January 8, 201517 Tevet 5775
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Rabbi Daniel J. Moskovitz
Pharaoh Didn't Know Joseph And Perhaps We Forgot Him Too
The textual reference to forgetting Joseph raises questions about the extent to which oppression is linked to a minority group's involvement and commitment to the larger society.

"A new king arose over Egypt..." Rab and Samuel [differ in their interpretation]. One said that he was really new, while the other said that his decrees were made new. He who said that he was really new did so because it is written, "new;" and he who said that his decrees were made new did so because it is not stated that [the former king] died and he reigned [in his stead]. "Who did not know Joseph:" He was like one who did not know [Joseph] at all. (

Talmud, Sotah 11a)

"Come, let us deal shrewdly with him." It should have been with them! R. Hama b. Hanina said, [Pharaoh meant,] Come and let us outwit the Savior of Israel. With what shall we afflict them? If we afflict them with fire, it is written: For behold, Adonai will come with fire, and it continues, for by fire will Adonai plead. [If we afflict them] with the sword, it is written: And by His sword with all flesh. But come, and let us afflict them with water, because the Holy One, blessed be God, has already sworn that He will not bring a flood upon the world, as it is said: For this is as the waters of Noah unto Me... (They were unaware, however, that God would not bring a flood upon the whole world but upon one people God would bring it; or alternatively, God would not bring [the flood] but they would go and fall into it. Thus it says: And the Egyptians fled toward it. 

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