August 8, 2013
 2 Elul  5773
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Parshat Shoftim
Learning Opportunities
Parshat Shoftim
Rachel Kapen
Parashat Shoftim meaning: Judges, is typically highlighted by the admonition:

Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof-Justice, justice thou shalt pursue. The duplication of the word justice is meant to put an accent on it as is the biblical way. It specifies the sort of justice the judges are commanded to pursue. For example, it should be totally even-handed kind of justice, not influenced by the standing of the man in the society nor by his riches. Conversely, a judge shouldn't be influenced  by pity for a litigant because he is poor and has a low standing in the community.


The parasha also warns the judges against the temptation of taking a bribe because the bribe: "doth blind the eyes of the wise, and perverts the words of the righteous".

It is hard not to be astonished by the relevance of this commandment to contemporary life as each new day brings  with it the disturbing news of judges, Congressmen, or other people of power and authority being tempted by bribes. Also, it is refreshing and encouraging to see that justice does not distinguish between the rich and the poor, the high heeled and the simple person.


The remainder of the parasha deals with a variety of topics, among them the kind of sacrifices disallowed, the ban on idol worshipping and its punishment, and we find here also the  foundation to the Supreme Court of today, one of the three wings which constitutes our democratic government. Additionally, it deals with the Kohanim and the Leviim and their compensation  for not receiving their own pieces of land like the rest of the tribes, rules regarding the king if and when there will be one, or the cities of refuge in the Promised Land; all of these topics touching upon important issues relating to life in biblical times, but not today.


The one and only topic Parashat Shoftim presents which is ageless and universal  and does have a resounding relevance to contemporary life is found at its very beginning: Tzedek, tzedek  tirdof- Justice, justice thou shalt pursue which should constitute the cornerstone of the justice system of any enlightened society, and like many other things in the Torah, it doesn't cease to amaze me how relatively progressive our civilization was in comparison to the other ancient civilization in the area which perhaps can explain that from all of them we are still here.


May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 

August Yahrtzeits 

8/8/2013 (2 Elul)

Robert Keila

8/9/2013 (3 Elul)

Louis Rose

Sam Toby

8/10/2013 (4 Elul)

Jack Harold Kaufman

8/11/2013 (5 Elul)

Lillian Katzman

8/12/2013 (6 Elul)

Franka Charlupski

8/13/2013 (7 Elul)

Beverly Togal

8/14/2013 (8 Elul)

John Eby

8/15/2013 (9 Elul)

Reinald Freedman

8/17/2013 (11 Elul)

Ernest Gans

Arthur Markowitz

8/18/2013 (12 Elul)

Alex Kuhn

8/19/2013 (13 Elul)

Pearl Leah Naimark

8/21/2013 (15 Elul)

Rabbi Carl L. Manello

8/23/2013 (17 Elul)

Yosef Garber

8/24/2013 (18 Elul)

Leo Orel

8/27/2013 (21 Elul)

Douglas Cohen

8/30/2013 (24 Elul)

Lawrence Sklar

8/31/2013 (25 Elul)

Mary Friedman

Lawrence Sklar



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Shabbat Services: Shoftim

Friday, August 7th

Saturday, August 8th
9 a.m. Services, Sanctuary
Shabbat Table
Kiddush Lunch is sponsored by Edith and Marvin Kozlowski in honor of Marvin and Jay's birthdays, the engagement of Rachel Mutchnick to Michael Wassel and the engagment of Anna Kozlowski to Bryan Sofen.
   Next Shabbat we will celebrate the bar mitzvah of Adam Gordon.  Adam is the son of Karen and Vernon Gordon and brother of Syndney.  Adam is also the grandson of Donna and the late Lawrence Sklar and the late Maurice and late Maxine Gordon.
Kiddush Lunch is available through the generosity of weekly sponsors.  Please e-mail or call the synagogue office if you would like to sponsor a kiddush lunch.  You may also make a donation to the synagogue specifically for the Kiddush Lunch Fund by clicking here.  
To Mindy Shuback on the death of her father, Ormond Sacks.
To Bev Avadenka, Beth Avadenka, and the entire Avadenka family on the death of their beloved husband, father and grandfather, Judge Edward Avadenka.

Mazel Tov
To Cheryl and Phillip Litt on the engagement of their daughter Eden to David Belo, son of Luisa and Pedro Belo of New Jersey.

Community Wide Selichot Service
Saturday Evening, August 31st
"Understanding Loss at the Days of Awe."
Guest speaker:  Rabbi Daniel Greyber
 9 p.m.  Light Refreshments
 9:30 p.m. Program
10:30 p.m. Selichot Service led by Hazzan Dan Gross, Marty Liebman and the Adat Shalom Choir.
Sponsored by The Michigan Region of the Rabbinical Assembly, Adat Shalom Synagogue, Congregation Beth Ahm, Congregation Beth Shalom, B'nai Israel Synagogue, Congregation B'nai Moshe, Congregation Shaarey Zedek and Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue.
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Upcoming Youth Services  

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VOICES NEEDED, Youth ages 10+ 
to accompany our hazzan during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services.  
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Learning Opportunities   
Learn to Read Hebrew with Michael Wolf
Monday evenings, 7-8:30, July 8th-August 19th
BI/TKA Library  Materials Fee:   $36.00
Class size is limited. This class is for adults with limited or no Hebrew reading knowledge.  Click here for registration form.  Non-members of B'nai Israel are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Community Events
and TKA/BI Joint Opportunities

Panim al Panim
Wednesday, August 14 @ 7:00 PM 
The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue 
Panel discussion focusing on Jewish leaders' experiences working in pluralistic spaces and milieus. 
Panel Participants: Rabbi Ariana Silverman, Rabbi Jonathan Berger, and Rabbi Seth Winberg (of U-M Hillel). No Charge. No RSVP necessary. 

Community Wide Selichot Service
Saturday, August 31st, Adat Shalom Synagogue

All stitchers are welcome.  Bring yourKnitting1 
needlepoint, crochet hook or cross stitch and join the group. There is no charge to attend.  

7 PM at the TKA/BI building.  

FUTURE DATES:   e-mail Gail Raben.

Caring Community Information

Refuah Sh'leimah/Wishing a Speedy Recovery

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Our caring community reaches out to one another in a variety of ways.  We welcome our new members warmly with a special visit and gift.  We provide shiva minyan leaders.  We call/visit/provide meals for members who are ill or home-bound, bring a home-cooked shiva meal to mourners in our community, and help to drive members who need a ride to synagogue services and events.  If you would like to help in any way, please call or 
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Congregant looking for a ride to services
West Bloomfield congregant is looking for a ride to morning or evening minyan and/or Shabbat services. The congregant lives behind Crosswinds Mall (Kroger), just north of Lone Pine Road. If you are available to assist, please contact Rabbi Robbins at (610) 574-5179 or Thank you.
Mazel Tov 
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Cake

August Birthdays

  8  Melissa Berlin

  9  Leonard Rosen

10  Julia Abramson

10  Betsy Wolf

11  Nancy Benchell-Eisman

11  Marybeth Rosen

11  Michael Soverinsky

13  Elizabeth Breitman

13  Cathy Graub

15  Andy Beider

15  Kayla Kapen

15  David Saperstein

16  Marlene Margolis 

16  Marcia Seigerman 

19  Katie Rosen

19  Sally Soverinsky

21  Stefani Chudnow

21  Adam Gordon

22  Maya Rosenberg 

23  Vernon Gordon

25  Rabbi Jonathan Berger

26  Robyn Hoffenblum

27  Noah Marcotte

27  Cary Rosen

27  Melvin Toby

29  Edward Chudnow

Jewish Wedding
August Anniversaries 

14  Jeffrey Eisman & Nancy 


14  Steve & Tammy Dines

14  Armando & Rhonda Duer

14  Ram & Karen Orzach

15  Richard & Lois Wonboy

17  Philip & Eiileen Epstein

18  Jonathan & Laura Berger

18  David & Louise Lazarus

20  Michael & Debbie Balkin

25  Jerry & Sharon Knoppow

30  Roy & Robin Rosen


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