Raskob teachers are here to save the day!

 Thursday Notes
The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter

May 5, 2016                                                      Volume 3   Issue 33

Raskob teachers are SUPER, indeed!

RPA President's Message
Exciting News!!!! 
Please come to the RPA Meeting tomorrow at 8:30 am in the California Room to learn first hand about our fundraising success! Over 37% of Raskob families donated and we have raised $14,735 so far.  An additional $2,000 has been pledged and we are also waiting for an additional $850 in matching funds from various employers.  If all of these additional funds come in, we will have raised a record $17,585!  Our fundraising target was $13,850.  We will discuss how the funds will be spent and will vote on what to do with the excess funds.  Thank you to everyone who donated!

Do you want to make a difference? Then come to the RPA meeting to learn how. Remember our motto: one person can make a big difference in a small school!

The Raskob Open House will be Wednesday, May 18th, from 6 to 7:30 pm.  The RPA will supply pizza for students, their families and the faculty.  Please click to sign-up  for salads, fruit and paper goods.  Please note that if you are bringing paper goods, they should be brought the day before so that we can use them to set up.  Thank you to Tiffin Goff and Ginny Fine for organizing.

Curious about Raskob's school site?  Click here for the Building and Grounds Committee Report.  I have worked on this with the Raskob Administration and Holy Names University during the four years my daughter has been at Raskob.  We have gotten a lot accomplished, but as you can see from the report, a number of wish list items still remain.  If you are interested in this matter please contact me at rpapresident@gmail.com as it would be great for some new parents and guardians to continue with this effort.

Lastly, thank you to Mark Headley for organizing the teacher appreciation lunch on Wednesday and for all of the families who brought cookies for the teachers and aides today. Thank you teachers, aides, administration and therapists for all that you do for our children!

Best Regards,

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Important Dates

May 5
High School Information Night and Fair

Hopefully you brought your cookies for the teachers.

May 6
RPA Meeting 8:30 a.m.
California Room

May 18
Open House and Pizza Dinner

May 26
RPA Parent Education
Texting, Social Media, Devices, and Your Kids: Hands On Help for Today's Digital Family
7:00-8:00 p.m. in the California Room

Teacher Appreciation brought to you by the RPA
Teacher Appreciation Awesomeness!

Yesterday the facility and staff was treated to a tasty lunch from the Raskob Parents Association and the restaurant A16.  It was quite a site to see a huge pizza oven on wheels in the parking lot and to smell the fresh pies being prepared for the staff.  Everyone truly enjoyed this memorable lunch.

Showing Gratitude and Appreciation for our teachers 
= happy and fulfilled teachers for our children


P.S. Doesn't the new garden area look wonderful?!! Thank you for your donations to the RPA.

P.S.S. Just in case you want to check out A16, it is located on College Ave. in Oakland and the executive chef was trained on pizza making in Naples, Italy.

RPA Parent Education
Join us for an RPA Parent Education Event 
for parents of 3rd-8th graders

Texting, Social Media, Devices, and Your Kids: Hands On Help for Today's Digital Family

Thursday, May 26th 
7:00-8:30 pm in the California Room at HNU

by Teen Esteem, Empowering Students for Life  

For a detailed flyer about the event click here.

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