Dear Parents,

Our school-wide STEAM initiative features projects that integrate the "A" for arts into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curricula throughout the school year and summer.


Berkeley Carroll's first-ever STEAM Fair promises to be a fun day of learning with 18 activities for all ages on Sat. Feb. 21 from 10am-2pm at 181 Lincoln Place!  (Lunch will be provided.)




Students can bring their own cars (made of almost anything) or build them at the fair. Expert help, materials and tools will be available. Prizes will also be awarded for categories like fastest, most inventive, slowest, and most colorful.


Watch cars made of golf balls, wood, legos and even a wedge of Swiss cheese race on the 50' hilly track here in this 1-minute video.




Students collaborate to invent a machine that performs a simple task in the most complex way possible through a series of chain reactions. Watch this short video to see how student teams work together to create a machine that will raise a flag. 



  • Create intricately crafted paper and wire sculptures 
  • Practice being a lab technician and learn how to extract DNA from cells  
  • Discover how to keep a boat afloat by experimenting with a milk carton boat   
  • Learn about the process of osmosis by pickling vegetables  
  • Create puppet pals and paper outfits for them to wear
  • Design a simple object and watch it materialize from a 3D printer
  • Create digital architectural designs using computer software Sketch Up
  • Discover the ancient art of origami
  • Learn from experts how to create their own games and watch demos of iOS apps designed by Upper School students

  • Create a scale model of a row house using cardboard and recycled materials

  • Sketch and sew felt iPhone cases

  • Make wearable art from pop tops and discarded headphone cables
  • And more...

Hope to see you there!
The Berkeley Carroll School


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