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August 2014 



It's back to school time and a few basic safety reminders for parents and kids are included in this month's feature article below. 

Dr. Adler was recently awarded a Fellowship from the IACA (International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics). We've included a couple pictures in our second newsletter feature.

Our special offer for Invisalign "invisible braces" teeth straightening continues through September. If you have an interest in improving your smile with Invisalign please see the offer below and contact us soon for more information. 


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Back to School Safety Tips 
for Kids & Grownups 
School Kids

Here are some helpful tips for both younger children and older kids, as well as some good, timely reminders for parents!


1. By Kindergarten, kids should know your cell phone number. You can also put an I.D. card into their backpack with pertinent contact information, and let them know exactly where it is in case they need it.

2. Go over exactly who is allowed to pick them up from school... and keep the list short so it's not confusing. Review every day as part of your drop-off ritual, especially if there are different people picking up on different days. For example, "Don't forget Grandma is picking you up today."

3. Create an "Ultimate Safe Grownup" list of who else is allowed to pick them up in an emergency. Limit to 3 safe adults... i.e. grandma, Auntie Sue, one or two of their friends' moms.

4. Tell your children you would NEVER send someone they don't know to pick them up. If someone else tries, they should immediately go find a teacher or another parent with kids and ask for help.

5. Do not rely on a family password or codeword until your children are at least 8 or 9 years old. Younger children cannot be relied on to remember the password or to ask for it, if someone else tries to pick them up.

6. Be ON TIME/EARLY at pick-up time. Tell your child exactly WHERE your pick up spot is to avoid them wandering. And remind them to NEVER leave the school grounds to go looking for you.

7. Do not put your child's name on the outside of their belongings. If you must label, use initials or put their name on the inside of the clothing, jackets, backpack, etc.


1. There's no "right" age for when kids can walk or bike to school on their own. Consider the maturity level of your own child. Can they be trusted to cross streets safely? Would they know what to do if a car pulled over and tried to engage them in conversation? Or if an older child tried to bully them?

2. Kids should USE the buddy system. It's more fun and a lot safer.

3. If your child walks to school on their own, plan out the route ahead of time and practice it with them a few times first. Always stick to the route. No short cuts.

4. Identify some "safe-stops" along the way. A convenience store, business, or friend's home along the way where they can run to if they need help.

5. NO distractions. Kids shouldn't walk to school wearing headphones, playing games, etc. Teach them the importance of always being aware of their surroundings.

6. Check your state's Megan's Law website to see if there are any registered sex offenders living on your route or in the area.

7. Use your "safe-smarts": No accepting rides, candy, gifts or other items from people they don't know - NO MATTER WHAT THAT PERSON TELLS THEM.

8. Safe Grownups Don't Ask Kids For Help - Kids don't have to "assist" strangers who need directions, help finding a lost pet, or any other kind of assistance.

9. Check First: Never accept a ride or go somewhere (even with someone they know!), without checking in with you or another safe grownup first.

10. Review personal safety concepts with plain, common sense language - not fear tactics. Kids will "tune us out" when they think we are overprotective or harping on this subject. Let them know that you value their sense of independence and just want to be sure they're clear on the "dos & don'ts".


Remind your child to trust their instincts: that "uh-oh" feeling. If anyone EVER makes them feel uncomfortable, they need to get away from that person and tell you as soon as possible.

No secrets from Mom or Dad... especially if it makes you feel "weird" or yucky.

Kids are allowed to say NO to anyone, even a grownup, a teacher, sports coach, etc. if they're asked to do something that makes them feel yucky, scared, or uncomfortable. If someone says "Don't tell" ... TELL.


Remember, the world is still a safe place and most people that our children interact with are not dangerous or waiting to hurt them when we're not looking. Teach safety skills in an easy-going, non fearful manner - just like you'd teach any other life skills. A little common sense goes a long way.


Article Source: Pattie Fitzgerald;

Pattie Fitzgerald, founder of Safely Ever After, Inc., is a certified child predator safety educator.

The views expressed in this article are provided for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the views of Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry or BCAD. 

Dr. Adler Awarded IACA Fellowship


Dr. Adler was awarded a Fellowship from the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics at their July 2014 conference at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas. 


The International  Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics is an organizational meeting that strives for dental excellence rooted in higher education via a variety of lectures, panel discussions, and workshops for both professionals and team members.






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