April 11, 2013
Rosh Chodesh Iyar/1 Iyar 5773
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Parshat Tazria/Metzora
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Parshat Tazria/Metzora
Rabbi Bradley Artson

"The Leprosy Of Irresponsible Speech"


Learning to control our speech will enable us to transform the world into a community that respects the shared humanity of all people.


With this week's Torah portion, we learn a great deal about the ritual function of the kohanim (priests) in helping people cope with infectious disease. 


Particularly the illness of 'tzara'at,' leprosy, becomes the focus of sustained attention, presumably because it was quite common in the ancient Near East.


Basing themselves on a story found in the Book of Numbers, the Rabbis of the Midrash viewed leprosy as an external sign of an internal decay. Illness became a symbol for corruption, immorality and callousness.

The link between illness and a lack of ethics arises from the story of Miriam's criticism of Moses' wife for being a Cushite. Clearly, Miriam uses her sister-in-law's ethnicity as a pretext for attacking her brother. Whereas Jewish tradition goes so far in rejecting racism that the Rabbis of the Midrash and Talmud justify Moses' selection of an African woman as his wife, Miriam is unable to restrain her harmful comments and her corrosive bigotry.

In a condemnation that neatly parallels Miriam's criticism that Moses' wife is too black, Miriam is stricken with an illness that leaves her skin a flaky white. Since her 'tzara'at' resulted from her critical words, the Rabbis naturally associated the two.

Thus, the biblical laws on infectious disease became an extended metaphor for self-centeredness, critical or slanderous speech, and hateful deeds.


Things God Hates

Midrash Vayikra understands the law of leprosy as an allusion to seven traits the Lord hates: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked thoughts, feet that run eagerly toward evil, a false witness and one who sows discord among people. How many of these violations pertain to an irresponsible use of language!  

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Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson is Vice-President of the American Jewish University in Los Angeles and Dean of its Ziegler School of Rabbinical Studies. He served as a congregational rabbi in Southern California for ten years.  

May Their Memories Be For a Blessing 

April Yahrtzeits

4/2/2013 (22 Nisan)             

Shmuel Muchkies

4/3/2013 (23 Nisan)             

Julius Abramson

4/6/2013 (26 Nisan)             

Ida (Huddle) Band

Lottie Kwiatek

4/8/2013 (28 Nisan)             

Sara Garber

4/12/2013 (2 Iyar)                

Avraham Gershon Wygoda

Devorah Leah Wygoda

4/13/2013 (3 Iyar)                

Anne Altshuler

4/15/2013 (5 Iyar)                

Allen Charlupski

Lillian Ruth Levin

Lillian Sonenshein

Aaron Wineberg

4/17/2013 (7 Iyar)                

Irving Victor

4/18/2013 (8 Iyar)                

Sarah Kurland Fridenberg

4/19/2013 (9 Iyar)                

Robert Perry Schloss

4/20/2013 (10 Iyar)              

Gabor Fenyes

Marc Silverman

4/21/2013 (11 Iyar)              

Avrum Greenbaum

Gertrude Greenbaum

4/22/2013 (12 Iyar)              

Evelyn Graub

Karen Waldman

4/25/2013 (15 Iyar)              

Marilyn Soverinsky

4/28/2013 (18 Iyar)              

Sylvia Isaacs

4/29/2013 (19 Iyar)              

Rabbi Moshe Funk

4/30/2013 (20 Iyar)              

Pearl Mirkin

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an Evening of Learning with Rabbi Joel Roth: 

"Why Can't We Just Be Jews?:  What makes the Conservative Movement distinctive from the other Jewish religious movements and what is the value of recognizing those differences?"
Thursday, May 2nd, 7:30 p.m.
Congregation Beth Shalom, Oak Park
Admission is free, reservations are requested.
Register online: www.jtsa.edu/JustBeJews or call 248-258-0055.  

Bagels and Basics:  Sunday, April 28th
10 a.m., TKA Chapel
Dr. Joel M. Hoffman:  "A Short History of the Hebrew Language," based on his book, In the Beginning
RSVP to  julie@tkolami.org or 248-661-0040.
This event is co-sponsored by Temple Emanuel and The Metropolitan Detroit Federation of Reform Synagogues.

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SUNDAY, MAY 5TH, hosted by Temple Shir Shalom
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Israel Trip Opportunity Israel/Jerusalem
Mitch and Cheryl Parker are leading a study trip to Israel December 2013.  Overall trip theme:  "Who Are We and Where Have We Been?"  For further information, please contact Mitch directly if you wish to participate. Informational meeting:  Sunday, May 5th at 5:30

Tikkun Leil Shavuot
Erev Shavuot, Tuesday May 14th
All-night study sessions led by local rabbis and Jewish educators begin after maariv and conclude with a dawn shacharit service.  All are welcome.  Details coming soon!

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Mazel Tov 
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