Surprisingly healthy treats 
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Surprisingly healthy treats  

strawberries dipped in chocolate  
With Valentine's Day upon us, it's the perfect time to try some treats that won't blow out your plan.


Celebration days don't have to be full-on chocolate binges... instead try strawberries, dipped in a little chocolate. How good do these look.

Try these delights:

Diced strawberry choc drizzle -
Dice up half a punnet and place in a cup. Drizzle dark chocolate sauce over the top.

Fruit kebabs - Chop up mixed fruits and slide on skewers.

Berry glass - Add strawberries and blueberries to a cocktail glass. Garnish with mint.

Melon balls - Use a spoon or baller to scoop out melon balls from a watermelon, rockmelon or honeymelon. Sprinkle with chocolate flakes.  

And check out these recipes:

 Almond cream with strawberries
 Berry watermelon sorbet
 Easy berry frozen yoghurt
 Low fat mango creme brulee
 Sweet ricotta apricot slice
 Spicy baked apples 
 Passionfruit delicious 

I challenge you to try them a few times. Making the switch has its rewards!

Active ideas for special gifts:

And if you are stuck for gift ideas on special occasions:
  • Annual pass to the Zoo
  • Kayaking tour
  • Surfing lesson
  • Rock climbing voucher
  • Running shoes
  • Abseiling in the mountains
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Here's some more inspiration to download, print & put up on your fridge. It works... every time you walk past, it gives you the nudge you need to stay on target.


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Exercise - Every step fitter  

Fitness - Consistency beats perfection
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FAQ of the Week - Do I just have fat genes?
woman thinkingQ: I've battled being overweight for most of my life, is it in my genes?

A: It's true that some people are genetically primed to be larger than others. But it's your lifestyle that is likely to have a significant influence on whether you gain body fat or not.

The rise in obesity seen in the past 30 - 40 years has been primarily the result of modern sedentary living and the over-consumption of high-calorie foods.

Eating less and moving more are requirements for almost everyone to be able to stay in good shape these days.

So how much is your DNA really to blame?


Just like eye colour and height, your tendency to store body fat has an element of genetic programming. Our best estimates suggest that 30 - 40% of your size and shape is influenced by genes passed down from your parents. The risk of being overweight or obese is 2 to 8 times higher for a person with a family history, than a person with no family history.


Genes can influence several factors including; how much fat you store, your metabolic rate and even how intense your cravings are for high-calorie foods. People with the gene called "FTO", which controls your appetite and hunger hormones, are more likely to eat junk food. 


As mentioned, you can change your lifestyle and eating habits to re-wire your metabolism. Researchers have identified that having up to 17 genes linked to obesity were only responsible for 2% of obesity in a group of 21,000 men and women. 


The biggest culprit is still poor dietary habits teamed with a sedentary lifestyle.

So, don't blame your genes just yet! Just be patient and acknowledge that some people drop fat fast and find it easier to keep it off than others.

Every workout and every mouthful of nutrient-rich food on Metabolic Jumpstart is building your metabolic fitness, which sets you up to get into your best shape ever. 

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Dan Anderson-McKelvie, 
5th December 2012

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