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February 2014 


Apple's iPad is one of the most popular (and useful) electronic gadgets around. This month we call attention to one tech writer's list of some of the top apps to consider. 


Dr. Cherie Brown is our in-office periodontist. Her brief video introduction to periodontics below offers some insight into this interesting area of dental specialization.


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7 iPad Apps That Will Blow Your Mind   



Technology is really dynamic and limitless as evidenced by the many software programs that are released to the market every day. iPad Apps continue to be the most popular application category in the world today. They add value to our lives by improving the manner in which we carry out various day to day activities. Research shows that most of them have already hit the 1 million unit sales target.


For today, we will look at some of the best iPad apps available in the market.  


1) Quick Office Pro HD: As the name suggests, this is a unique application that enables business entrepreneurs as well as employees to carry out various work related tasks from anywhere in the world. It is possible to create or edit spreadsheets, PDF files, Microsoft Office documents as well as PowerPoint Presentations. It comes with a multi-edit tool that eases the process of editing text or inputting new information in existing documents. In addition, you can use it to save and retrieve files from a cloud at any time as long as it is connected to the internet. Other applications that are compatible with this app include Google Docs, Dropbox and Box Net.  


2) Evernote: This is one of the free iPad apps available to all users across the globe. It is a must have app if you have daily busy schedules. It will help you create-to-do lists, capture photos and write down short notes when you attend meetings as well as record voice reminders. By downloading and installing this app, you will never miss an appointment again. It is compatible with other applications such as Penultimate.  


3) Mint: To achieve your goals in life, you need to have financial intelligence. Mint is a genius application that helps you monitor your expenditures and make informed financial decisions. It accurately categorizes your transactions or expenses based on your location and displays them as a chart or list depending on your preference. You do not have to worry about your privacy since your account is protected by a 4 digit pin of your choice.  


4) Pulse: This is another free iPad app that helps you get news updates from various websites or blogs in real time. Its gives you the choice to choose websites or blogs that you would like to receive news feeds from. In an effort to ensure that you derive maximum utility from it, the programmers have designed a very interactive interface. For example, you can save some of the content for future reference or offline reading as well as share it with your friends through various social media platforms or email.  


5) Netflix app: This is one of the most popular iPad apps among people that love watching thriller movies or reality TV shows. Netflix will enable you to watch all sorts of captivating media shows while on the go. In addition, you will get unlimited access to Sitcoms and other amazing content that is hard to find on any other platform.  


6) Amazon Kindle app: Research shows that Amazon has over 900,000 Kindle books. Amazon Kindle app for iPads is tailored to help you read these books from the comfort of your home or office. In addition, using this iPad app, you will be able to look for word definitions without having to close the book. You can also email documents such as PDF files to an email address by just clicking on an icon. It is also possible to alter the Kindle book's margin, font size and background color. All these features help you to gather as much information from Kindle Books as possible.  


7) Snapseed: This is another great app that is actually free. It is designed to help you customize your pictures with a single tap. Some of the aspects that you can change include contrast, brightness, ambience and the list is endless. You can also cut to the chase by using the selective adjustment feature that automatically identifies parts that need to be edited. All icons are clearly demarcated on its user friendly interface.


Be sure to read the guidelines provided by the developers in order to operate them correctly. Installing iPad apps is one of the sure ways of enhancing functionality of your gadget.  



Article Source: Brenton Lindo; Ezinearticles.comIf you're looking for some great free apps to complement your new iPad, check out the apptizian website, for the most complete, up to date list of free iPad apps on the market


The views expressed in this article are provided for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the views of Adler Cosmetic & Family Dentistry or BCAD.

Dr. Cherie Brown:
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