on Hawaii Island. The Scenic Byways Advisory Committee will review applications and provide recommendations to HDOT's Director Okimoto. We hope to announce results in our next issue.

Olomana Loomis ISC was awarded a contract to create the logo and signage design for our state byways; Senator Brian Schatz introduced his first bill in the United States Senate: the "Pacific Islands Parks Act of 2013"; and the Hawaii Tourism Authority via the Hawaii Community Foundation recently awarded a generous grant to assist with interpretive signage for our Kau byway, Slopes of Mauna Loa. 
Mahalo nui to Olomana Loomis, Senator Schatz, HTA and HCF! 

David L. Zevenbergen
Hawaii Scenic Byways Coordinator
Hawaii Department of Transportation
(808) 587-6357

Coming Soon: Road Signage

Olomana Loomis logo Olomana Loomis ISC has been awarded the contract to create the logo and signage for the Hawaii Scenic Byways project. They focused their proposal on creating a logo and signage that is scalable and versatile and that balanced the needs of both the tourist who primarily looks for a rich, vibrant experience and the Hawaii resident who seeks an authentic presentation. We look forward to their concepts and designs in the coming months.

Hoomaikai to the Kau 

Chamber of Commerce

Kau Chamber of Commerce Website
Kau Chamber of Commerce Website
The Kau Chamber of Commerce recently received funding from the Hawaii Tourism Authority through the Natural Resources Advisory Group (NRAG). That fund is now being managed by the Hawaii Community Foundation. Funds will be utilized toward informational signs at the Scenic Point by mile marker 75. In a letter to the Chamber, the HTA/HCF wrote, "We are excited about your project and believe it is the kind of work that can help make a difference in Hawaii." We wish the Chamber well in implementing its $2098 grant.
Senator Brian Schatz recently introduced S. 618, which would direct the National Park Service to complete special resource studies of five areas, including three designated sites in the state of Hawaii; the Kau Coast on Hawaii Island, the Northern Coast of Maui, and the Southeastern Coast of Kauai. According to Senator Schatz, "These studies are a critical step in protecting natural resources, preserving history and culture in Hawaii." Mahalo Senator Schatz for caring about our state's treasured places.
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