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2 May 2016 - Issue 4
Feature Story: The Many Ways to Ensure Inclusive Green Growth in Africa
UNECA has published two policy briefs as part of a series drawn from the fifth edition of the Sustainable Development Report on Africa. The report 'Achieving Sustainable Development in Africa Through Inclusive Green Growth' was produced jointly by UNECA, FAO, UNIDO and UNDP.

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UNECA also released four stand-alone policy briefs based on UNECA priority topics, including: structural transformation; enablers to facilitate a smooth green economy transition; methodologies and tools to support green economy integrated policy-making; and water resource management in the Lake Victoria Basin.

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New Research
Understanding the Ocean Economy

The OECD report, 'The Ocean Economy in 2030', explores the growth prospects for the ocean economy, its capacity for future employment creation and innovation, and its role in addressing global challenges. Special attention is devoted to the emerging ocean-based industries in light of their high growth and innovation potential, and contribution to addressing challenges such as energy security, environmental sustainability, climate change and food security
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Investing in Technology That Can Withstand the Impacts of Climate Change

The World Bank paper, 'Economic Structural Change as an Option for Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change', examines ways to improve the resilience of the economy in the face of uncertain climate change damages through investments to scale up new technologies that are less vulnerable to climate change impacts. This paper suggests that this needs to be balanced against the upfront cost of scaling up a technology that is potentially less productive than incumbent technologies. The paper uses a real options approach to investigate this trade-off.

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Greening Jamaica's Economy

UNEP has published the 'Green Economy: Scoping Study for Jamaica' which identifies and assesses key opportunities for greening the country's economy as a way to advance sustainable development. The study focuses on five key economic sectors: energy, agriculture, construction, water and sewerage, and tourism. Based on a qualitative assessment of challenges and opportunities in the country, it proposes key policy and programme interventions that can advance a green economy.
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Why We Do the Things We Do? Strategies for Influencing Behaviour

The German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) has released the briefing paper, 'Behaviour Matters: Improving Energy Efficiency in Informal Settlements'. This paper focuses on recent research findings that point to effective means of implementing behavioural insights for energy efficiency in informal settlements. Building upon this analysis, the paper suggests that governments, international organisations, and implementing agencies should encourage the application of potentially low-cost behavioural insights to energy efficiency initiatives in informal settlements to improve intervention efficacy.

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The Ripple Effect: Buying Big & Green in Public Procurement 

The Nordic Council of Ministers has released the report, 'Greening State Framework Contracts - Approaches in the Nordic Countries', which examines how green public procurement has been realised in state framework contracts in the Nordic countries, proposes country-specific ways to improve the situation, and draws a general model of efficient ways to realize green state framework contracts.

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The Green Industrialization of Africa

UNECA has released the paper, 'Greening Africa's Industrialization: Economic Report on Africa'.The paper focuses on the opportunity for Africa to adopt alternative economic pathways to industrialization. The paper suggests that this requires governments to take on-board the drivers, challenges, and trade-offs in pushing for a greening of industrialization, and to build them into the vision and roadmap for action. 

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The GGKP is Looking for a Green Growth Policy Database Consultant, Deadline 9 May

The GGKP is hiring a Green Growth Policy Database Consultant to support the work of the GGKP Research Committee on Trade and Competitiveness by defining the technical requirements for a new database and developing a detailed project proposal.
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