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What's New @ The Box

If you haven't already noticed, IPB has launched a new brand.  From new logo development, to business cards and brochures - IPB is pleased to announce our new look as part of an ongoing evolution of its brand.


In addition to a new logo, IPB has created a new website that describes the company's mission and services, it also provides current an future clients with information regarding our leading-edge technology, streamlined processes and quality procedures.


IPB Stays Connected - Besides updating our logo and website, we've expanded our social media coverage to include Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn and YouTube. All in an effort to stay connected with our clients, and prospects.


Be sure to follow us, send us a tweet and watch our videos on our YouTube Channel. We invite you to visit our recently updated web site at regularly for new information, videos and other helpful industry resources.


Twitter: @IngersollPaperB

LinkedIn: Ingersoll Paper Box
YouTube: Ingersoll Paper Box Channel
Blog: Ingersoll Paper Box Blogspot


Send us your feedback, we hope you enjoy reading the articles.
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Braille Camera Inspection for Pharmaceutical Carton Manufacturers

Ingersoll Paper Box Company shares a little about Valco Melton's latest BrailleChek Camera Inspection System and what it has done for them. Offering 100% defect free braille embossed cartons.

Braille Camera Inspection for Pharmaceutical Carton Manufacturers by Valco Melton
Braille Camera Inspection for Pharmaceutical Carton Manufacturers by Valco Melton

Did You Know?

IPB delivers accurate inspection and quality checks on all orders.


Efficient proofreading in the pharmaceutical sector is of huge importance, and we understand this. IPB provides accurate inspection on both hard copies and digital files using Global Vision's Scan TVS system, a leading scanner-based artwork comparator that eliminates packaging errors.   Its comprehensive print inspection system verifies the print integrity and all components. 


A major source of pharmaceutical product recalls is copy related errors on cartons, labels or inserts.  In fact, over 51% of all product recalls in a six month period were the result of mislabeling according to statistics. The accuracy of printed materials is key to the success of a pharmaceutical company. Imagine the severity of a decimal point accidentally moving from a .20 mg to a 2.0 mg?


All of our customers benefit from the implementation of our stringent procedures.  From healthcare, to consumer to food and beverage, every job is evaluated and checked with the highest level of inspection procedures.


As an order proceeds through production, there are many quality checks points and procedures in place where we analyze the sample press sheet or digital copy and compare it to the approved client proof.  If anything is found at this stage, it can be corrected before final printing commences - reducing time and money on re-orders and re-works.  This process enables us to ensure no printing imperfections will impact your carton.


There is a lot to be said for the proofing team at IPB, and our commitment to always innovate and implement the latest technology available in our industry.  Our clients want innovated solutions.  Our technology delivers.  The proof is in the package

In the Spotlight....10 minutes with Melissa Crawford

Ingersoll Paper Box - Melissa CrawfordWelcome aboard! Our newest team member at Ingersoll Paper Box is Melissa Crawford - joining our CSR team in June 2012.


Melissa is a key contributor to the success of our CSR team. From coordinating sample requests and quotes, to assisting our sales team - her day is spent ensuring the needs of the team and customers are met.  

With a background in Architecture Millwork, Melissa brings a unique perspective to the table. Formerly an Operations Manager for woodworking and metal retail store fixtures with Storeimage, she understands the need for attention to detail when working design.


Melissa's talents extend beyond Customer Service - she is also a skilled woodworker herself and when she is not working at IPB, she spends her spare time crafting the next masterpiece - From kitchen cabinets, to custom built-ins, to bathroom vanities - Melissa is truly a "Jill of all Trades".


Her appreciation for structural design, and architecture started at an early age and she admires the work and talent of Antoni Giaudi, the most internationally prestigious figure in Spanish architecture. Known for sensuous, curving, almost surreal design style, he established himself as the innovative leader of the Spanish Art Nouveau movement. It is his vision and work that sets him apart all others - "He was ahead of his time."


Melissa considers herself an optimist; she maintains a positive outlook on life, and always looks forward to the challenges ahead. "The people are friendly here and very down to earth" - She looks forward to the continued success of her role at IPB and working with team.


Quick Fun Facts:

Home Town: Beachville

Dreamtown: Liverpool - Because I Iove the architecture and history the city offers 

Favourite Music: Rock

Favourite Movie: Good Fellas 

Favourite Book: The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe

Favourite Season: Summer 

Beer or Wine: Wine

My Biggest Fear: Mice, Spiders, Snakes...the usual scary stuff 

Favorite Vehicle: Nissan 370Z

Motto or Personal Mantra: Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Dream for tomorrow.


Living in  Red, White and Silver

    Women's eight Rowing WinA message from Darcy's Diary - August 6, 2012 7:37 AM


It's now been 2 and a half days since our epic race on Thursday and I now have a chance to sit down to a computer. Thanks to all those who have sent messages - I am overwhelmed by the kind notes!


A whirlwind of emotion and activity ensued after our race. And it was a great race! We had a solid start (the Americans did have a better one) and we found our "sweet spot" pacing rhythm going into the 2nd 500m. I think we were able to lift and sprint as well as we did due to the efficiency of this middle 1000m rhythm. I never had any doubt that we would hold off the Dutch, and when Lesley made our move call with about 800m to go we just kept charging to the line... I knew we were moving back on the U.S. from the feedback Lesley was giving us and the power behind me was incredible! We said before the race that we were the best prepared as individuals and as a crew to have the race of our lives and I'm proud to say we did it on the day. We left no stone un-turned in training and we had no ounce of energy left to give on the race course... 3 Olympic Games, countless hours of training and we got our Olympic medal! Whew. Relief and happiness were probably the most evident emotions I felt immediately after the race (that and a lot of pain in my legs and lungs).


What I wasn't prepared for (what none of us were prepared for) were the flood of emotions that came on the podium dock when we saw our families waving and cheering from the stands. These are the people who believed in us throughout, and for me personally, to have supported me through two 4th places, and to now finally have my hardware; it was an emotional time indeed.


The following hours were spent fulfilling media requests (some of you may have caught the CTV interviews), visiting with my family and fiancÚ, Richard, and ultimately crashing into bed around 1am with my mind buzzing. What a feeling!


Now we get to enjoy the rest of the Games, take in some sights, party like a rock star, and just enjoy the moments. We are moving into the Athletes' Village tomorrow where we will be staying until the Closing Ceremonies. Richard and I will be taking a much needed vacation to Spain and France afterwards before we fly back to London, ON, pack up our stuff and start the move out west. We are planning to drive across the country seeing as many friends and relatives along the way, with whom I'm really looking forward to re-connecting with.


Thanks again and Cheers,


Ingersoll Paper Box Cares



The holiday season is a time for giving, and the team at Ingersoll Paper Box has raised money for the InterChurch Christmas Relief and The Lunch Bunch Program. 

$2,000 was donated to each program, the money will be used to help families in need within our community and provide much needed relief during the holiday season. 
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Wishing you happiness this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.
From our family to yours,
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