Our clients want innovative solutions.  Our technology delivers.
The proof is in the package.
Brad Orchard, Sarah Skinner and Jeff Brooks
stand alongside the Inspector MK420Q,
said to be the only one of its kind running  in North America.
Ingersoll Paper Box brings on board a new piece of equipment - the latest in high speed inspection of folding cartons ensuring better quality products. The Masterwork MK420Q Automatic Sheet Inspection Machine gives IPB a new level of competitiveness in the today's market place, offering customers 100% inspection on all products.
The equipment inspects and electronically compares every printed carton to a client approved PDF proof. The high speed inspection camera's detect imperfections on all products whether it is printed, hot foiled or embossed.  The MK420Q it is also fitted for detection of barcodes and security marks on the reverse side of the product.
So what does this mean for IPB and our customers? 
It means that we can offer yet another layer of protection and ensure that all our cartons are 100% inspected.

Key benefits of the MK420Q:

  • 100% inspection on all cartons
  • Detects production errors - whether its printed, hot foiled or embossed
  • Detects paper board imperfections - including hairline blemishes and hickeys
  • Detects barcodes and security marks on the reverse side of cartons
  • Non-destructive routing of faulty boxes
  • Soft touch handling of cartons, process is smooth and seamless

Customer satisfaction and product innovation is the cornerstone to Ingersoll Paper Box, "We have a great team here at the box and everyone works towards the same goal, providing our customers with quality products" Says Jeff Brooks, Operations Manager.  "This investment is exciting on many fronts. From the production team, to the quality department and sales representatives, we are all very pleased to be able to ensure that all our product is 100 percent inspected."  


About Ingersoll Paper Box: 
Ingersoll Paper Box has been producing quality folding cartons since 1922, serving a diverse customer base in the food, retail, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. Over the years, we've earned an enviable reputation for our ability to meet our customers' needs for highly flexible production from a thousand up to a million folding cartons.

Our dedication to continuous improvement allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality folding cartons backed up by exceptional personalized service. This combination of quality and service has helped us to build long term partnerships with many of our customers!


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