November 6, 2014
13 Cheshvan 5775
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Why do certain nations thrive, while others disappear? Pundits and historians will tell you about political, economic and military factors.

However, our Torah informs us that ethical factors are far more consequential. Powerful nations fall if they are immoral, while weak ones succeed if they maintain moral excellence.

Chosen or Condemned

The Hebrew word tzachak, meaning to laugh, is employed several times in Parashat Vayera, most notably in relation to the birth and naming of our patriarch Yitzchak [Isaac]. The term is also used when Lot tells his sons-in-law that their home city of Sodom is about to be destroyed. They do not believe him, for his words are "like a joke (kimitzacheik) in their eyes."

To a social or political scientist, the possibility that a wealthy superpower like Sodom will disappear, or that an elderly couple will produce the future regional superpower seems ludicrous.

But this strange outcome is precisely what occurs. Abraham and Sarah have a child, through whom they become the ancestors of Klal Yisrael (the people of Israel). Meanwhile, the mighty city of Sodom is destroyed.


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May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 


11/6/2014 (13 Heshvan)          

Philip Dines

Joseph Irving Friedman

Gertrude Nusholtz

11/10/2014 (17 Heshvan)        

Manny Chudnow

11/12/2014 (19 Heshvan)        

David Harris

11/13/2014 (20 Heshvan)        

Naomi Lillian Markowitz

Irving A. Rubin

Martin Segal

11/14/2014 (21 Heshvan)        

Nathan Weiner

11/15/2014 (22 Heshvan)        

Serena Weiss

11/17/2014 (24 Heshvan)        

Mary Katz

Robert Braverman

Alvin Jacobson

11/18/2014 (25 Heshvan)        

Fara Caplan Baer

11/20/2014 (27 Heshvan)        

Linda Kozlowski

11/22/2014 (29 Heshvan)        

Harry Golob

Pearl Klein

11/23/2014 (1 Kislev)  

Beatrice Leaderman

Esther Kert

11/25/2014 (3 Kislev)  

Randy Kohn

Rayetta Soverinsky

11/26/2014 (4 Kislev)  

Frank Herman Basch

11/29/2014 (7 Kislev)  

Jean Chitkin

William Klein

11/30/2014 (8 Kislev)  

Sheldon Kapen 


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To Robert and Joyce Breitman on the death of Robert's sister, Lorraine Eras.

To Robert and Laurie Kimmel on the death of Robert's father, Morris Kimmel.
May the Breitman and Kimmel families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

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Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Cake



 11 Nathan Gittleman

 13 Lorne Newhouse

 14 Joshua Jacobson

 19 Gail Kaye

 19 Martin Kurland

 19 Shelli Orzach

 20 Daniel Bernstein

 20 Robert Kimmel

 21 Adele Band

 22 Belmont Kershenbaum

 22 Ofer Ohana

 26 Leah Bernstein

 26 Jerry Knoppow

 26 Howard Friedman

 28 Paula Levy

Jewish Wedding



  7  Brian & Roxane Newhouse

 14  Dave Hundiak & Fran Stark-Hundiak

 20  Larry & Elyn Charlupski

 26  Miles & Debra Singer

 30  Michael & Betsy Wolf

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