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NY13 Evangelism and Prayer Rally
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Community Outreach Symposium Postponed
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Newsletter #3
Donald G. King, Chair
NY13 Steering Committee

On behalf of the NY13 Steering Committee and all who were involved in the production of the Evangelism and Prayer Rally on September 21-22 at the North Bronx Church, I wish to extend a very heartfelt word of thanks. This includes the musicians, speakers, platform hosts, church staff, prayer intercessors, conference leaders, Hope Channel, Esperanza TV, AUAM TV, Praizevision, and many more. 

We also thank each one of you who came to North Bronx to support this important evangelistic preparatory launch initiative, the multiple thousands who watched the program by satellite or Internet, and those who interfaced with the production staff by Facebook.

Most of all, we thank God for the inspiration and motivation to implement this successful weekend in preparation for the massive outreach to the citizens of Metro New York City. Please continue to pray for the plans and efforts as we seek to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in 2013.

Donald G. King
Chair, NY13 Steering Committee
3 Angels Broadcasting Network Set to Broadcast NY13 Prayer Rally.

NY13 3ABN Prayer Rally
NY13 3ABN Prayer Rally Promo

Broadcast Times:
3 Angels Broadcasting Network will be airing the NY13 Prayer Rally this weekend, October 5 and 6, 2012. 

Broadcast Times for NY13 Satellite Evangelism and Prayer Rally on 3ABN:


Friday, October 5 at 8:00 p.m. - Dr. Carlton Byrd, Speaker/Director, Breath of Life


Saturday, October 6 at 11:00 a.m. - Elder Ted N. C. Wilson, General Conference President


Saturday, October 6 at 10:00 p.m. - Dr. Abraham Jules, Pastor, Mt. Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church


Times Listed in Video are Central Time.  The times listed above are Eastern Standard Time.


3ABN Broadcast News page: Click here
Christ's Method Alone Day

Mark Your Calendars: October 27, 2012, is designated as "Christ's Method Alone Day." Join world church and local leaders as they provide a day of training for our members on effective methods in reaching people with the gospel.

To download the PDF flyer click here. 
NY13 Prayer Rally and Let's Move Day Photo Highlights

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Dr. Carlton Byrd
Friday Night Pictures

Worship Service
Robert Costa
Spanish Program

Dr. Abraham Jules
Sabbath Evening

Community Outreach Development Symposium - POSTPONED

NY13 Communication Chair
Rohann D. Wellington

NY13 - Communication Team
George Johnson, North American Division - Ednor Davison, Atlantic Union - Celeste Ryan-Blyden, Columbia Union - JeNean Johnson, Northeastern Conference - Rohann Wellington, Greater New York Conference - Chair, Frank Tochterman, Southern New England Conference - Robert Booker, Allegheny East Conference - Jim Greene, New Jersey Conference