BOXES For Charity

The holiday season is a time for giving, and the team at Ingersoll Paper Box is raising money for the Interchurch Relief Program and The Lunch Bunch Program.


100% of the proceeds will be donated to each program; the money will be used to help families in need within our community and provide much needed relief during the holiday season and throughout the year. 


Christmas Pack - $20

5 large, 5 small

Set of gift tags (20/box)


Christmas Singles

Set of gift tags (20/box) - $5

Large - $3 per box

Small - $2 per box

If you would like to order some gift boxes, please call us at 519-485-1830 or come by the office.

 It's a GREEN Agenda


Ingersoll Paper Box is committed to the environment and offers sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.  


From 100% recycled board, to Green Choice paperboard products - Ingersoll Paper Board is committed to working with vendors and suppliers to ensure that the best 'Green' choice board is always available to our customers.


Our efforts don't stop with paper...we also make our own ink in-house.  Our inks are vegetable based, and are able to produce the exact amount of quantity needed for each order = no waste. We have installed a custom recycle collection system that ensures 100% of our paperboard waste is recycled and does not enter the landfill.  We have our own in-house compactor and bailer - all our waste is sent back to a board mill for reuse.


Our company efforts to "go green" do not stop at recycling.  The factory has a system of timed lights to help conserve energy and a solar hot water system is scheduled to be installed within the next couple of months.  We have a battery-diversion program and employees are encouraged to drop off their used batteries within plant-recycling collection bins. By doing this, we can help reduce one source of highly toxic material in our landfills. Our sales team are equipped with green energy vehicles and our delivery truck is high efficient - and manufactured at a local Hino Facility. 


Ingersoll Paper box is taking our commitment one step further. We have recently implemented our very own "Wings of Paradise" program - we have donated a portion of our land to be cultivated for the growth and development of the local bee pollination, and a milkweed garden was planted for the cultivation and release of monarch butterflies each year.  What we put out into the world is just as important as what take from it. 


For Ingersoll Paper Box Co. Limited, a sustainable agenda is best achieved one small step at a time - no matter how large or small- we can make a difference in improving our environment.


Our Green Agenda Solution is better for our customers, our company and our environment.  It is a win-win solution for everyone...and that is a good thing.


In the Spotlight...10 minutes with our Pre-press Department

Meet Pete and Giustina, team members from our pre-media production department.  In March 2014, Ingersoll Paper Box implemented a full suite of technology to offer in-house premedia production to our customers.  The change has had a positive impact on our company; the move to bring premedia in-house was not so much a quality issue for Ingersoll Paper Box - but of economics and speed.  We are a small run, quick turnaround shop and moving more items in house would speed up our process and offer quicker turn-around time for our customers.  

It was seamless transition to bring the prepress system in-house.  The times are reduced and overall control improved - our new technology (Esko Technology) contains a preflight system that tracks down errors early on in the workflow and makes changes and edits reducing time and costs. 


Pete and Giustina are responsible for preparing the files for the printing press and ensuring everything is "print ready" - from trapping, to stepping and colour separation Pete and Giustina work hard at keeping the process running smooth and efficient. 


They both spend a great deal of time ensuring the files are error free and are available to make any last minute changes to the artwork when the customer requires it. 


Pete Kish has been with IPB for 20 years, and started in the production area.  His passion for the graphic arts has always been on the forefront and his career has come full circle.  When Pete is not working at "the box" you will likely find him spending time with his family, playing sports or working on his airbrushing technique and designing goalie masks for local sport enthusiasts.  



Giustina, is a new member to the IPB team - she has been working with us for 6 months and is a recent graduate of the Graphic Communication Management Program at Ryerson College.  She brings a fresh new perspective to the pre-press team, and loves working on customer files, printing proofs and reviewing colour separations.   While she enjoys reading, bowling and nail art - one thing her and Pete do have in common is their passion for graphic design.


They both agree that IPB offers a unique working culture - and both look forward to many more years here.  Giustina is especially excited to be a part of the always-evolving technology at IPB - "the technology here is great, and I love being a part of the team and learning more about the packaging industry each day". 


It is without a doubt that Ingersoll Paper Box benefits from and in-house premedia production department.  An added benefit is that the entire staff's knowledge about prepress has improved.  We have a better understanding about each file, and can talk to customers and troubleshoot the issue at hand internally and immediately.    There's a lot more 'hands on' with our orders and with that comes better customer service.  From our perspective - that is a good thing and worth talking about.  



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