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Inpatient VTE measures

As you are likely aware, the quality department has been collecting data on VTE since January 2013, which will be publicly reported starting January 2014.


Of the 6 VTE measures, our lowest compliance is with VTE prophylaxis in non-ICUs. For patients at low risk of VTE, in whom no VTE prophylaxis is indicated (either medications or SCDs), please write "Low risk, no VTE prophylaxis needed".


For patients in whom VTE prophylaxis is indicated, please address both the medications AND the SCDs (if they are or are not indicated/ contraindicated, etc).


Please refer any questions about the metrics to Danielle Scheurer.

Meet the new COO

Matt Wain 



Read Matt's full interview.

View Matt's video interview.

Physician volunteers needed!


The following free clinics are in need of volunteers:

CARES Free Clinic

(located in Mount Pleasant)


View video message from Dr. Soper, flyer or visit website for more information.


Sumpter Free Health Clinic

(located in St. Stephens, less than 1hr from MUSC)


View flyer, fact sheet or visit website for more information.

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October 17, 2013

Lessons in Patient Safety

Dear MUSC Medical Staff,Dr. Cawley  


In the history of medicine, like all history, there have been seminal moments that have thrusted improvements forward. The case of Stafford Hospital is likely to become one of those moments. In brief, Stafford Hospital began to develop significant increase in mortality, as well as some shocking patient care situations.


This led to several independent inquiries with varying action plans coming out of those investigations. View the most recent report from England.


In addition, the National Health Service engaged Dr. Don Berwick to do an evaluation and make recommendations. View his recent report. This past summer, I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Berwick give comments about his upcoming report.


My initial thought as I heard Dr. Berwick speak in the summer, and further confirmed by his recent report, is that MUSC must continue on the path we have set to continually improve the culture of safety.


This is done through our Just Culture and Professionalism programs which must become ingrained in the work we do every day. In addition, each one of us in the medical center, physician and non-physician, must contribute to the principle of continuous improvement. NONE of us can be satisfied with the status quo. We must pursue continuous improvement with rigor, enthusiasm, and determination. Finally, we must continue the open communication and transparency efforts. This includes not just what it happening with MUSC Health, but most importantly, ensuring our outcomes are transparent to one another and the public. 


Thank you for the great care you provide every day!




Patrick J. Cawley, MD
Executive Director/CEO, Medical Center
Vice President for Clinical Operations, University

 Our Value Proposition

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We transform expertise, learning and discovery into unrivaled patient-centered care in every setting.

Clinical Documentation Improvement: Do you know YOUR query rate Add a description


"A query is a communication tool used (by Clinical Documentation Integrity nurses and Coders) to clarify documentation in the health record (to ensure that the codes assigned are accurate). The desired outcome from a query is an update of a health record to better reflect a practitioner's intent and clinical thought processes, documented in a manner that supports accurate code assignment." (AHIMA 2013)


The impact of information gleaned through the query process is 3-fold:

  • more accurate capture of patient's condition for the medical record,
  • more specific coding, leading to a change in DRG or capture of a CC/MCC (comorbidity or complication) and an increase in reimbursement, or
  • more specific documentation leading to better capture of quality measures such as risk of mortality and severity of illness.

Through the CDI Committee, chaired by Dr. Barton Sachs, physician query response rates are monitored and reported; the 2014 goal is 95%. Another metric tracked is query agreement rate, currently at 97%.


Find out your query rate

Flu Vaccination for Patients & Staff Flu

When to start vaccinating patients
All patients in clinics & in hospital should be vaccinated.
Employee Vaccinations (required) View policy
Vaccine will be available to staff on the following schedule:  
Daily: ED & CPC (ART) 4am-7am
Daily: EHS 7:30am - 3:30pm 
Oct 30, 11am-1pm CH Lobby
Nov 6, 11am-1pm CH Lobby
Nov 13, 11am-1pm CH Lobby
Nov 20, 11am-1pm CH Lobby
Dec 4, 11am-1pm CH Lobby
Department Sign Out Schedule
Department/Manager Distribution (EHS):
Oct 28, 2-3pm  
Nov 14, 2-3pm

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