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The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter
October 8, 2015                                                      Volume 3   Issue 7
What Makes a School World Famous?
Middle school students have some pretty great ideas.

Message from the President
Exciting news, events, and plans abound!
It's Raskob Parent Social Time!  On Saturday, November 7th from 5 to 7:30 pm the Raskob Parents Association will hold a fall party for parents and guardians.  This casual event will be for parents only at the home of Mark and Christine Headley in Berkeley near the Claremont Hotel.  There will be wine, hor d'oeuvres and a chance to meet other parents and guardians who have children like yours.  This is purely a social event and was requested by parents who really enjoyed attending Raskob's Social last March.  Stay tuned for more details.
More exciting plans!  We had a good turnout for our RPA meeting last week in which we discussed several media worthy items.
First, for those of us who hate packing lunches every day, Raskob is working with the Epicurean Group (who provide lunches for many schools such as Head Royce and who run the HNU cafeteria) to establish a lunch service for our students.  Parents will be able to order the lunches online beginning sometime in January and they will be delivered to the students.  Wednesday pizza day will continue.  
Second, the Raskob library is about to get a facelift! Thanks to the RPA's donation of almost $1,000, the library will receive some TLC.  It will be painted, get new furniture, and existing books will be cataloged and reorganized. Once the magic happens, it will be easier to determine what new books to purchase.  See info about the school book fair.
Finally, FYI our amazing teachers are getting some added help in the classrooms from some HNU students.  The HNU Students are never left alone with our children.  They are strictly there to assist the teachers and aides. 

I hope to see even more of you at the next RPA meeting on 11/6 and at the Friday Coffees every Friday near the parking lot!

Best Regards, 
Marianne Mitosinka, RPA President 
Around Campus
 to help with the Book Fair!

This is your book fair.  What books do your kids like? What books do you like?  What books would you like to purchase? All you need to do is add them to the  Raskob Community Book Fair List.  This will ensure they are available for sale at our book fair.  

That's right, we get to decide what books will be for sale at the book fair.  We just need to tell our wonderful book fair partner, Laurel Books of Oakland, what titles to bring and they will be there, available for purchase.  

Last year, over 150 suggestions came in from the community, which made for a wonderfully eclectic collection of great books for young and old!

Suggestions are due by Monday, October 12.

Just click here to add your suggestions.

Thank you!

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Important Dates

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Oct 19-28 
Parent Teacher conferences

Oct. 22
Half day
Noon Dismissal

Oct. 23
Half day
Noon Dismissal

Nov. 4-6
Book Fair

Nov. 6
RPA Meeting

Nov. 7
Raskob Parents Social
5 to 7:30 pm at  Mark and Christine Headley's 
Thank you!
Thank you to Caitln McCain for getting the vinyl signs made to publicize RPA meetings and parent education events.  These large, waterproof signs are a major improvement over our hand-written ones.

Thank you!
Thank you to Wanda Cole Frieman for setting up Sign-Up Genius which makes it much easier for the RPA to get things done. 

 If you are in charge of an RPA event and need to get volunteers, please contact Julie Porte Vega for instructions and the password for the RPA's Sign-Up Genius account.

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