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Biological Sciences Department

 2012 Year In Review

 Here are some highlights . . . .




Dr. Randy Duncan presenting John Acuff with well wishes on his retirement after almost 20 years of service. 
































John and Sherry Acuff





























Grad Recruitment Weekend - March 15, 2012
(Pictured L to R) - Thomas Carr, Amanda Fisher, Anne Terrell, Carrie Barnum




Grad Recruitment Weekend 2012
2012 Grad Recruitment Weekend































2012 Clark Lecturer -

Dr. John D. Gearhart






University of Delaware undergraduates receiving the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's 2012 Outstanding Northeast Regional Undergraduate Affiliate Award - April 22, 2012.


(Pictured L to R) Soma Jobbagy, Lauren Gurski, Adam Reese, Ramkrishal Patel, Alex D'Angelo, Frank Shen, Dylan Lowe, Sarah Stamm, Chris Wright, Lyana Labrada, Mike Brister, Alicia Liu, Victoria Roop, Ashley Shay, Hamza Bhatti, Hal White (Advisor), Allison McCague, and Tim Gilpatrick. 


(Not Pictured:  Undergraduate Erica Boetefuer, Advisors: Seung Hong, Dr. Gary Laverty, Dr. David Usher, and Dr. Erica Selva).






Allison McCague presenting her poster at the ASBMB Poster Competition.

































Alex D'Angelo presenting his poster at ASBMB Poster Competition.
































Adam Reese presenting his poster at the ASBMB Poster Competition.






Lyana Labrada presenting her poster at the ASBMB Poster Competition.
































On May 5, 2012, 12 Biological Sciences Seniors were inducted

 into Phi Beta Kappa.


(Pictured L to R)  Victoria Winslow, Kristen Mintzer, Sarah Stamm, Daniel Grove, Jie Ge, John Beallias, and Dylan Lowe  


(Not Pictured: Erin Aho, Jacob Anderson, Rebecca Moran, Lauren Thompson, and James Wiles)







Dr. Randy Duncan, Chair of Biological Sciences, Dr. Diane DiEuliis, Distinguished Alumna Speaker, and Dr. Roger Wagner,

Professor Emeritus - Convocation - May 25, 2012.








Congratulations & Best Wishes to the Graduates of 2012!




Banner on Wolf Hall announcing the

Biological Sciences Showcase  Alumni Weekend - June, 2012 





Alumni, family and friends enjoying one of the activities at the Biological Sciences Showcase.

































Biology alumnus Leighton P. Everheart, Jr. finds his M.S. thesis from 1966.













Dr. Ian Stewart checking bluebird nesting boxes in Greenville, DE as part of research he is conducting with Dr. Michael Moore.







Nesting Bluebirds
































Bald Eagle Photo
Bald Eagle photographed by BISC312 students at Bombay Hook, Fall 2012.   







 BISC312 student preparing to weigh a striped bass.









University of Delaware had 22 participants in the

 UMBC Undergraduate Research Symposium that was

held on October 20, 2012.


(Pictured L to R) Monic Pirigyi, Helen Schmidt, Kara Martin,

Kathryn Hopkins, Cullen Worsh, Mike Estephan, Kathleen Seip,

Kahina Ghanem, Christine Dang, Anne Sanger, David Matera,

Chenxi Huang, Doug Kenny, Rebecca Gripp, Megan Dumas,

Justin Teesdale, Allison McCague, Seth Ritter, Anna Walter,

 Kevin Chang, Zach March, and Michelle Francis








2012 Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) October Pumpkin Carving Event






Halloween 2012 - Workstudy student's Robert Iannaccone and Paul Sisson came Trick or Treating!








Dr. Carlton Cooper (Pictured Right) with his former MS advisor, Dr. David Cooke at the 2012 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) which was held in November. 





Grad Student Fahmy Mamuya representing UD at ABCRMS.




Grad Student Jean-Bernard Lubin at the UD booth at ABRCMS.































Dr. Kenneth vanGolen and Dr. Massimo Cristofanilli, Conference Co-Directors at the Third Annual International Inflammatory Breast Cancer Conference that was held on December 1-2, 2012.





Dr. Kenneth vanGolen and Grad Student Madhura Joglekar speaking at the Third Annual International Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Conference.






Dr. Salil Lachke and his lab enjoying a lunch out.







Biological Sciences 2012 Christmas Party -

Dr. Florence Schmeig and Dr. Robert Hodson
































Biological Sciences 2012 Christmas Party -

Ben & Shawn Rohe







Biological Sciences 2012 Christmas Party -

(Pictured L to R) Grad Students Fahmy Mamuya and Justin David

with Dr. Melinda Duncan






























BIological Sciences 2012 Christmas Party - Grad Students

Brandy (Haines) Menges, Miho Maeda and Priyanka Dhanan









Biological Sciences 2012 Christmas Party - Dancing the night away!






Biological Sciences 2012 Christmas Party - Grad Students

(Pictured L to R) - Kerri Guth, Deborah Yannessa, Wachen Peters,

and Kaitlin (Censky) Reed.







Biological Sciences Office Staff enjoying an evening of caroling at the Christiana Hospital on December 10, 2012.








Happy 2013!!

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