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Convocation 2013
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Department of Biological Sciences

2013 Convocation Ceremony

Friday May 24, 2013


The Convocation ceremony for the Department of Biological Sciences was held on Friday, May 24, 2013. 
The Distinguished Alumnus Address was given by Dr. David H. Haley DPM, FACFAS, Foot Care Group, P.A., Podiatric Surgery & Sports Medicine, Wilmington, Delaware. 
Biology Sign 
  Graduation Image   
Convocation 2013

Department of Biological Sciences

Class of 2013

  Congratulations & Best Wishes
to all the 2013 Graduates!





Convocation 2013 Spkr
Dr. David Smith and Dr. David Haley, Distinguished Alumnus Speaker for the Department of Biological Sciences 2013 Convocation.





Cooper and Undergrads
Dr. Carlton Cooper congratulating 2013 Graduates






Convocation 2013
Dr. Diane Herson & Mollee Crampton




Convocation 2013
David Wu with his parents.




Convocation 2013
(Pictured L to R:)  Fahmy Mamuya, Dr. Melinda Duncan, and David Scheiblin




Convocation 2013
(Pictured L to R:) Mollee Crampton, Kaitlin Read (Censky), Anne Terrell and Deborah Yannessa


Convocation 2013
Vandhana Reddy and Dr. Deni Galileo
Convocation 2013
Kahina Ghanem and Dr. Gary Laverty
Convocation 2013
(Pictured L to R:)  Natalie Stevenson, Allison McCague and Elizabeth Hetterly



Convocation 2013
(Pictured L to R:)  Tim Smith, 2nd Lieutenant Paul Sisson, and Audrey White
Paynter Award
(Pictued L to R:) Paynter Memorial Award Winners - Kelsey McGlade and Torey Roesch



Convocation 2013 Spkr
(Pictured L to R:)   Dr. Randy Duncan, Dr. David Smith, Dr. David Haley,
Dr. Kenneth vanGolen and Dr. Patricia Walsh


Convocation 2013
Dr. David Smith presenting the Academic Excellence Award to Kevin Michael Rowley.




Ester Ayetta and Family
Dr. Carlton Cooper shares congratulations with Ester Ayetta and her parents.





Convocation 2013
Andrew Gladle gives the thumbs up sign on being a 2013 graduate!




Convocation 2013
Students lining up for the start of the 2013 Convocation Ceremony.




Convocation 2013
Dr. David Smith presenting the Undergraduate Research
Award to Elizabeth Hetterly.




Hooding 2013

Biological Sciences 2013 Hooding Ceremony 

(Pictured Front Row L to R:)  David Wu and Brian Whitaker

(Back Row L to R:)  Mohab Al-Hinai, , Sharmila Chatterjee, Erica Dashner, Madhura Joglekar, Keith Jansson, Fahmy Mamuya, David Scheiblin, and Matthew Weitzman 

Missing from Photo:   Justin David, Jody Greaney, Mehrnoosh Soori




Convocation 2013
Dr. Robert Mason and Mehrnoosh Soori



Convocation 2013
Faculty awaiting the start of Convocation











Alumni Weekend 2013


The Department of Biological Sciences hosted its 3rd Annual Biological Sciences Showcase during UD Alumni Weekend on Saturday, June 1, 2013 in Wolf Hall.    




Wolf Hall decorated for Alumni Weekend's Biological Sciences Showcase which was held on Saturday, June 1, 2013.





Alumni Weekend 2013
Dr. Deni Galileo and Dr. Carlton Cooper awaiting the arrival of alumni attending the 2013 Biological Sciences Showcase.




Wagner Boord 2013
Dr. Roger Wagner on the far right, Dr. Robert Boord and Dr. Gary Laverty await visitors to the Biological Sciences Showcase - Alumni Weekend Event.



Ian Stewart Display 2013
Dr. Ian Stewart setting up a display for the 2013 Biological Sciences Showcase.



Spkr Wagner 2013
Dr. Roger Wagner presents "Imaging Biology" in Wolf 100.




Stepicheva Display 2013
Graduate Student Nadezda Stepicheva showing sea urchins to Showcase visitors.



Hong Laverty 2013
(Pictured L to R:) Dr. Seung Hong, alumnus Dr. Ranjan Mukherjee, and Dr. Gary Laverty spend time catching up.




Display 2013
An interactive display set up in Wolf 119



Visitor Photo 2013
Research posters were displayed in Wolf.








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Pamela Vari 

Department of Biological Sciences