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The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter
February 5,  2015                                                                                       Volume 2   Issue 22
Message from RPA President

Please join us for a discussion about increasing resilience and grit in our students on Thursday, February 12, 7-8:30pm in the California Room.  More details and the opportunity to RSVP are presented below.

Thank you to Polly Mayer, Director of the Raskob Clinic, who spoke at our quarterly coffee yesterday about the Raskob summer program and answered questions about a wide range of topics. During the RPA meeting that followed, we discussed  the upcoming Raskob Social on March 14, fundraising objectives, the results of the Book Fair, and RPA Board recruitment for the 2015-2016 school year.

The Book Fair results are in: the fair generated pre-tax sales of $3,235 and a 20% book profit of $647 which can be used by Raskob to purchase books for the school. Online sales accounted for 30% of overall sales. You can read the full report here. Thank you to Carla Dartis, Julie Porte-Vega (co-chairs) and the other volunteers for all of your hard work.  Please shop at Laurel Bookstore in downtown Oakland or online in appreciation for their support of Raskob.

Lastly, we need you to let us know if you will be attending or not attending the Raskob Social, our biggest social and fundraising event of the year. We sent you an Evite invitation on last Friday, so please let Bridget Rivezzo - - know if you did not receive it.

Best Regards,
RPA News and Announcements
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Raskob Parent Association Presents:


Developing Resilience
Amanda Vogel, Director of Nurturing Wisdom
Thursday, Feb. 12 | 7:00-8:30pm 
HNU California Room

Nurturing Persistence in Learners
Utilizing research done by Carol Dweck in her book Mindset, we discuss the benefits of a "growth mindset" over a "fixed mindset." Then, we give practical strategies for how you can encourage your children to pursue challenges and view mistakes as opportunities for growth. Find out more about Nurturing Wisdom on their website.
Your Review is Needed

The Raskob Parent Association (RPA) would love for our parents to take 2-3 minutes to go to the website GreatSchools and give Raskob some fresh reviews/ratings. The current reviews are a bit dated, and many of us agree that it is important for the reviews reflect the school that Raskob is today. Please take a moment to share your impressions with prospective parents who are considering Raskob for their child or looking for a school like ours. You'll find the Raskob page by clicking here.

Thank you!
Shopping At Amazon

Don't forget to use our shopping partners such as Amazon, so that a portion of your purchases can benefit Raskob. Click here to access Amazon through the Raskob Portal. And don't forget to bookmark the link and save it to your bookmark bar.

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