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Don't let cold weather and central heating turn you into a flaky mess.  Make a few tweaks to your routine and keep skin soft all winter long.


excerpts from article by Erica Metzger

Ladies' Home Journal  

1. Start using a richer face cream. 

Your favorite summer lotion is likely too wimpy now.  Lightweight formulas have a high water content so when it gets cold and dry outside, they evaporate easily and steal some of your natural moisture in the process.  Upgrade to a heavier cream that contains oils, butter or waxes.  Hint:  If it comes in a jar, it is substantial enough.

2.  Take a break from  harsh cleansers.

Products that promise a deep clean usually means they strip oil from your skin.  Face washes that contain benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, and strong detergents are too harsh for now.  An oil-based or creamy cleanser is better.

3.  Stop exfoliating so much.

Exfoliation can backfire in winter if you are too aggressive.  Keep it simple by using a washcloth daily or a mild scrub only once a week.

4. Dial back on wrinkle treatments.

Ease up on antiaging treatment.  Vitamin A creams are the gold standard but they are tough for the skin to handle in the winter.  Use a prescription retinoid only once a week. 

5. Moisturize when your skin is damp.

If you apply body lotion immediately after a shower or bath, you trap moisture into your skin, keeping it hydrated longer.  Serious lotions soothe dry skin with hydrators like petrolatum, dimethicone, or shea butter, plus glycerin or urea, creating a protective seal.



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