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Corrugated Boxes Available at IPB

After 90 years in the folding carton business, Ingersoll Paper Box now manufactures corrugated cartons.


In the fall of 2011, IPB began manufacturing our own corrugated cartons for our own shipping purposes. After a number of inquiries and positive feedback, we have decided to extend this service to our folding carton customers.


With continuous improvements, our corrugated cartons service offers you:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Small volume orders with no minimum required
  • Reduction of raw material inventory
  • Increased precision and flexibility: we manufacture the exact size and quantity you need.


If you are looking for small volume (less than 200) custom corrugated cartons, please contact your IPB sales rep.

Interphex 2012 Wrap Up

Interphex2012Interphex is the world's most trusted forum for leading-edge technology, education, and sourcing of products and services that improve the manufacturing and supply chain performance for pharmaceutical, biologic, generic and service professionals. The event is the industry's largest and more than 11,000 professionals from 49 states and 48 countries attended.  


On the show floor there were more than 650 suppliers and 1,000 product lines with nearly 100 new products and services were announced, including the new IPB in-Line Braille embossed folding cartons.


This was our first year exhibiting at Interphex, and although weIn_Line_Braille have attended the show in the past, we have not exhibited in and showcased our work before in such format. It was a rewarding experience, people came looking for us, and wanted to learn more about our use of Braille on folding cartons and we gained a better understanding on what companies are looking for and how we would be able to help. What impressed people the most was that the BraillCheck System has the ability to identify and eject defective cartons at production speed. The AccuBraille takes less time to set up and has lower tooling costs than traditional methods of Braille embossing. The In-line Braille System also delivers 100% defect free cartons, which is not possible with traditional methods. Ingersoll Paper Box has targeted key pieces of equipment to serve the pharmaceutical market. We're always upgrading and bringing in new equipment and technology. Our clients want innovative solutions, our technology delivers.


Interphex 2012 was successful event for all who attended, companies cite this years as "one of the best" and "productive". The feedback we received at the show was promising and very encouraging...and we plan to showcase our products again at the 2013 show. We look forward the next year, and can't wait to share our latest innovations.

A Message from Darcy's Diary - Ready...Set...Go!

  Darcy Marquardt 

Sunday, July 29, 2012
I am so lucky to have my entire family here in London (including my fiance and his parents for the Final) and to have all of you cheering from afar.

You can follow me (Darcy Marquardt) on Twitter @Darcyrows

We had a great day on the race course today. I was nervous beforehand but I think it was more excitement than actual nerves. We were ready to stamp a Canadian authority on the course. After a decent start, we got into our powerful rhythm that carried us through the middle of the race. I felt a sense of calm and confidence from the strength of the crew behind me and I just gelled into Andreanne's pacing in front of me... Sounds easy enough, right?! Well, it's actually all the last few years of training that have been building to these moments and show me that we know how to make our boat go fast.

I am excited for the Final on Aug. 2nd (around 12:30, UK so 7:30EST and 4:30PST) but over the next few days we will focus in on finding those last few inches we'll need that will make the difference in that race for medals. An Olympic Final is not something to be taken lightly, but Iike I said we are ready and keeping our eyes on the prize.

Thanks again for your fast vibes... do send them again on Thursday!
Saying Goodbye to Winona Neave


As the end of summer approaches, and the start of a new school year begins. The family at IPB will be saying to goodbye Winona Neave. For 20 years Winona Neave has been at the hub of IPB, leading the customer service team and keeping customers happy.


Winona is embarking on a new adventure, and is moving north in attempts to achieve a partially off grid, sustainable and self sufficient lifestyle with her husband Brian. They have acquired and plan to live on 70 Acres of land just north of Bancroft, Ontario.


Winona and her husband want a "slowed down pace of life with less stress." They are seeking a sense of peace that only few of us can dream of. Living both on and off the grid, Winona and her husband will build their new home as environmental friendly as possible, using the natural resources available to them. From capturing rain water and holding it in cisterns to having an extensive greenhouse to grow was much of their own food as possible.


Sustainable living is defined as..."a lifestyle that can be sustained without exhausting natural resources..." That is: living simply and efficiently and making everything we do or use go as far as possible and achieve as much for us as possible! Self sufficiency is simply providing much of your own needs - is an important strategy to achieve this lifestyle.


Her husband, Brian is an avid hunter and fisherman and Winona will be working on growing and preserving their fresh fruits and vegetables.   When asked what she looks forward to the most, she smiles and says "making the best cup of coffee each morning and sipping it while sitting in a tree stand and observing nature, taking long walks in woods, going fishing and cross country skiing in the winter with my husband."


Once the home is built and everyone is settled, Winona plans to stay connected within the Bancroft community, working part-time and volunteering at the local hospital and nursing homes.

We wish Winona the very best in her future endeavors, her presence and energy will be missed by everyone at IPB. We plan to keep in touch with Winona and can't wait to hear all about her adventures up north.


From our family to yours, it's not goodbye @'s "see you later".


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From our family to yours,
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