A camp for those with food allergies!  


Music Program by Food Allergy Musician, Kyle Dine!  

Summer camping is something every child should experience.  Now there is a camp that accommodates food allergic children and their families -

Kyle Dine


Don't let your child miss 3 days of music fun with international food allergy singer, Kyle Dine! 

  • Weekend camping experience for food allergic kids  
  • Choose kid camping with peers, or family camping (parents & siblings welcome)
  • Choose overnight or day camping

Unique Features of AFAA Camp!

  • Meals will accommodate each food allergic camper, planned by dietetic experts & prepared by Certified Food Managers with food allergy expertise
  • Pre-camp kitchen inspection conducted by county environmental health department and also by AFAA-contracted state certified Food Safety Trainer
  • Allergists on-site at camp entire time (including at activities & overnight in cabins)
  • Staff trained on anaphylactic emergencies & managing allergen exposure
  • Music program by international food allergy musician, Kyle Dine!
  • Program organized & directed by parents of food allergic campers  


  • AFAA Camp is at the Voyageur Environmental Center in Mound, Minnesota; just west of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, close to the western edge of Lake Minnetonka
  • AFAA Camp is close to Twin Cities' medical facilities (11 miles)
Empower you child!

Parent campers - enjoy dialogue with other parents


Dates: June 7 - 9, 2011 (Friday - Sunday) 
Cost: Overnight camping $200 (2 nights/3 days/5 meals/48 hour M.D. supervision)  
    Day camping $150 (3 days/3 meals/48 hour M.D. supervision)
    note - $20 discount for each camper submitting complete initial registration!  
A limited number of additional $25 Camper discounts are available to family members of:
Program/Activity Leaders
Teen Program/Activity Assistants
Apply for Volunteer Program/Activity Positions & Discount



AFAA camp is a program of the Anaphylaxis & Food Allergy Association of MN (AFAA).    Cost to the organization is approximately $300 per camper, but prices reflect AFAA's commitment to open this unique camping experience to as many campers as possible.  Please contact AFAA if you would like to donate to provide need-bad camp scholarships, in-kind or other donations.  

Adult and Teen Leader
& Assistant Applications

Packing List & Information

Sponsor AFAA Camp
or Offer In-Kind Donation

Driving Directions and Map

Donate to Camperships
Having trouble printing?  E-mail us and we will happily e-mail or snail-mail the registration forms to you.
Mail your completed registration forms to AFAA or fax them to 651 846-6681   
Sample Schedule
(subject to change)adult and child on sunset beach
7:00 Wake up, showering, dressing etc.
8:00 Flag Raising & Breakfast
9:00 Cabin/Tent Clean up
9:30 Activity/Program Areas*
10:45 Activity/Program Areas*
Noon Lunch
1:00 Rest Time
2:00 Activity/Program Areas*
3:25 Activity/Program Areas*
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Activity/Program Areas*
7:00 Evening Activity
8:00 Return to Cabins/Bedtime Prep
9:00 Bedtime
*Examples of Program Activities
Swimming (with lifeguards)
Sports and Field Games
Nature Study (hiking, plant i.d., bird-watching, etc.)
Arts & Crafts

Basic Information
Each camper will have their own bed

Each cabin has its own bathroom and shower, and electricity

Each cabin will have at least 2 adult supervisors

A boys' cabin and a girls' cabin will be available

Family campers will be segregated by gender into boys' or girls' cabins unless a separate cabin is requested for the family (extra costs applied for family cabin)

For overnight campers, 5 meals will be provided; for day campers 2 lunches will be provided

Menus will be created with help from parents/guardians to accommodate each camper's allergy or celiac needs, and strict procedures will be followed to protect against exposure to food allergens.

Campers will follow their physician's orders in regards to epinephrine and albuterol (i.e. they may carry medications with parental approval, otherwise staff will carry or store emergency medication on their behalf).

Medical staff will be onsite throughout the camp weekend.  In the event of an emergency, campers will be transported by ambulance (note: all Minnesota ambulances are equipped with epinephrine, oxygen, and defibrillators), to Ridgeview Medical Center, which is 11.44 miles (16 minutes ) from the camp.* 

*In the very unlikely event of needing to transport a patient upon doctor's orders, the hospital is also equippe
d with medical helicopters for patient transport to Children's Hospitals in Minneapolis or St. Paul, or to Hennepin County Medical Center.  Parents or guardians are responsible for any medical costs incurred as a result of injury or illness while their child is at camp. Accurate medical insurance information (carrier and policy number) is required by camp.
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