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The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter
September 12, 2013                                                                                       Volume 1   Issue 5 
Message from RPA President
It was great to see so many parents at back to school night and to meet the teachers who make Raskob such a wonderful school.  If you didn't have a chance to meet your room parent at back to school night we have included a link to the list or room parents and their contact information under quick links.
Our next RPA meeting is Wednesday, October 2nd at 8:30 am in the California Room.  We are developing our priorities for the year and would welcome your input. One of the priorities we have been working on since the start of school has been utilizing technology within the RPA to make us more efficient as we communicate with the entire Raskob community. To that end, it is our goal to reveal to you the renovated RPA web site and all of its features in next week's  Thursday Notes. Many thanks to Debbie Silverman Degenshein for working on the design and production of the wonderful, new RPA web site.  Thank you also to Bridget Rivezzo, our VP of Communications, who has worked with Debbie to develop the web site, the new RPA Google Group and every other technical innovation undertaken by the RPA this school year.

Best regards,

RPA Activities & Announcements
Parent - Guardian - Caregiver Education

Do you have a parenting or special education topic about which you would like to learn more? The Raskob Parent's Association will put on two parent education nights this academic year and we would like your input on topics that would be of interest to you.  Topics that have been suggested thus far are: 
  • Homework strategies
  • Exploring gender stereotypes
  • Negotiating sibling rivalry when one sibling has special needs and the other doesn't
  • High school options (this topic will be addressed by the school administration separately)
  • Cell phone/internet safety
  • Gaming and media use
  • Healthy peer relationships in the teen years
  • The IEP process
Please let us know if you have other ideas by contacting Marjorie Stamper-Kurn, mstamperkurn@yahoo.com510-595-5884.  We will soon send out a survey to determine which topics engender the most interest.

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Sept. 19
Photo Day

Oct. 2
Raskob Parent Association Meeting
8:30-9:30 AM
California Room
No School - Staff Development Day


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