This week at High Meadows Camp                                              July 31, 2015
Oregon Trail Day
Today was Oregon Trail Day. Campers and staff came dressed as cowboys, Native Americans, and settlers to celebrate. The whole camp gathered on the Lower Meadow as we journeyed "west" to the sacred grounds, where a special ceremony performed by the Seniors Native Lore classes took place. After that, we headed back up to the soccer field, where campers checked out the booths that the Seniors castles and Specialist units prepared. Finally, we headed back up to the High Meadow and the Tipi, where some special friends shared some words of wisdom to close out the summer!

Place Highlight: Stonehenge
Stonehenge is the heart of many of the activities of Senior Camp. It serves as the place where Senior Legend has morning and afternoon meetings. It is also where the first-day orientation and end-of-session awards ceremonies for all of Senior Camp (Quest
 and Legend) happen. In the center of Stonehenge is the Knighthood Circle. At the end of the awards ceremony, a camper who has achieved the overall level of Knight enters this circle and pulls out the sword, Excalibur, from the stones. Pictured below are Stonehenge as it looked in the 1990's, the knighting of the first ever knight, Kat Pebworth, in 1982, and today's knights, Sabrina and Tessa, the third and fourth campers to achieve Knighthood this summer, shown with several previous Knights. This summer, we had the most Knights since 2007, so it really was a special summer! We are super proud of Sabrina and Tessa's hard work and dedication to reaching this point.

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High Meadows
By The Numbers
* Approximate number of pony rides - 2,340

* Approximate number of arrows shot at Archery class - 20,205

* Average number of cars greeted daily by Chad - 120

* Approximate age of the Grandfather tree, the oldest tree on campus - 459 years

* Water capacity of the swimming pool - 61,000 gallons

* Gallons of juice made in a summer - 1,600 gallons

* Approximate number of shirts tie-dyed - 415

* Approximate number of Hot Dogs served at Friday cookouts - 1,730

* Number of staff members who achieved the level of Knight as campers - 8

Ants March

* Our Unit Choice this past Wednesday was Hats/ Backwards Day.

* We read a book about snakes called "Verdi" and then we made our own paper plate snakes.

* We visited the Tire Swing, which was a big adventure, as most of the Ants campers had never been on one.



Grasshoppers Gazette
* Our Unit Choice this past Wednesday was Zoo Day.

* We performed camp song "Boom Chicka Boom" in front of the whole camp at Livestock.

Juniors Journal
* We tie-dyed our shirts this week.

* Our Unit Choice for this past Wednesday was Rainbow Day, for which we had 100% participation.

* We learned how to make friendship bracelets in Arts and Crafts.



Super Seniors Shout-Outs
* Our Unit Choice this past Wednesday was Jock/ Nerd Day.

* We gave out traditionally decorated feathers to campers who successfully completed the No TV challenge.

* Look for your campers to be bringing home Woodworking projects they made this session.

* Our rising 4th grade campers had their "Launch Lunch" with the Seniors, where they learned about Senior Camp traditions and classes.

Senior Quest Quips & Legend Lore
* Quest had a great lake trip. Campers had fun swimming and building sand castles! Quest also had a fun late night consisting of Greek mythology games, swimming, a tasty sandwich bar, all capped off with delicious s'mores! 

* On Monday, Quest went on their Lake Trip to Victoria Beach at Lake Allatoona, a day full of swimming and sand castles! Everybody had a fantastic time!

* On Tuesday, we enjoyed our cookout night. We played a variety of games), swam at the pool, ate a great Sammy bar dinner, and finished with s'mores at by the campfire.

* Our rising 9th grade campers had their "Launch Lunch" with the CITs, where they learned about the CIT program. More information on the CIT program for those interested will come in the winter.

* Quest's Unit Choice Day on Wednesday was Card Day, while Legend's was Pokemon Day.


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