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Core Measure Education Packets

Medicare has had its "Core Measure" program in place for many years, which measures several process and outcome measures of care for common diagnoses and procedures.


As these measures routinely change every year, to keep abreast of all the changes in the program, we have added Core Measure Education packets to the quality website. These educational packets can be found here.


Please review these, especially the newer Core Measure additions, such as several measures around prevention and treatment of VTE (DVTs and PEs).

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Physician of the Month

Congratulations Julio Chalela of Neurosciences - June 2013 Physician of the Month! 


Julio Chalela Physician of the Month


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Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

Formulary Update
The recent action items from the June committee meeting have been posted on the current W3: What, When, and Why of Formulary Medications located on the MUSC Formulary and Drug Information Resources webpage or directly here.

Clinical Connections
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July 3, 2013

Certificate of Need Update

Dear MUSC Medical Staff,Dr. Cawley


I have received a series of questions from medical staff regarding the Certificate of Need program so this email is dedicated to bringing you up to speed on this issue.


Recap: Last week, Governor Haley issued several vetoes including eliminating funding for the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) to operate the Certificate of Need (CON) program. In a vote the following day, the South Carolina House of Representatives did not override this veto. Last Friday, DHEC made an announcement about deciding to suspend the program July 1, despite that the CON process is required by law. Later that afternoon, Representative Brian White, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and Representative Murrell Smith, Chair of the Ways and Means subcommittee responsible for the DHEC budget, released a statement which said it was not their intention to eliminate the CON program. On Monday, DHEC petitioned the state Supreme Court for clarity concerning the future of the agency's process for approving health-care construction and expansions. The South Carolina Hospital Association is one of the respondents in this petition.


MUSC Response: Many of you have asked what this means to MUSC, particularly with abilities to expand certain programs or if there is an impact from other hospitals on MUSC programs. At this point in time, there are more unknowns than knowns. We are in close contact with our CON attorneys as well as the South Carolina Hospital Association. We are weighing our options very carefully and will let you know if there are next steps. If you have specific concerns about a pending MUSC program expansion or a MUSC program's impact by these developments, do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Thank you for the great care you provide every day!




Patrick J. Cawley, MD
Executive Director/CEO, Medical Center
Vice President for Clinical Operations, University


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Kaleidoscope "Go-Live" in Sight


EpicKaleidoscope is Epic's ophthalmology application. Used in conjunction with Ambulatory, Kaleidoscope provides additional features for ophthalmology specialty departments, such as support for procedural-based workflows and subspecialty exam documentation. With Ophthalmology and Storm Eye soon to be on Epic, MUSC is one step closer toward an integrated electronic health record within the organization.

*For those already using Epic, Ophthalmology notes can be found in Chart Review, Notes Section.


Kaleidoscope Overview:

  • Replacement for MedFlow
  • Full ophthalmology functionality
  • Images from ophthalmology testing devices will now be available via PACS - big win!

Kaleidoscope's "go-live" is July 8, 2013! Andrew Eiseman, M.D., and Lynn Perry, M.D., are the physician champions. For more information on Kaleidoscope training and e-learning demos, visit the Epic Enterprise website

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