This week at High Meadows Camp                                              July 17, 2015
Camp Kudzu
Camp Kudzu provides an opportunity for campers with Type 1 Diabetes to experience day camp here at High Meadows, as well
 as residential camping at a variety of locations. This week, we were privileged to host 36 campers from Camp Kudzu ages 5 - 9. These campers were integrated into our Grasshopper, Junior and Super Senior programs. 

For more information regarding Camp Kudzu, please visit

Crazy Hair Day
Today was Crazy Hair Day. Campers and staff alike showed off their creative side by doing everything imaginable to their hair from braiding to coloring it to putting objects in it.

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On The Menu

* Mon 7-20: Fruit popsicles
* Tue 7-21 - Pizza crescents
* Wed 7-22 - Haystacks
* Thu 7-23 - Graham cracker robots
* Fri 7-24 - Cookies


* Mon 7-20 - Caterpillar Grapes
* Tue 7-21 - Magic Wands
* Wed 7-22 - Sliced chocolate covered bananas
* Thu 7-23 - Compost Cups
* Fri 7-24 - Tea Party cookies

Legend Overnight

* Dinner (Kosher and Vegetarian options available)-Sandwich bar
* Pre-dinner snack (fruits and chips)

* Breakfast (Kosher and Vegetarian options available)
* A variety of fruit
* An assortment of cereals
* A plethora of juices & milk
* And of course... Donut Trivia

Creature Highlight: Dolores the Dragon

Dolores the Dragon is a favorite among our Grasshopper and Junior campers. Dolores is a kind and

gentle dragon who will occasionally visit our younger campers during a walk to the pool. Legend has it that Dolores was the youngest and smallest dragon in her group, and was made fun of for it.

During a dragon race, she could not keep up and landed in the High Meadows pool. She was rescued by the counselors, treated warmly and given swimming lessons.

The story of Delores helps to calm and reassure our younger campers about swimming, as well as teach the value of acceptance. 


Ants March
* Every afternoon, we have been doing two special activities. First, we ask the campers what they have seen. We select one of the special things that we see at camp and and write it on a Popsicle stick. That stick will then become one of the sun's rays in a giant mural. Second, we take down one of the links of our construction paper days of camp chain. On each link is a question that we discuss. 

* We made Fruit Loop necklaces and Q-tip bunnies in Art.

* We made s'mores for snack today and heard the story of why they are called s'mores.

* Please remember that the Ants campers will not participate in the camp cookout, so please pack a lunch on Friday 7/24. 


Grasshoppers Gazette

* We added our handprints to the Grasshoppers banner.

* We learned about High Meadows creatures in Traditions.

* We had our Water Fun Day on Thursday.

* Please send in a plain white t-shirt with your camper on Monday.



Juniors Journal
* We had a Popcorn Bar for snack on Thursday.

* We visited the Labyrinth in Nature, where our campers had the opportunity to reflect on a topic of their choosing.

* Please send in a plain white t-shirt with your camper for them to tie-dye on July 22nd or 23rd (depending on their group).

Super Seniors Shout-Outs

* New to Super Seniors this session, groups are competing in the Group Spirit Challenge. Each group has the opportunity to earn points for knowing the names of their counselors and fellow campers, being ready for activities on time, and the excitement displayed by their respective group's Group Spirit chant.

* We have been learning classic camp songs such as "Mrs. Murphy's Chowder," "Tarzan," and "Bazooka Bubble Gum."

* We played the ever favorite Camper-Counselor hide and seek in Sports on Wednesday. 



Senior Quest Quips & Legend Lore

 * We have been doing "Trivia Question of the Day" every morning in Quest. 

* Senior campers had the opportunity to make recycled paper during free time after lunch.

* Livestock takes place every Friday in the Barn Theatre for Senior campers and counselors who want to show off talents, sing camp songs or have skit challenges. 
* Legend Overnight is Thursday, 7/23. This night is a wonderful experience for all of us to spend the night at camp.

What to bring:
 - Water bottle
 - A mess kit (we encourage using a reusable plastic plate, bowl, cup, fork/spoon)
 - Sleeping bag & pillow
 - Sleepwear and toiletries
 - Any evening/morning medication must be turned into a counselor in the prescribed bottle and with any instructions needed. Please fill out and turn in the Medication Release form found on our website: You may email it to [email protected] or print and turn it in to a counselor. 

Details: Legend campers will begin the evening with a group meeting where they plan the night. They will play a whole group game, enjoy a dip in the pool, eat a scrumptious meal prepared by the counselors, enjoy some down time with games in the Barn Theatre, maybe some old camp songs and finish the night with an American Indian Ceremony prepared by voluntary campers in the Wilderness classes. They will bed down for the night in a location of their cabin (castle) choosing. Rain or shine, we plan on having a great time!

* Legend River Trip is scheduled for Wednesday, 7/22. Legend campers will load up on a bus and drive through the Georgia countryside to the Edge of the World, a special place on the Amicalola River. We have been visiting the site for decades, as it offers some of the best wading and shallow water play in the state. 

What to bring:
 - Closed-toed shoes with heel straps (old tennis shoes are the best for protecting feet in the water)
 - Towel
 - Sunscreen
 - Bug spray 


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