Thursday Notes
The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter

November 12, 2015                                                       Volume 3   Issue 12

 EXTRA,EXTRA, Read all About it... 30 Chrome books will be purchased for Raskob from the RPA!

Message from the President
Happy Thursday all!

Exciting news! At our RPA meeting last Friday, we agreed to meet a request from the Raskob faculty for 30 additional Chromebooks and a Chromebook cart.  Including licenses and other necessities, the funding request was for approximately $10,500.  We are using funds raised from the Social last year as well as money from dues.  The new Chromebooks should be available for use when students return from winter break.  The additional Chromebooks will allow for one to one coverage of each middle school student.  The fifth graders also use Chromebooks from time to time so that they are familiar with them when they enter middle school.  Elementary students primarily use existing iPads and MacBooks.

Our next RPA Meeting and Quarterly Coffee will be on Friday, December 4th.  We are delighted our speaker for the quarterly coffee will be Dr. Cunningham, the neuropsychologist associated with Raskob.  

Do you ever wonder about Raskob graduates?  Alumni Night, where Raskob alumni and their families talk about high school (and sometimes college) will be held in the California Room on the evening of December 10th. Although this event is primarily of interest to 7th and 8th graders, everyone is welcome.  

Please remember to turn in your See's Candy order forms by November 18th to the Raskob office!

Best Regards,
Marianne Mitosinka, RPA President
RPA Happenings
A good time was had by all at the RPA Fall Social.  Thank you to Christina Pehl and Mark Headley for a wonderful evening.  The food and drink were divine, and the company was pretty great too.  If you missed out on this community event, don't fret we will have another social in the springtime.

Second grade all the way up to eighth grade parents and guardians were present at this special event.

Around Campus

The Lost and Found last week 

The Lost and Found this week.
(Is it just me or has it grown?!)

The lost and found is busting at the seams.

All items not claimed by November 20th will be donated.

Please encourage you scholar to search for items they may be missing.

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Nov. 23-27
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Dec 4
RPA Meeting

Dec 10
Alumni Night
Thank you, Thank you,
We are so appreciative of Julie Porte Vega for organizing the excellent Book Fair, Amy Schoenblum for organizing a very interesting parent education event on nutrition, and  Mark Headley for hosting a fun fall party for Raskob parents and guardians! 

Have You Noticed...
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