July 30, 201514 Av 5775
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Guest Tickets

Guest tickets for High Holiday Services may be ordered through the synagogue office.  For order form, please click here.  Please place order by August 31st to allow time for processing.




The Dutiful Student:
Moses as a model of one who seeks greater understanding
Rabbi Marc Wolf

Reenacting an historical moment through liturgy and deed is a forte of Judaism. Our calendar year overflows with holidays and observances that transport us to our former days and inspire us to reenter the narrative and relive salient moments of history. This week in particular, observing the 9th of Av, we read of the destruction of the Temple and continue the mourning of our ancestors for the calamities that befell them.

While it is possible to read this narrative as a preventive measure to ensure that we, too, do not fall victims to George Santayana's dictum condemning us to either learn from our history or repeat it, I believe that Judaism's message is a blessing, not a curse. It is a blessing for us to be able to relive life's difficult moments-and the reason why can be gleaned from Moses' behavior and our parasha this week.

Isaiah Horowitz, commenting on this week's parashah, Va'et'hanan, asserts that throughout the parshiyot of D'varim, we are constantly encouraged to learn and relearn the mitzvot of the Torah. The common name of 

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May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 


7/30/2015 (14 Av)

Rose Feibus

7/31/2015 (15 Av)

Mayme Lawson

8/1/2015 (16 Av)

Ron Taub

8/2/2015 (17 Av)

Moishe Glazier

Phillip Nusholtz

8/3/2015 (18 Av)

Lillian Handler

8/6/2015 (21 Av)

Manya Gartenberg

Theodore P. Mason

8/7/2015 (22 Av)

Joel D. Hamburger

Bennie Magy

8/8/2015 (23 Av)

Marilyn "Mike" Feigelson

8/9/2015 (24 Av)

Bertha Chitkin

8/11/2015 (26 Av)

Sarah Lewis

Ormond Sacks

8/13/2015 (28 Av)

Louis Jonah Lieberman

8/14/2015 (29 Av)

Edward Avadenka

Leonard Gaba

Robert Alan Kapetansky

8/16/2015 (1 Elul)

Moshe Buncel

Louis Silverstein

8/17/2015 (2 Elul)

Robert Keila

8/18/2015 (3 Elul)

Louis Rose

Sam Toby

8/19/2015 (4 Elul)

Jack Harold Kaufman

8/21/2015 (6 Elul)

Franka Charlupski

8/23/2015 (8 Elul)

John Eby

8/24/2015 (9 Elul)

Reinald Freedman

8/26/2015 (11 Elul)

Ernest Gans

Arthur Markowitz

8/27/2015 (12 Elul)

Alex Kuhn

8/28/2015 (13 Elul)

Pearl Leah Naimark

8/30/2015 (15 Elul)

Rabbi Carl L. Manello

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Shabbat V'etchanan/Shabbat Nachamu
Friday, July 31st
Shabbat Table
6 p.m., Chapel

Saturday, August 1st

9 a.m., Sanctuary
D'var Torah:  Annie Jacobson

Kiddush Lunch is sponsored by the following Kiddush Lunch Bunch participants:  Libby and Andy Beider, Robyn and Robert Canvasser, Tammy and Steve Dines, Lisa and Frank Ellias, Geri Feigelson, Vicki Friedman and John Marcotte, Ilana Glazier and Lowell Schmeltz, and Marcia and Chuck Seigerman.
To help sustain Kiddush Lunch, please consider joining a Kiddush Lunch Bunch group. E-mail Mindy Shuback for more information.  


Donations to the Kiddush Lunch Fund can also be made online or mailed directly to the synagogue. 



8:15p.m., at the home of Ed and Fran Chudnow.  Please bring a copy of Pirkei Avot. RSVP to Ed if you plan to attend.  


Formal youth activities will resume in the fall.
pj library
"PJ OUR WAY," a reading program for youth ages 9-11. 
A unique book club for parents and children which will meet 10/18, 11/15, 1/31, 2/28, and 5/1. Please e-mail Rabbi Robbins if you wish to receive further information about this program.

To stay current on all youth and family activities, contact Ilana Glazier to join the B'nai Israel Families Facebook Group.

flower border
Sisterhood Corner
Tuesday, August 25, 7 p.m. 
Challah Baking and Demonstrationchallah
at the home of Nancy Benchell Eisman.  Bakers of all levels, from aspiring to expert, are invited to attend. Mark your calendars and watch for further details coming soon!

The first Book Club meeting was well-attended and enjoyed by all.  Click here for list of future books and dates.  
Thank you to Lori Orel and Shelley Fenyes for organizing Book Club.  Your suggestions are welcome.



Join Mitch Parker March 21-April 2nd in Israel.

Click here for detailed itinerary. 

E-mail Mitch:

if you are interested in participating.



Saturday Night Learning
August 1st, at the home of _____
Volunteers will lead a text based discussion each week on the topic of his/her choosing.  The evening will close with Maariv and Havdalah.  Everyone is welcome! Subjects are self-contained, so you can join any week you would like and not worry about "missing out" on material from the previous week. 


Great Love Stories of the Tanach

Dates:  Mondays, August 3, 10

Time:    9:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Cost:     $90 

Place:    TKA/BI Library 

Instructor:  Mitch Parker

Begin your Mondays with a morning study of the love stories that are an integral  parts of the Tanach.  Learn the truth about the romances of Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Rachel, Samson and Delilah and David and Bathsheba. Spend a few summer hours immersed in the verses of one of the greatest love poems of all times, The Song of Songs, Shir Hashirim.

If you are interested in enrolling or would like more information, please contact Mitch: abbadoc@comcast.net.

Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Cake


30  Hannah Finn

30  Ian Robinson

31  Brandon Kappy

31 Noah Weingarden


 1  Alissa Citron

 2  Joshua Breitman

 3  Laura Gartner

 4   Steve Freedman

 9   Leonard Rosen

10  Julia Abramson

10  Betsy Wolf

11  Nancy Benchell-Eisman

11  Marybeth Rosen

11  Michael Soverinsky

13  Elizabeth Breitman

13  Cathy Graub

15  Andy Beider

15  Kayla Kapen

15  David Saperstein

16  Marlene Margolis

16  Marcia Seigerman

18  Melissa Berlin

19  Katie Rosen

19  Sally Soverinsky

21  Stefani Chudnow

21  Adam Gordon

22  Maya Rosenberg

23  Vernon Gordon

25  Rabbi Jonathan Berger

27  Noah Marcotte

27  Cary Rosen

27  Melvin Toby

29  Edward Chudnow

Jewish Wedding


 30  David and Gloria Ruskin


  4  Brian & Casey Ginsberg

   4 Steve & Nancy Kaufman

 14 Jeffrey Eisman & Nancy Benchell-Eisman

 14 Steve & Tammy Dines

 14 Armando & Rhonda Duer

 14 Ram & Karen Orzach

 15 Mechelle & David Bernard

 18 Rabbi Jonathan & Laura Berger

 18 David & Louise Lazarus

 20 Michael & Debbie Balkin

 25 Jerry & Sharon Knoppow

 30 Roy & Robin Rosen

 31 Michael Karesh & Gayla Bassham

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