Thursday Notes
The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter
October 1, 2015                                                          Volume 3   Issue 6
What a view!
This is the view our children see everyday from the playground.
Message from RPA President

Good Afternoon and Happy First Day of October!
We have a lot of exciting events planned for the month of October and November. Come to the RPA meeting tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. to find out more about these special events.
First, Friday morning coffee will be served in the library instead of the playground.  Please join us for coffee and our RPA meeting.  Come meet parents, learn more about the school and share your ideas!
Second, The Teacher Appreciation Breakfast will be Thursday, October 15th in the staff room next to the playground.  The Lopez and Sweeney advisory classes have been asked by their room parents to sign-up to bring breakfast items.  They are well on their way to making this a wonderful experience for your teachers.
Finally, Mark your calendars! The Book Fair is coming... 
It will run from November 4th through the 6th.  This special event is well-loved by parents and students all around.  Proceeds from the sale will be used to purchase additional books for Raskob classrooms and the library.  Please contact Julie Porte- Vega,  if you would like to help.  

I hope you have a good weekend!

Best Regards, 
Marianne Mitosinka, RPA President 

Around Campus

It's Picture Day! (Tomorrow)
Be sure to look your best. :)

Have you signed up for School Notes?

School Notes is a venue for Raskob teachers to keep parents and students informed about homework and other class plans.  

Please visit the site to sign up to receive homework notifications from specific teachers, even if you've done so in the past.   It's a stress-free way to keep an eye on homework assignments.
And it's easy!  

Click School Notes and follow these directions:
  1. Click on the Parents tab (near the top).
  2. Enter 94619 in the zip code field (only) of the Find Your Teacher form (don't enter a teacher name).  Click Search.
  3. Click on Raskob Day School in the results list.
  4. Click on "view" next to each of your child's teachers to see the individual teacher pages.
  5. On each page, click "notify me" (at the top) and fill out the notification form (email, first name, last name, student).
For questions about School Notes contact Stefani Wulkan.

In This Issue
Important Dates
Oct. 2
School Photo Day

RPA Meeting, Raskob Library at 8:30

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Oct 19-28 
Parent Teacher conferences

Oct. 22
Half day
Noon Dismissal

Oct. 23
Half day
Noon Dismissal

Nov. 4-6
Book Fair
Friendly Reminder

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