August 27, 201512 Elul 5775
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High Holiday Set up:  Sunday, September 13th, 2 p.m., Covenant Baptist Church

Please e-mail John Marcotte if you are able to assist.  Total time commitment is approximately 45 minutes.  Thank you in advance for helping transform our holy space.

Member Tickets

Member tickets were mailed last week.  If you did not receive your packet, please contact the synagogue office.

Guest Tickets

Guest tickets which have already been ordered for High Holiday Services should arrive in the mail this week. Additional Ttkets may still be ordered through the synagogue office. For order form, please click here.  Please place order by August 31st to allow time for processing.


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH, Congregation Beth Shalom

9:30 Maariv and Havdallah

10 p.m. Movie:  The Walk  

11 p.m.  Selichot    Click here for downloadable flyer.

Lulav and Etrog

Lulav and Etrog Order Forms: Click here to download and print form.  ORDERS DUE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH.

Rachel Kapen
Commemorating the40th Yahrtzeit of her father, Yosef Garber and the 90 Years anniversary of his Aliyah
Following Parashat Ki Tetze of the previous week, parashat Ki Tavo meaning: As you come (to the land), is also in the singular underscoring the fact that the words are directed to each and every one of the people personally.
In its first part, the parasha recounts the mitzvah of Bikkurim- first fruits which are to be gathered and presented to the kohen in the Beit HaMikdash. However, these aren't supposed to be the first of any fruits, only the ones among the Shivat HaMinim, the Seven Species which typifies the best fruits of Eretz Israel, namely: wheat, barley, vines, figs, pomegranates, olives, and date-honey.
In the Mishnah there is a beautiful description of the Bikkurim Procession heading for Jerusalem;
'They, that were near to Jerusalem, brought fresh figs and grapes, and they, that were far off Jerusalem, brought dried figs and raisins. Before them went an ox, having his horns overlaid with gold and a wreath of olive leaves on its head. The flute was played before them until they drew near to Yerushalayim. when they drew near to Yerushalayim, they sent messengers before them and bedecked their baskets with their first fruits...
Another quite important topic Ki Tavo covers is the one of Ma'aser or Tithe, the apportioning of one tenth of the yield to the Levi'im. There were a few types of the Ma'aser: Ma'aser Rishon, the first ma'aser,was used for the maintenance of the Leviim, the Levites, who did not receive their own plots of land like the rest of Bnai Israel did, Ma'aser Sheni, the Second Ma'aser, had to be taken to Jerusalem by the owner and consumed there by him and his family, or redeem it and use the proceeds there. However, in the third and sixth year of the Shmitah- the seventh year when the land is prohibited from being worked on, this ma'aser was fully dedicated to the poor, the orphan, and the widow. it was appropriately also called: Ma'aser Oni (with an ayin not aleph)., the Ma'aser of the Poor.
Yet, despite the fact that the Levi was taken care by the community as a whole, he too had his own responsibilities towards the others. So, from his own ma'aser he had to give a ma'aser to the kohen. share and share alike. 
Judaism always made sure that the poor and the most vulnerable members of society are well taken care of so it enacted special laws to make sure this is done. In later years of our Jewish history it gave birth to special local institutions of the different Jewish communities to help the poor marginalized such as we still have today in America.
Yet, Parashat ki tavo is mostly known for the wonderful blessings and conversely, most awful curses- which traditionally read in a whisper- conditioned on the people's behavior.
Shabbat shalom.
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 
8/27/2015 (12 Elul)
Alex Kuhn
8/28/2015 (13 Elul)
Pearl Leah Naimark
8/30/2015 (15 Elul)
Rabbi Carl L. Manello
9/1/2015 (17 Elul)
Yosef Garber
9/2/2015 (18 Elul)
Leo Orel
9/3/2015 (19 Elul)
Abraham Hurvich
9/5/2015 (21 Elul)
Douglas Cohen, Paula S. Lawson
9/8/2015 (24 Elul)
Lawrence Sklar
9/10/2015 (26 Elul)
Ida Goode, Sophie Blau Konek
9/11/2015 (27 Elul)
Robert Nusholtz
9/13/2015 (29 Elul)
Malkah Muchkies
9/14/2015 (1 Tishrei)
Nathan (Bob) Crone, Tillie Kershenbaum
9/15/2015 (2 Tishrei)
Abraham Lewis
9/17/2015 (4 Tishrei)
Louis Glazier
9/18/2015 (5 Tishrei)
Moishe Haar
9/19/2015 (6 Tishrei)
Paul Feiner
9/21/2015 (8 Tishrei)
Alvin Martin Friedman
9/22/2015 (9 Tishrei)
Sidney Kaye
9/25/2015 (12 Tishrei)
Esther Berkowitz Ellias
9/27/2015 (14 Tishrei)
Irving Morris Wiseman
9/28/2015 (15 Tishrei)
Jerome Burbank, Anita Harris, Ben Kert, Mrs. Sophie Kuhn
To make a donation to commemorate a yahrtzeit, please click here.  If you are a member of the synagogue and a yahrtzeit for your loved one is not on the list, please contact the synagogue office so we can update our records.
   Please click here if you wish to permanently memorialize a loved one by purchasing a yahrtzeit plaque.  
Shabbat Ki Tavo
Friday, August 29th
Shabbat Table
6 p.m., Chapel
Saturday, August 30th
9 a.m., Sanctuary
Kiddush Lunch is sponsored by the following families: Jay and Joanna Abramson, Alissa Citron and Jeff Lupovitch, Susan and David Feber, Cathy and Michael Graub, Jay and Renee Kozlowski, Lori and Matt Orel, Karen and Howard Rosenberg, and Susan Knoppow and David Saperstein.
To help sustain Kiddush Lunch, please consider joining a Kiddush Lunch Bunch group. E-mail Mindy Shuback for more information.  
Donations to the Kiddush Lunch Fund can also be made online or mailed directly to the synagogue. 
7:30 p.m. at the home of Mindy and Fred Shuback.  Please rsvp to Mindy

Jewish Wedding MAZEL TOV
To Loraine and Mark Kuhn on the recent marriage of their son Daniel, to Juliet Feldman.

baby rattle, girl
Mazel Tov
To Karen and Allan Lovinger on the birth of their new granddaughter, Noa Rebecca, in Chicago.
To Nancy Benchell Eisman for a wonderful challah preparation,challah demonstration and hands-on braiding/baking session to get us in the holiday spirit!  Thank you to Nancy and Jeffrey for opening their home to 20+ BI women this past Tuesday evening, and to Cheryl Berlin and Sanda Lada for organizing.

Israel:  The Road Less Traveled, March 21st-April 3rd,
led by Dr. Mitch Parker
Informational Meeting: Wednesday, September 2nd, 8 p.m., at the home of Mitch and Cheryl Parker. Please rsvp to Mitch: if you plan to attend.
Formal youth activities will resume in the fall.
pj library
"PJ OUR WAY," a reading program for youth ages 9-11. 
A unique book club for parents and children which will meet 10/18, 11/15, 1/31, 2/28, and 5/1. Please e-mail Rabbi Robbins if you wish to receive further information about this program.

To stay current on all youth and family activities, contact Ilana Glazier to join the B'nai Israel Families Facebook Group.

flower border
Sisterhood Corner
TOMORROW, August 28th, 10:30 a.m.
Meet at Lori Orel's.  We will ride on the West Bloomfield trail, stop for lunch, and finish the afternoon with a swim.  Contact Cheryl Berlin or Sandy Lada for further details.

Book Club
Next Book Club Meeting: Sunday, October 18th.
We will be discussing the book All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr.
Thank you to Lori Orel and Shelley Fenyes for organizing Book Club.  Your suggestions are welcome.

Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Cake
27  Noah Marcotte
27  Cary Rosen
27  Melvin Toby
29  Edward Chudnow
  1  Debi Kapen
  1  Sandy Lada
  1  Melissa Levy
  2  Jack Canvasser
  2  Pearl Manello
  3  Toby Gittleman
  3  Avery Robinson
  4  Brenda Soverinsky
  5  Stephanie Singer
  9  Donna Sklar
 10 Alan Taub
 11 Beverly Avadenka
 11 Julia Feber
 11 Bernice Jacobson
 12 Adam Baruch
 12 Samantha Dines
 12 John Marcotte
 13 Benjamin Rosenberg
 15 Adena Wolf
 16 Benton Karesh
 17 Linda Jacobson
 17 Renee Kozlowski
 18 Daniel Chudnow
 19 Carol Wiseman
 20 David Bernard
 20 Madeline Jacobson
 20 Edith Kozlowski
 20 Samuel Saperstein
 23 Allan Lovinger
 25 Frances Chudnow
 26 Howard Friedman
 27 Erika Finn
 27 Warren Lada
Jewish Wedding

 30 Roy & Robin Rosen
 31 Michael Karesh & Gayla Bassham
  4  Lori and Matt Orel
  5  Trudy and Howard Jacobson
  5  Brenda and Randy Soverinsky
 14 Renee and Jay Kozlowski
If your birthday or anniversary information is not listed, please email the synagogue so we can update our records.

House Housing Needed for Shomer Shabbat couple October 16-17 who have a simcha at Temple Israel.  If you are able to assist, please contact Jeff: by clicking here.

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