January 9, 2014
8 Shevat 5774
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PARSHAT Beshallach.
Youth and Family Activities
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Parshat Beshallach

 Rabbi Yehuda Prero


This Shabbos, on which the Torah portion of Beshalach is read, is known as Shabbos Shirah, The Sabbath of Song. The source of this special name is the portion of Beshalach, in which we read of the song the entire nation of Israel sang after the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea. This song, which is recited every day as part of the morning prayers, is a special song. Because of the importance of this song, the Shabbos on which we read it takes the name of "Sabbath of the Song." What makes this song so special that, above and beyond all the other miraculous events that are read about in the Torah portion, the Shabbos is given it as its moniker?

One of the customs associated with this Shabbos is to place crumbs outside for the birds to eat. (As to the Halachik correctness of this custom, see Shulchan Aruch Orech Chayim 324.) We read in the Torah on this week about G-d giving the "Man", manna, to the nation of Israel, for their sustenance. Moshe told the nation of Israel that the Man would not fall on Shabbos, and therefore they should collect a double portion on Friday. There were rabble-rousers who wanted to embarrass Moshe and weaken his authority. They took Man they had collected on Friday, and after dark placed it out on the ground. Come morning, they hoped that people would think that the Man did indeed fall on Shabbos, and Moshe, who they contended made up the laws as he went along, was wrong. However, no Man was around on Shabbos morning. Why? Because the birds carried it away before the nation awoke, so that the nation would indeed trust in Moshe and respect the sanctity of the Shabbos about which Moshe spoke. To reward the birds for this noble deed, we feed them the week on which we read of the surrounding incident, the week of Beshalach.

The Sefer HaToda'ah mentions an additional reason why we feed the birds this week. The chirping of birds is not just idle song. It is the way that birds praise G-d for providing them with their needs. Because, on this week, we too sing praise of G-d, we recognize the constant song of praise chirped by the birds by feeding them, as a form of reward.

Why should we reward birds for their song of praise? Why is the "faith" of the birds more deserving of recognition than expressions from other creations?

The splitting of the Red Sea marked a milestone in the genesis of the nation of Israel. The event had a profound effect on the entire nation. The Torah tells us (Shmos 14:31-15:1) "And Israel saw the great work which the Hashem did upon the Egyptians; and the people feared Hashem and believed Hashem, and his servant Moshe; Then sang Moshe and the people of Israel this song to Hashem. . . ." The nation reached a level of faith and trust in G-d that they had not previously achieved. Although they witnessed ten plagues, their faith in G-d was not complete. Any reaction of thanks they had until that point was one that stemmed from amazement and awe. After the splitting of the sea, they sang a song of thanks. After the miracle ended and the power of the enormity of the miracle to cause awe began to wane, they sang a song of thanks. After they recognized the true Divine Providence of G-d and appreciated that G-d provides everything for everyone, after they _believed_ in G-d, "then sang Moshe and the people of Israel."

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1/10/2014 (9 Shevat)           

Lois Shirley Pappas

1/12/2014 (11 Shevat)         

Molly Zelickman

1/15/2014 (14 Shevat)         

Mel Rogoff

1/16/2014 (15 Shevat)         

Dr. David Eisman

1/17/2014 (16 Shevat)         

Sheila Cohen

Harry Doneson

1/18/2014 (17 Shevat)        

Sam Isaacs

Alvin Nusbaum

1/19/2014 (18 Shevat)         

Dr. Richard Reinherz

1/21/2014 (20 Shevat)         

Albert (Sam) Sklar

1/25/2014 (24 Shevat)         

Betty Crone

1/27/2014 (26 Shevat)         Joseph Langnas

1/28/2014 (27 Shevat)        

Isaac Faxstein

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Shabbat Beshallach
Friday, January 10th
6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv, Chapel
Saturday, January 11th
9 a.m. Services, Sanctuary
10 a.m. Supervised Youth Activities, Room 3 for ages 12 and under.
Kiddush Lunch is sponsored by DeDe and Warren Robinson in honor of Warren's birthday.  Happy Birthday Warren!
*Kiddush Lunch is available through the generosity of weekly sponsors.  Please e-mail or call the synagogue office if you would like to sponsor a kiddush lunch.  You may also make a donation to the synagogue specifically for the Kiddush Lunch Fund by clicking here. 

We extend our condolences to Rebecca Tron on the death of her father, Samuel Tron.  May the memory of Samuel Tron, Shlomo Zalman ben Eliezer v'Rivka always be for a blessing. 
B'rucha Ha'ba-ah - Welcome
We warmly welcome Leah Lewis to our congregational family. Leah is the mother of Cathy and Michael Graub and grandmother of Colton and Erin.
Upcoming Youth and Family Activities
FAMILY CAMP 2014 MARCH 21st-23rd
Registration available first week in January.  Priority Registration for BI and TKA members and $100.00 off if form and payment are received by January 24th.  First come, first served. 

MInute to win it
THIS SATURDAY, January 11th:  
MCUSY (USY, grades 9-12) Havdallah at the Downtown Synagogue, followed by ice skating at Campus Martius Park.
Bus to and from the West Bloomfield JCC for this event.   Watch for additional Details coming soon.
Family Night at Minyan, last Sunday of the month.  
Bring your family to help make minyan at 5 p.m. and enjoy pizza dinner in the social hall following services.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  1/26, 2/23, 3/9 (Special pre-Purim Activities), 4/27, 6/1
Upcoming Shabbat Youth Activities 

SHABBAT CHILDREN'S WORKSHOP DATES for youth ages 7-12. 30 minutes of tefilla and parsha fun. 

11-11:45 a.m., ROOM 9
APRIL 5th, MAY 3 (10:30 A.M.) 


D'VAR TORAH COCOA CAFE for ages 13-17, 

11:00-11:45 a.m., Social Hall 

Listen to the D'var Torah in the main sanctuary, then give your take over cocoa and cider.  Kiddush lunch following, with Spirited singing and Birkat Hamazon led by teens.

e-mail teens@bnaiisraelwb.org for more information.

11 a.m. January 25th, Room 3 
Sing Shabbat Songs, hear Shabbat Stories, have special Shabbat treats with Robin Pappas, director of Hillel Day School Early Childhood Center, and Barbara Dworin, teacher, Hillel Day School Early Childhood Center.  


To stay current on all youth and family activities, contact Ilana Glazier to join the B'nai Israel Families Facebook Group.
Learning Opportunities  
Adult Education
Developing Your Character Through Mussar
Monday evening, January 20th 7-8:30 p.m.. TKA/BI Room 2
Tuesday January 28th (6:30-8 p.m.)
Monday, February 3rd, 7-8:30 p.m., TKA/BI Room 2
Join Rabbi Robbins and explore Mussar, the ancient Jewish practice of self-examination and character development through the prism of Biblical exemplars and rabbinic texts.  Delve into traits such as humility, patience and gratitude. 
$36.00 for the series/$18.00 for individual session.  
"Reflections on the Siddur," with Dr. Mitch Parker
Saturdays, 11-11:45 a.m.
January 11 and  25     February 8 and 22     March 8 and 22    
April 12 and 26    May 10 and 24    June 7 and 21
Mitch will focus on Ashrei, Aleinu, the Kaddish, Adon Olam, Yigdal, Hallel and Birkat Hamazon. 
Class meets in the lower level, Room 9.

Are you interested in learning to chant haftarah, read Torah or lead services?  
 to let us know your interest. Classes/one-on-one tutoring opportunities will be formed based on interest generated. 
Do you or your post-adult children have a special Haftarah or Torah reading that you have previously read or would like to read again? 
Please e-mail the synagogue to be included in scheduling.

Lunch and Learn Series 
with Hillel Buechler, Ramah Fellow lunch and learn
First Tuesday of every month
Next session:  12:15 p.m., February 5th
Meet at Barnes and Noble on Orchard Lake Road Bring your own lunch.  There is no charge to attend.   Future Dates: March 5th, April 9th.  Please e-mail Hillel Buechler if you plan to attend.
Adult Education Series with Professor Howard Lupovitch
Location:  Congregation Beth Ahm, all are welcome.
"Transforming the Jewish Landscape:  Great Jewish Philanthopists."
Tuesday, January 14:  "The Bronfmans and Max Fisher"
7:30 p.m., Beth Ahm.  $15/session or $25/series
Advanced registration requested, walk-ins welcome:  
ablau@cbahm.org or call 248-851-6880

Shabbat Shiur Series
Shabbat Afternoons, last Saturday of the month following lunch and prior to minha.  Shiur (class) will meet in the chapel.  All our welcome.  There is no charge to attend.
Future Dates: January 25th, February 22nd. Click here for schedule and list of presenters.
Upcoming TKA/BI Joint Opportunities

TKA Sisterhood Event 
TKA DIA event
DIA:  The Woman with a Thousand Faces
Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 7 p.m. at TKA
Join DIA volunteer Boyd Chapin for a look at women in art, the meaning behind the images of these women as sign in the DIA's 
collection. There is no charge for this event.  all are welcome. Click here for event flyer
MARCH 23-30, 2014
TKA will once again be housing guests for one week from South Oakland Shelter.  There are many ways to get involved and help. Everyone's help is needed!  Chuck Seigerman and Steve Dines are the BI point people for this. Click here for an overview of tasks for the week.  Click here for a list of committees and to sign up to assist.
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