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Perfect one-pan dinners
MJ dinners have never been so easy. Grab your fry-pan for these fast, lean & tasty Protein + Veg combinations.
1 Protein (135g raw chicken), 1 Veg = 0.5 Capsicum, 2 Tsp mustard = Free (50kJ)
About 800kJ / 191Cal per serve
1 Protein = 2 small pork chops,  1 Veg = 0.5 Bunch broccolini, 1Tbs Apple sauce = Free (62kJ)
About 800kJ / 191Cal per serve
1 Protein = 200g Raw tofu,  1 Veg = 5 Leaves bok choy, 1 Tbs Oyster sauce = Free (115kJ)
About 800kJ / 191Cal per serve
1 Protein = 120g Raw/cooked salmon, 1 Veg = 4 Asparagus stalks, 1/2 Lemon juice = Free 
About 750kJ / 191Cal per serve
1 Protein = 135g raw beef, 1 Veg = 5 Mushrooms & 1/2 Onion
About 750kJ / 191Cal per serve
If cooking with oil, add 1tsp = 1 Healthy Oil (200kJ / 50Cal)
Fat or sugar - Which is worse?
Has sugar taken over the title of No. 1 dietary villan? Are saturated fats now OK? I explain what you need to know.
10 Points about SUGAR & your metabolic health
1. Refined sugar is empty calories without nutrients
2. Refined sugar is addictive, so break the habit
3. Excess sugar increases insulin & causes weight gain 
4. Brown sugar, raw sugar, honey is still refined sugar
5. Fruit sugar (fructose) is OK from fresh fruit within your plan
6. Dried fruit & juice contain more sugar, so have limits
7. Dairy sugar (lactose) is OK within your plan targets
8. Minimise hidden & added sugars
9. Get your sweet fix from dried fruit & yoghurt
10. If you are an athlete, refined sugars can be fuel 
10 Points about FAT & your metabolic health
1. Most saturated fats increase the risk of heart disease.
2. A lot of butter is likely to increase cholesterol.
3. A little butter, cheese within a nutrient diet is likely to be OK.
4. Coconut oil doesn't tend to increase risk.
5. Nuts, seeds, avocado combine healthy oils with nutrients.
6. Oily fish, like salmon are uniquely high in omega-3's.
7. Cooking oils are not essential, but extra virgin olive oil is best.
8. Processed fats (hydrogenated, trans) could be the worst.
9. The right fats in your diet help cells & hormones work better
10. Aim for a moderate fat diet, rich in healthy oil foods.
Both sugar & fat can be good for you, as long as you include the right types! 
Getting your recovery food right
If you are very active & want to build muscle, you need to eat well after workouts. I explain...

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