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The ABANA 2014 Conference
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Bill Clemens & David Hutchison
Co-Chairmen, ABANA 2014 Conference



ABANA 2014 Conference - Harrington, Delaware

ABANA is pleased to announce that it's next biennial conference will be:
 13-16 August 2014  
Harrington, Delaware 
at the 
Delaware State Fairgrounds.  
The facilities at the fairgrounds ar well suited to our needs and being located in the middle of the East Coast puts it within a day's drive of 1000's of our members.  It's also within 2 hours of the major airports of Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA 




ABANA 2014

The Conference is over a year and a half away so other than the location there's not a lot of details to tell you, but that's good because there's still time for you to tell us what you'd like to see.  Please fell free to contact myself:

Bill CLemens  


160 2nd Street, New Columbia, Pa, 17856

 Or Co-Chair:

David Hutchison 

31834 Geib Road, Cordova, Md, 21625

Joinery: Come Make Connections
When you think about it every blacksmith (unless everything they make starts and ends as a single piece of metal) uses joinery.  Sure it includes the traditional forms that come to mind when you hear the word Joinery  and Blacksmith together:  Rivets,  Mortice and Tenons, Collars, and Forge welding; but it goes beyond that including not only Stick, Mig, Tig, and Gas welding but also brazing (both in the forge and with a rod). And what about the connections of Iron with other materials:  Knife handles made of wood, bone, antlers and more;  Stair Railings, Railing and Fences attached to wood, metal, concrete, stone or in the ground.  
Aslo many attendees say that conferences are not about the connections made in Iron and Steel but a time to re-connect with old friends;  to connect with new ones; and to connect with vendors, suppliers, and tailgaters.  For some that is what a conference is really about and they say that seeing a good demo or two is just the Icing on the cake.   
Speaking of Icing on the cake. what are finishes but something connected to the surface of the metal?  Now what blacksmith isn't trying to find a finish that stays permanently connected to their completed project through wind and rain, heat and cold,  sleet and snow?  So how about a seminar on finishes?
Come to the ABANA 2014 Conference in Harrington, to discuss, see and make connections!
Have a friend that you know might be  want to Come Make Connections  at  ABANA 2014?
You can forward this announcement to them:  
13-16 August 2014
 Planning a Conference in the Summer almost guarantees it's going to be hot.  Luckily the site at the Fairgrounds at Harrington has some things going for it to help counteract this.  The demo tents will not be on paved parking lots but on a grassy area know as the "Equipment Lot"  a place used during the fair to display farm machinery.  Just adjacent to the Equipment Lot is an Camping area know as "The Grove" named for the large shade trees it has!  There is a large open sided pavilion that wil house tailgaters and outside vendors for protection from the sun.  And finally there are two air conditioned building that will house the Gallery, Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, Auction, Indoor Vendors and a gathering area with tables and chairs for eating or just to sit down out of the heat and connect with others in comfort.  There are several smallers areas that will be used for seminars and family programs.

Delaware State Fairgrounds

  Delaware State Fairgrounds

Here's a birds eye view of the Fairgrounds.  The Machinery lot is in the lower right of center of the picture. 
That's where the Demo Tents will be.  The Grove Camping Area is just to the left of it.   The large gray roofed building just above the trees is the pavilion where the outdoor vendors and tailgaters will be.  


Harrington, Delaware
 Explore the Harrington Delaware Area and Plan Your Trip to the Conference: 

ABANA Central Office
259 Muddy Fork Road
Jonesborough, TN 37659 USA

Phone:     (423) 913-1022
Fax:         (423) 913-1023


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Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!



Bill Clemens, ABANA Member Services
Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America