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M.D. Performance Review
On a bi-annual basis, hospitals must conduct a performance review of all attendings.  This review called OPPE (Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation) is designed to evaluate personal performance on a set of metrics.
Each department at MUSC can choose the metrics that are included in their evaluations, and the data is distributed twice a year (which reflects 6 months worth of data). Most departmental metrics are based on patient outcomes (mortality, length of stay, cost, 30 day readmits, and complications) and patient satisfaction, but some departments have customized their OPPE metrics. 
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Hand Hygiene Awards
Congratulations to the winners for the 1st quarter of CY 2013!
Platinum Level Winner

Hand Hygiene compliance rate of 98.2% - NNICU

Gold Level Winners
Hand hygiene compliance rate of 97% and 97.5%, respectively: 7E and 5SCN
Silver Level Winners
Hand hygiene compliance rates of 90% or higher: 5E, PCICU, PICU, NNICU, STICU, 7E, 7B, 5SCN, 8SCN, CTICU, CCU, A5E, A5W
How is Your Department Performing on Medication Reconciliation? 
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May 2, 2013
Medical Staff Survey

Dear MUSC Medical Staff,Dr. Cawley


It is our mission at Medical University of South Carolina to provide excellence in patient care, teaching and research. As a medical staff member, you play a vital role in helping us fulfill this mission. We would like to ensure that you have the opportunity to provide meaningful input into the Medical Center clinical operations and strategic direction.


We have engaged the national firm, Morehead Associates, to conduct the annual survey of our medical staff this year. The purpose of this survey is to identify medical staff opinions about the ease of practicing, the quality of patient care, your relationship with leaders, and an overall assessment of the Medical University of South Carolina Medical Center.


We do use this survey to enhance satisfaction! As a direct result of last year's survey, we changed numerous processes, and we are moving towards a better understanding of the "clinician as customer."


The survey will only be conducted online. You will soon receive a letter containing the survey link and your PIN number.  To complete the survey, please visit the survey URL (a direct link to the Morehead Web server) and enter your PIN number.


For technical or PIN assistance, feel free to contact the Morehead Associates Help Desk at or 1-800-849-2292 option 1. All responses must be received by May 19.


Survey responses are confidential; no one will see your individual responses.  Data is only presented in the aggregate in the final report. Written comments will be transcribed into a separate and confidential report. All medical staff will receive a summary report and we are firmly committed to following through on the survey results.


If you have questions regarding the survey please contact Dr. Patrick Cawley at (843) 792-4000 or


Thank you for your support of our improvement efforts at the Medical University of South Carolina.




Patrick J. Cawley, MD
Executive Director/CEO, Medical Center and
Vice President for Clinical Operations, University


Our Strategic Intent (A milepost on the way to Vision)

Top 25 among academic medical centers for reputation, quality, service, efficiency and financial performance by 2015


MUSC Health Strategic Plan

CPM to Integrate with Epic CPM Framework


Clinical Practice Model (CPM) is a documentation tool providing clinical content that will be integrated into Epic. If Epic was a book, CPM is the story.


While CPM is primarily used to guide nurses and allied health personnel in their patient care plans, it affects the entire continuum of care.


From a provider perspective, CPM will help MUSC further achieve its organization's goals, including:

  • Maintaining the highest clinical standards possible
  • Reducing variation in care delivery
  • Providing support to point-of-care providers
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Head's Up! 

Based on requirements for Meaningful Use, a drug-drug interaction alert will be initiated in CPOE on Thursday, May 2nd.  The provider will be alerted when there is a drug-drug interaction that is considered contraindicated.  The provider will need to determine if therapy of the agents should continue and respond to the prompts regarding the interaction. 


Detailed information is available in the April edition of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee newsletter.

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