April 16, 201527 Nisan 5775
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Parshat Shemini
Rachel Kapen

Dedicated in loving memory to my mother Sarah Garber on her 27th Yahrtzeit, the 28th of Nissan


Parashat Shmini is the third parasha in the Book of Yayikra, originally named Torat Kohanim and otherwise called: Leviticus, a book almost totally dedicated to the functions of the Kohanim-Priests, and  the Leviim- Levites in the Mishkan.


The word Shmini means eighth, and it is taken from the first passuk-sentence; ' and it came to pass on the eighth day..." Why the eight day, thus we are reminded of last week's Parashat Tzav, 8:33 where we read: and ye shall not go out the door of the Tent of Meeting (Ohel Moed) seven days until the days of your consecration be fulfilled for He shall consecrate you seven days". The Hertz Chumash explains these seven days of isolation for the Kohanim in that the Kohanim have to avoid contracting impurity and to prevent diversion by worldly matters. Throughout their week of consecration mind and heart were to be consecrated upon the solemnity and importance of the office they are entering".

But the question can be asked: why are they ready only in the eighth day? Could there be a connection to the eighth day of the Brit Millah when a  newborn is becoming officially a Jewish child? This is a point worth pondering. It is remindful of my unforgettable teacher  Torah commentary  teacher Nehama Leibowich who used to encourage us to come up with our own commentaries while reminding us that all these great commentators such as Rashi, Ramban , Malbim, etc. that she presented to us in her own inimitable way, were after all "basar va'dam " - flesh and blood, just like us, her young students.


Parashat Shmini also recounts the job- related tragic death of two of Aharon's sons, Nadav and Avihu, leaving only 3 members in the Priesthood, namely; Aharon, Elazar, and Itamar.


A whole chapter of Shmini, Chapter 11, is dedicated to Dietary Laws, the Laws of Kashrut. These laws repeat themselves  in the book of Devarim Chapter 14.  God delivered b'nai Israel from slavery so they become Kedoshim and keeping the Laws of kashrut is an integral part of it. The great Middle Ages physician-philosopher- commentator  Rambam-Maimonides  said:  The Dietary Laws train us in the mastery over our appetites; they accustom us to restrain both of the and disposition to consider pleasure of eating and drinking as the end of man's existence". Simply put, eat to live and not live to eat.


The parasha exhorts the People of Israel ; ' for I am the Lord your God, sanctify yourselves therefore, and be holy, in Hebrew: Vi'hiyitem kedoshim ki kadosh ani. In later days, the word: kedoshim also acquired the meaning of: martyrs, those Jews who died on the sanctification of HaShem. The six million of our fellow Jews who who were murdered in the Shoah are called; kedoshim.

Could it possibly be that God forsaw this colossal devastation which was to befall his Chosen People?

As we observe yom HaShoah on the 27th day of Nissan, this painful question is worth pondering.

Mazel Tov 
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