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The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter

February 11, 2016                                                      Volume 3   Issue 22

Science Fair at Raskob
 The middle school scientists did an excellent job on their projects.
Message from the President

What a great science fair!  The students were engaged with their projects and proud to speak about them.  Kudos to the elementary teachers (Hilary Cohen, Valerie Cordes and Kaitlin Higuera) and to Megan Sweeney, the science teacher at the middle school, for encouraging and facilitating such excellent work!

Speaking of excellent,  I hope that you got to see the new and improved library.  The books have been cataloged and organized; the room has been painted and redecorated to make it cosy and inviting.  There is even a paper tree in the center of the room and a paper fire in the fire place!  Improving the library and setting up a catalog system has been a goal of the Raskob Parent Association for the last 3 years and we want to give our heartfelt thanks to Jessica Baiocchi for making it happen.  She worked with the librarian at HNU, got a library intern, shopped for furniture at IKEA and on Craig's List and oversaw a group of middle school girls who helped shelve books and decorate.  One of the RPA fundraising goals for our upcoming Social is to purchase 10 Kindles for the library.

Did someone mention fundraising?  We voted on the fundraising goals for the Raskob Social at our last RPA meeting.  Although the Social on March 19th is primarily a fun social event for parents, guardians and faculty, there is an opportunity to write checks for specific items (like Kindles for the library) or to make a general donation to the school.  We will have descriptions of the items and explanations as to why the faculty and administration would like them at the Social.  We will also send a follow-up fundraising letter that allows those who could not attend the Social and those who wish to show the letter to others (such as grandparents) to make donations.  More information regarding the fundraising goals will be provided in future Notes.

Lastly, I would like to thank Polly Mayer for speaking at our last RPA meeting about the Raskob Clinic, summer program, learning differences and some upcoming conferences about topics that directly impact our students.  Our next RPA meeting will be on Friday, March 4th at 8:30 am in the California Room during which we will finalize our plans for the Social.

Best Regards,

RPA Happenings
Please join us for what will be a very powerful afternoon.

Assistive Technology - Best Options for Children with Learning Differences
with Karen Kelley

When: Sunday, February 28th
4:00-5:30 pm 

Where: The Mitosinka/Wick Home * Piedmont, CA

Please RSVP to

Karen will share her top picks for assistive technology - everything from audio books, to word prediction software, to voice-to-text and text-to-voice options, as well as other excellent learning tools and software.

Karen Kelley, a Raskob parent, has been working in the field of special education for more than 20 years. She has a masters degree and a teaching credential in the area of moderate/severe special education. She currently works as an assistive technology/augmentative and alternative communication specialist.

Raskob News
Did you make your donation to the library?

How to donate and automatically double your donation:
At school: Drop off a check (made out to Raskob, with "library" in the memo line) with Marlen

Please donate before break to ensure we reach our goal of $1,000 for the library - our "double your donation" is only available until February 11th.

Thanks to all for supporting our school and creating a more exciting library experience for our students!
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Feb. 12
Spirit Day- backwards  inside out clothing

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Feb. 15-19
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Feb. 28
4 to 5:30 pm
Assistive Technology - Best Options for Children with Learning Differences

March 19
Parent Social


Feb. 23
4 to 5 pm at Hillcrest
Feb. 29
4 to 5 pm at the HNU gym

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Elementary Student Project

Elementary Student Project

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