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Join Tracy Carmen-Jones, Waterlight Group Founder and Leadership Coach, to learn six ways to view challenging situations and decode the language, behaviors and actions that accompany each path.

In this interactive workshop we will explore where you normally STAND in difficult situations and how a SHIFT in mindset and action could work to your advantage. 

Guided by artMix instructors, create your personalized artwork to keep your STAND and SHIFT options at the ready to remind you of the power of intention and choice.

The Stand or Shift workshop introduces six perspective pathways and invites you to experience the options and explore the fit. 


In this experiential workshop, you can:

  • Learn six perspectives available to use in challenging situations
  • Discover your default STANDs and gauge how well they're working
  • Decode language, behaviors and actions of each path and learn how to move between paths
  • Recognize "choice points" and when to fortify your stand or shift

Workshop Fee: $199

(workshop, dinner, wine and art supplies included)

Seating is limited


Join us for a night of learning, art and fun




3701 WEST ALABAMA, SUITE 250/255,