Spring 2013 NPS Firefighter Academy
May 2013
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1) Do you know the firefighters who protect your workplace or home? Take the time to find out, spend a minute to say thank you. While you're at it, ask if there's anything you can do to assist them. They may ask you to check your smoke alarms, make sure your address is visible from the street, maybe ask to do a walk-through of your office or shop to help you identify potential fire hazards. And if you have time, we really like cookies!


NPS Fire Facts

Each year the NPS trains approximately 100 firefighters to support the agency's mission. Recruits are required to develop an educational outreach piece to complete their training. Check out what these students have done:


The Structural Fire Program has developed many resources to help you provide an effective fire prevention program in your park.


Visit our website at:

Regional Structural Fire Staff:
Alaska - Alan Wetzel
Intermountain - Todd Neitzel
Midwest - Kip Schwabe
National Capital - Don Boucher
National Capital Fire Prevention Specialist - Raul Castillo
Northeast - Joe Mazzeo
Northeast Fire Prevention Specialist - Donna Baumgaertner
Pacific West - Curtis Troutt
Southeast - Jim King

For more fire prevention resources go to:

Submit ideas and feedback:
International Firefighters Day 
Authors: Eric Anderson, Structural Fire Training Specialist 
and Mark Gorman, Structural Fire Operations Program Manager

This P52 is dedicated to the men and women who put so much of their time and effort, and risk their lives, to take care of us when we are in our greatest need. On May 4 of each year we celebrate those individuals during International Firefighters' Day.


Who are those dedicated individuals that our parks and communities count on when our lives and property are in danger? They are frequently our neighbors, coworkers, friends and maybe even our own family members who have chosen to sacrifice a lot of their time, sweat, and energy to serve as volunteer or paid firefighters. In fact approximately 87% of all fire departments in the United States are either all volunteer or mostly volunteer!


The 401 National Park Service units are no different. We rely on men and women who have full-time jobs and families to volunteer their time to serve as firefighters. Hundreds of NPS, concession and park partner employees hear the calling and join park-operated engine companies or enlist in community departments. For many park employees their primary job is something other than firefighting. Nonetheless, training demands are the same whether you're paid or not.


Employees wishing to respond with a park engine company undergo a comprehensive training program that integrates online activities with two weeks of hands-on training at the National Fire Academy located at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Arizona. The training they receive is internationally accredited, ensuring our firefighters are just as prepared as any department in the nation.

So this week, please take the time to thank those who sacrifice so much so that we can sleep safely at night, knowing that in an emergency there are those among use who are willing to risk everything to help.



Just for You 
Park Structural Fire Coordinators

Four out of the original ten A123 controls targeted firefighter activities. Employees who are compensated by the NPS for time or work as a volunteer firefighter for either local departments, or as part of a park response to structural fire events, must comply with these standards. Identify if these controls impact any of the employees at your park.


Park Leadership

Support your employees who serve NPS engine companies or local fire departments as volunteers. Workplace demands are never ending and it is easy to forget that you may need the service of these volunteers someday. Give them the time needed for training so they are safe and effective firefighters. 


Prevention 52 begins with you!

Prevention 52 intends to educate and empower all NPS employees to help prevent structural fires.

Prevention 52 provides you with relevant fire prevention messages every week of the year - 52 to be exact.

You have the opportunity every week to make a difference. Don't let historic ashes become your legacy.
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