This week at High Meadows Camp                                              June 19, 2015
Medieval Day
Today was Medieval Day. Dressed as damsels, dragons, wizards, and everything in between, campers paraded around campus before coming up to the High Meadow, where they played games and participated in booths run by each Seniors castle and Specialist unit. To cap it all off, Seniors Leadership Staff Annie and Warren, got "married" in a ceremony performed by fellow Seniors Counselor and ordained minister Michael.

Place Highlight: Stonehenge
Stonehenge is the heart of many of the activities of Senior Camp. It serves as the place where Senior Legend has morning and afternoon meetings. It is also where the first-day orientation and end-of-session awards ceremonies for all of Senior Camp (Quest
 and Legend) happen. In the center of Stonehenge is the Knighthood Circle. At the end of the awards ceremony, a camper who has achieved the overall level of Knight enters this circle and pulls out the sword, Excalibur, from the stones. Pictured below are Stonehengeis it looked in the 1990's, the knighting of the first ever knight, Kat Pebworth, in 1982, and today's knight, Jack, the first camper to achieve Knighthood this year, shown with several previous Knights. We are super proud of Jack's hard work and dedication to reaching this point.

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* Our Unit Choice on Wednesday was "Preppy vs. Hippie" Day.

* We started a summer-long CIT Project, which we will present at the end of third session.

* We are looking forward to the CIT overnight next week, which is the first week of second session.

Tradition Highlight
Wampus Cat 
out for your toothbrushes

The Wampus Cat has been spotted in the woods! He has been known to lurk around Wampus Springs off the trail that follows the creek. He often sneaks up to Senior Legend to steal toothbrushes from unsuspecting campers on their overnight. Good luck, campers, and keep your toothbrushes close by!

A photo of the Wampus Springs, the dwelling place of the infamous, toothbrush-stealing Wampus Cat!
Ants March

* We made picture frames for the Ants group picture that was sent home earlier this week.

* We made mini tipis in Art class and mini ponds in Nature class after visiting the campus tipi and pond.

* Due to the high temperatures this week, we have been picnicking in the shade of the Playscape.

* For our water day on Wednesday, we had fun on the slips and slides, inflatable pool, and sprinkler.

* We had Pajama Day for our Unit Choice on Wednesday. 


Grasshoppers Gazette
* We finished our Grasshoppers t-shirts.

* For our water day on Tuesday, we had fun on the slip-n-slides and inflatable pool.

* Our Unit Choice on Wednesday was Pajama Day.

Juniors Journal
* We finished tie-dying our shirts.

* Our Unit Choice on Wednesday was Disney Day, and we made Magic Wands for snack.

* We made s'mores for snack on Thursday.

* We learned the story of King Arthur in Traditions class.



Super Seniors Shout-Outs
* We gave out traditionally decorated feathers to our campers who successfully completed the No TV Challenge.

* Our Unit Choice on Wednesday was Halloween Costume Day

* Look for your campers to be bringing home projects they made in Woodworking class this session.

* Our rising 4th grade campers had their "launch lunch" with the Seniors, where they learned about Senior camp traditions and classes. These lessons were further enriched by their "History of High Meadows" talk in Traditions class by our amazing Specialist Director Gracie.

* We also panned for gold in Traditions class.

Senior Quest Quips & Legend Lore

* Quest had a great lake trip. Campers had fun swimming and building sand castles! Quest also had a fun late night consisting of Greek mythology games, swimming, a tasty sandwich bar, all capped off with delicious s'mores! 


* Some of our advanced canoeists even took a trip canoeing down the Chattahoochee River on Wednesday.

* Our rising 9th grade campers had lunch with the CITs during the "Launch Lunch" on Tuesday and learned about the CIT program. More info on the CIT program for those interested will come in the winter. 

*Our Unit Choice on Wednesday was Camper Counselor-Switch Day for Quest and Pirate/Ninja Day for Legend.


Thank You!

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