August 7, 2014
11 Av 5774
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Welcome, hebrew


We warmly welcome the following new members to our congregational family.


Mechelle and David Bernard and their children, Naomi and Becky.


Gayla Bassham and Michael Karesh and their children, Lena, Benton and Judah. 


Rich Lawson and his son Jack. 

Shabbat Nachamu
Parshat Va'etchanan
Rabbi Mychal B. Springer

The dreaded has happened. The inconceivable has come to pass. The Temple has been destroyed. Our center is no more. Our sense of safety is shattered. The world is no longer familiar. We are in a place of disorientation. So this Shabbat we begin the hard work of consolation: Nachamu, nachamu ami ("Comfort, oh, comfort My people, Says your God" [Isa. 40:1]). These are the opening words of this week's haftarah portion. Each week, for seven weeks, we will receive another haftarah of consolation, until we reach Rosh Hashanah. The number seven conveys completeness, like the seven days of the week. Like the seven days of shiv'ah. Consolation cannot happen in one brief moment. It is a process, a journey. How is it that consolation does happen?

There are three verses in the haftarah that stand out as offering great insight into the dynamics of consolation:

A voice rings out: "Proclaim!"
Another asks, "What shall I proclaim?"
"All flesh is grass,
All its goodness like flowers of the field:
Grass withers, flowers fade
When the breath of the Lord blows on them.

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for additional insights on this week's parsha and others, visit The JTS Torah Commentary archive:

Recipes needed for future B'nai Israel Synagogue cookbook.  Please contact Sheila Kurland, or Linda Foster, with questions or to send recipes.  
May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 


8/7/2014 (11 Av)

Tilly Rose

8/9/2014 (13 Av)

Simon Aaron Kapen

8/10/2014 (14 Av)

Rose Feibus

8/11/2014 (15 Av)

Mayme Lawson

8/13/2014 (17 Av)

Moishe Glazier

Phillip Nusholtz

8/14/2014 (18 Av)

Lillian Handler

8/17/2014 (21 Av)

Theodore P. Mason

8/18/2014 (22 Av)

Joel D. Hamburger, 

Bennie Magy

8/20/2014 (24 Av)

Bertha Chitkin

8/22/2014 (26 Av)

Sarah Lewis

Ormond Sacks

8/24/2014 (28 Av)

Louis Jonah Lieberman

8/25/2014 (29 Av)

Judge Edward Avadenka

Max Friedman

Leonard Gaba

Robert Alan 


8/27/2014 (1 Elul)

Moshe Buncel

Louis Silverstein

8/28/2014 (2 Elul)

Robert Keila

8/29/2014 (3 Elul)

Louis Rose

Sam Toby

8/30/2014 (4 Elul)

Jack Harold Kaufman

8/31/2014 (5 Elul)

Lillian Katzman


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Shabbat Nachamu/V'EtchananShabbat Table
Friday, August 8th
Bring your dairy or pareve picnic to Bloomer Park.  No services at the synagogue this evening.
Saturday, August 9th
9 a.m. Services, Sanctuary
Kiddush Lunch* is sponsored by Sharon and Leonard Rosen in honor of Leonard's birthday.  Kiddush Lunch is also sponsored by the following Kiddush Lunch Group:  Sue and Sandy Birnholtz, Michael and Debbie Balkin, Nancy Benchell-Eisman and Jeffrey Eisman, Naomi and Amnon Reiter, Joan and SteveFriedman, Marla and David Weiss, Frieda Langnas, and Bernice Handler.
*Kiddush Lunch is available through donations to the Kiddush Lunch Fund, the generosity of weekly sponsors, and volunteer efforts of our congregants and regular attendees. Please e-mail or call the synagogue office if you would like to sponsor a kiddush lunch. To sponsor as part of a "group," please e-mail Joanna Abramson or Mindy Shuback. You may also make a donation to the Kiddush Lunch Fund by clicking here.
8:15 p.m., is at the home of Cheryl and Phillip Litt. please rsvp to Mitch Parker.


Please order your additional tickets for family members prior to the deadline to allow for processing.
B'nai Israel Upcoming Events
Shabbat Morning, August 23rd
Please join us as we honor Linda Jacobson, president of B'nai Israel Synagogue 2010-2014, for her leadership and tireless commitment to our synagogue.

Detroit Tigers
Tiger Baseball Game
Sunday, September 7th
Bus leaves from the TKA/BI parking lot at 11:30 a.m. and returns to the synagogue following the game. Cost:  $30/person includes admission ticket, transportation and pizza.  Click here for reservation form.  Bus space limited to first 45 reservations.
Upcoming Youth and Family Activities
Shabbat Youth Activities will resume in the fall.


RAMAH CANADA LOGOFall Events for Camp Ramah
September 7th
Camp Heremelin, 12:30 p.m. at the home of Doreen Hermelin
September 14th
Welcome Back from Camp Ramah
5-7 p.m., Adat Shalom Synagogue 
To stay current on all youth and family activities, contact Ilana Glazier to join the B'nai Israel Families Facebook Group.
Learning Opportunities
Adult Education
"Making Sense of the Machzor"
A 3-Part Series as part of SNL, Saturday Night Learning
Shabbat, September 6, 13, 20 - 6:30 pm
Prepare for the Yamim Noraim over Seudah Shlishit, as we wrap up the season's Saturday Night Learning sessions.  
Location TBD

"Reflections on the Siddur," with Dr. Mitch Parker
will return in the fall.

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Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!


  9  Leonard Rosen

 10 Julia Abramson

 10 Betsy Wolf

 11 Nancy Benchell-Eisman

 11 Marybeth Rosen

 11 Michael Soverinsky

 13 Elizabeth Breitman

 13 Cathy Graub

 15 Andy Beider

 15 Kayla Kapen

 15 David Saperstein

 16 Marlene Margolis

 16 Marcia Seigerman=  

 18  Melissa Berlin

 19 Katie Rosen

 19 Sally Soverinsky

 21 Stefani Chudnow

 21 Adam Gordon

 22 Maya Rosenberg

 23 Vernon Gordon

 25 Rabbi Jonathan Berger

 27 Noah Marcotte

 27 Cary Rosen

 27 Melvin Toby

 29 Edward Chudnow

      Jewish Wedding


 14 Jeffrey Eisman & Nancy Benchell-Eisman

 14 Steve & Tammy Dines

 14 Armando & Rhonda Duer

 14 Ram & Karen Orzach

 15 Richard & Lois Wonboy

 18 Jonathan & Laura Berger

 20 Michael & Debbie Balkin

 25 Jerry & Sharon Knoppow

 30 Roy & Robin Rosen

 31  Michael Karesh and Gayla Bassham

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Caring Community Information

Refuah Sh'leimah/Wishing a Speedy Recovery.  

Please e-mail Michael Golob or call the synagogue: 248-432-2729 to add a name to our communal mishebeirach list.   


Shiva assistance: To assist in providing a shiva meal for BI member families and/or if you are able to lead a shiva minyan, please e-mail the synagogue.

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