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Discharge Orders


In June 2013, the hospital instituted CPOE discharge orders for adult discharges (non-psychiatric, non-pediatric) to improve discharge efficiency and to improve the likelihood of an electronic "stamp" of physician discharge times. Currently there is significant variability among the different services on the use of these CPOE discharge orders (view data). All adult (non-psych) discharges should have an CPOE discharge order ("physician discharge order set"). We will continue to monitor and feedback this data by service until we reach our goal. 

Physician of the Month


Congratulations Dr. Matthew Zachary of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine - August 2013 Physician of the Month!




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Care Continuum Considerations:

SMART Discharges 


Discharge planning starts at admission and is the responsibility of every person on a treatment team. The patient and their caregivers should be treated as part of the team, and given the skills to empower successful, sustainable discharges. 

Tips for SMART discharges.

Meducare Recieves CAMTS Accreditation


Congratulations to Meducare helicopter, Pediatric Team, and Communications Center for receiving full CAMTS accreditation!




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October 4, 2013

Task Force Reports

Dear MUSC Medical Staff,Dr. Cawley  


Several months ago as I assumed the leadership of the medical center, I asked for the development of several task forces to examine several areas of the medical center that I felt needed an assessment for potential new direction or strategies. Each task force was asked to develop recommendations for review by the medical center senior leadership.


Medical Center Diversity

Task Force Leaders: Joan Herbert and Dave Neff

Diversity Task Force Report

Diversity amongst the MUSC Medial Center employee and management team is important as both a business necessity, as well as promoting positive change in the community by serving as a model environment for diversity and inclusion. Tactics to improve medical center diversity will vary from the university and therefore, a separate medical center strategic and operational plan will be developed. Medical center diversity should focus on:

  1. Employee and management team
  2. Vendors to the medical center
  3. Our approach in working with patients from diverse backgrounds


Task Force Leaders: Danielle Scheurer, MD and Chris Murray

Transparency Task Force Report 

Outcomes transparency is one of the major approaches to improving quality and safety. Over the last 7 years, MUSC Medical Center has progressively increased transparency between providers and patients as well as between providers. We must continue to promote and develop further transparency in health care in order to realize additional gains in quality, productivity, and patient engagement. As South Carolina's only traditional academic medical center, we must serve as a model in not only promoting, but also in developing and implementing outcomes and financial transparency.


Value & Accountability

Task Force Leaders: Bart Sachs, MD, and Chris Rees

Value & Accountability Task Force Report

The MUSC Medical Center leader accountability meetings have served as a good template for improved accountability across the service lines and the major clinical strategic partners. We modified leader accountability (also known as "5/5 meetings") in February 2013 to focus resources on specific areas. The task force will evaluate current leader accountability meetings process and develop recommendations to improve the process with a particular focus on Value (Value = Quality / Cost).


Medical Center Wellness

Task Force Leaders: Susan Johnson and Vicki Marsi

Medical Center Wellness Task Force Report  

MUHA must focus on employee wellness for the following reasons:  

  1. Promote wellness amongst medical center employees in order to optimize employee health and engagement.
  2. Promote positive change in the community by serving as a model environment for employee wellness
  3. Ensure medical center employee wellness efforts are synchronized with overall MUSC efforts.

The task force will recommend strategies to improve each of these requirements.


Strategic Performance Improvement

Task Force Leaders: Bart Sachs, MD, and Jennifer Hooks

Strategic Performance Improvement Task Force Report

Performance improvement (PI) using standard quality improvement methodologies is key to further enhancing productivity and quality. The organization's central performance improvement resources should be geared toward opportunities with the greatest return on investment (ROI). Senior leaders should guide the work of central PI resources. The task force will recommend strategies to enhance our performance improvement deployment.


Quality & Administrative Operations Meeting

Task Force Leaders: Danielle Scheurer, MD, and Marilyn Schaffner, PhD

Quality & Administrative Operations Meeting Task Force Report Hospital Operations Committee (Quality & NonQuality) is the major oversight committee for the medical center. Quality Operations has a formal agenda separated into Events / QMRs / PMRs. PMRs are reviewed and set annually. Hospital Operations does not have a formal agenda but is set weekly by Senior Leadership Committee determination of important items. The task force will develop strategies to strengthen these meetings.


If you have any questions about these reports, please send your feedback to me. I will also share your comments with the task force leaders. I hope to finalize these plans and move to action in the next several weeks.


Thank you for the great care you provide every day!




Patrick J. Cawley, MD
Executive Director/CEO, Medical Center
Vice President for Clinical Operations, University

Our Values (What we stand for)

Integrity, Trust, Respect, Social Responsibility,

Fiscal Responsibility, Cultural Competence, Adaptability, Sustainability 

MUSC Designated as Baby Friendly Hospital


Baby Friendly USA has officially designated MUSC as a Baby Friendly Hospital. At this time only 3% of hospitals in the US are designated as Baby Friendly.

MUSC is the 1st academic medical center in the state of South Carolina to achieve this designation and the 2nd hospital in the greater Charleston Area. MUSC is also the 1st of 89 hospitals that are part of the Best Fed Beginnings Collaborative to be designated as Baby Friendly. 

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