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April 3, 2014                                                                                       Volume 1   Issue 30
Message from RPA President

We have a lot of good news to report.  The Raskob Social and subsequent fundraising effort have raised more than $7,000 and donations are still coming in.  At the RPA meeting Wednesday, we were able to combine this money with additional RPA funds generated from dues, See's Candy, and other fundraising activities to authorize the purchase of 15 Chromebooks, 5 Kindles, a $100 iTunes account for the Kindles and 10 lunch tables.  A Chromebook cart will also be purchased with funds that were set aside last year.  Thank you to everyone who has made donations, paid dues, bought candy, signed up for eScrip and used our Amazon link to purchase items on Amazon in support of Raskob.  Thank you especially to our VP of Fundraising, Lisa Crawford, to Anne Schreiner who hosted the Social and to Dayna Broussard who is in charge of See's, eScrip and Box Tops.

More than 40 parents attended the Raskob parent education presentation by Dr. Michael Tompkins on anxiety in children with learning differences.  This was a wonderful event as Dr. Tompkins really concentrated on the Raskob population and provided some useful insights.  Thank you to Marjorie Stamper-Kurn for organizing such an informative event.

Speaking of events, a less formal discussion regarding higher education and students with learning differences will be held onTuesday, April 29 at Mills College.  The discussion will be led by Raskob parent, Gabriella Tempestoso, who is an expert in this area.  More information will be available soon.

Our next quarterly coffee and RPA meeting will be on Wednesday, May 7, from 8:30-10am in the California Room.  Raskob's Director, Edee Ben Ari, will be the featured speaker and provide a summary of the recent WASC accreditation report. 


Best Regards,


Parent Volunteer Requirements

All families are required to volunteer at least 20 hours in supporting Raskob and its programs. Many have been logging volunteer hours, but may have forgotten to inform Raskob Administration about the hours you've fulfilled.  Please send an email to Raskob Volunteer Hours, or use the Tracking From on the RPA website to submit a brief description of what activities you participated and the number of hours you spent on each activity (for example, drove on field trip-7 hours; baked for teacher breakfast-2 hours, etc).  


If you are still looking for ways to volunteer, please visit the RPA Volunteer page on the RPA website for additional opportunities. 


Also, in looking ahead to the next school year, a great way to get involved with Raskob's community and fulfill your volunteer requirement is to be a committee chair, work on committee or be an RPA Board Member.  Please visit RPA Board Positions/Committees to see what positions might be of interest to you; the RPA is looking for commitments for 2014-15 already!


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